15 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas to Update Your Space

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated June 14, 2022
Modern bathroom with a marble backsplash, wooden vanity, and white vessel sink
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Unique bathroom backsplash ideas perfect for any space

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Bathroom backsplashes may not be as popular as kitchen backsplashes, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it off your renovation checklist. The perfect backsplash can transform a basic bathroom into a unique retreat in no time. Plus, it’s an easy way to put a custom spin on a small space. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on for bathroom backsplash ideas to inspire your next interior design project.

Timeless Bathroom Backsplash Tile Designs

Take it from us: these trends will never go out of style. 

1. Classic Subway Tile

Small bathroom with subway tile backsplash, wooden vanity, and beveled mirror
Photo: Toyakisfoto.photos / Adobe Stock

Subway tile has been around for more than 100 years and shows no signs of slowing down. The sleek, quintessentially New York tile originated in the city’s subways in 1904. Since then, it’s made its way into kitchens and bathrooms across the U.S. 

White subway tile may be simple, but it’s incredibly versatile. Pair it with different grout colors, add it into a minimalistic bathroom design, or use it to balance boho-chic decor.

2. Penny Tile

Small, modern bathroom with wooden vanity, vessel sink, and white penny tile backsplash
Photo: Photocreo Bednarek / Adobe Stock

Put a modern spin on penny tile by opting for hexagon-shaped tiles. The subtle texture and monochromatic look make penny tile perfect for small spaces, especially when used with light-colored wood. 

3. Black Tile

Modern bathroom with wood paneling, large shower, and black tile backsplash
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Up the drama with oversized black tiles. They may be dark, but they add a touch of glamor to the smallest rooms in your house. If you’re worried about shadows, offset the dark tones with warm wood fixtures and a large mirror.  

4. Black and White Tile

Small bathroom with black-and-white mosaic tiles, a round mirror, and white vanity
Photo: andi26 / Adobe Stock

Black-and-white color palettes are anything but boring, especially when you go for bold patterns. You can even combine multiple patterns without overwhelming the space by sticking with a monochrome color scheme.

5. Blue Ceramic Tile

Modern bathroom with two round mirrors, two white vessel sinks, and a floating wooden vanity
Photo: Magryt / Adobe Stock

Make your backsplash pop with blue ceramic tiles. These peacock-hued pieces work beautifully with simple fixtures, like black mirrors and white vessel sinks. 

6. Gray Subway Tile

Modern bathroom with gray subway tile, white floors, a large rectangular mirror, and a gray vanity
Photo: krooogle / Adobe Stock

Gray subway tile brings a sense of calm to modern bathrooms. Pair light gray tiles with white grout—and plenty of natural light—for a subtle shimmer. 

Luxurious Backsplash Ideas

Embrace a life of luxury with stunning backsplash designs.

7. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Modern bathroom with blue walls, navy vanity, silver mirror, and mosaic backsplash
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock

Mosaic tile backsplashes add a touch of artistic elegance to any space. You may prefer the classic look of colorful tiles. However, we love this contemporary take featuring metallic finishes and a crisp color palette. 

8. Glass Tile

Small bathroom with white tile walls and a glass tile backsplash
Photo: 290712 / Adobe Stock

Shiny glass tiles guarantee an eye-catching backsplash even if you choose an earthy color scheme. For best results, match your tiles with contrasting hues, like white or light blue. 

9. Whole-Wall Tile

Large bathroom with wood floors, blue walls, white floating vanities, and whole-wall tile
Photo: kazy / Adobe Stock

What’s better than a tile backsplash? Not much—except this whole-wall tile installation. Oversized slabs in a neutral color palette create an effortless focal point while adding a hint of luxury to the room.

10. Marble Slab

Modern bathroom with marble slab backsplash, round mirror, plants, vessel sink, and a woven basket with towels
Photo: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Create a seamless look with a marble slab backsplash. You may choose to use a single slab behind your bathroom sink for a budget-friendly update. Or, you can go all-in by matching your bathroom floor tile with your backsplash for a jaw-dropping installation. Just remember to place your tiles side-by-side to minimize grout lines. 

Unexpected Backsplash Alternatives 

Make your mark with unexpected backsplash materials. 

11. Wood Plank Backsplash

Large modern bathroom with wood plank backsplash, white floating vanity, and double shower
Photo: slavun / Adobe Stock

Most people don’t think of wood when it comes to bathroom backsplashes due to moisture. However, you can install a wood plank backsplash or shiplap accent wall in your bathroom—if you take the proper precautions. And if you’re still worried about moisture, use ceramic tiles like these. They mimic the material and reduce the risk of water damage. 

12. Concrete Backsplash

Modern bathroom with concrete backsplash, white vessel sink, and wooden accent wall
Photo: Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Durable concrete is mostly used outdoors, but it brings a sleek, modern appeal to interior design. Use it instead of tile for your backsplash, then play up the industrial look with exposed pendant lights, metallic accents, and wood finishes. You can even DIY a concrete backsplash and save in the process.

13. Waterproof Wallpaper

Modern bathroom with black countertops, white sink, chrome fixtures, square mirror, and wallpaper backsplash
Photo: Toyakisfoto.photos / Adobe Stock

Brighten your space without breaking the bank by using waterproof wallpaper as your backsplash. Bathroom wallpaper has become increasingly popular following the introduction of peel-and-stick options. Pick your favorite pattern and install it yourself in no time for an eye-catching addition to your decor.

14. Wood Paneling

Bright bohemian bathroom with wood panel backsplash, a round mirror, and a sculptural sink
Photo: neonshot / Adobe Stock

Organic materials like wood allow plenty of room for creativity, especially when matched with a simple color palette. You could go for traditional horizontal panels, but we’re big fans of this herringbone pattern. It draws the eye upward, creating space and movement without overpowering the rest of the room. 

15. Textured Tile

Small bathroom with stacked textured tile, a floating vanity, and a rectangular silver mirror
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock

Add depth to even the smallest powder rooms with textured tile backsplashes. This backsplash mimics the look of stacked natural stone and instantly evokes a luxurious feel. At the same time, the muted colors and simplistic decor anchor the high-end materials.

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