11 Cottagecore Design Ideas & Which States Are Loving Them

Mariel Loveland
Written by Mariel Loveland
Updated January 6, 2022
A cottage kitchen with a wooden dining table and chairs
Photo: @_josephinebell

Cottagecore decor can make even the most urban apartments a slice of rural bliss

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The cottagecore movement didn’t come out of nowhere. According to Architectural Digest, it first popped up in 2017 but dramatically rose in popularity during pandemic lockdowns as homeowners turned towards TikTok for a temporary escape. Since then, it’s become so ubiquitous that it even garnered its own headline in The New York Times and defined Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” era. 

So, what is cottagecore design style? It’s actually more of a lifestyle movement, and one that is more popular in some parts of the country than others. In addition to sharing Cottagecore design ideas, we wanted to look into which states were most interested in the Cottagecore style. To do this, we looked at Google Trends data for the search term “cottagecore” over the last 12 months. Here is what we found:

 The 10 most popular states for cottagecore, including Idaho and Maine

What Is Cottagecore?

At its heart, cottagecore is a romanticized twist on rural life featuring houseplants, peasant dresses, and bread-baking. Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the classic styles of the English countryside with an exciting dose of vintage kitsch and natural elements. 

Want to incorporate cottagecore style into your home? Whether you hire a professional interior designer or roll up your own sleeves, these tips will help you create the cottagecore home of your dreams—horse-drawn wagon not included.

1. Let Natural Wood Grain Shine

A cottage kitchen with a wooden dining table and chairs
Photo: @_josephinebell

What does a cottagecore home look like? It’s filled with natural materials like wood, linen, wicker, and flowers. Furniture is a great place to start. Choose rustic pieces that let the natural wood grain take center stage. Take it one step further with wood paneling. Kitchen designer Josephine Bell says paneling “works especially well in kitchens or bathrooms to create a more traditional cottage feel.”

2. Mix and Match Floral Fabrics

Floral linens in cottage bedroom
Photo: @ewas_englishcottage

Think of a classic cottage style. There are a lot of florals, right? Cottagecore homes aren’t any different. The cottagecore trend thrives on mixing and matching floral patterns—the more vibrant and detailed, the better. Don’t be afraid to layer different floral patterns in your bedding or mix clashing floral upholstery. 

3. Install a Cozy Wood or Gas-Burning Stove

A wood burning stove placed inside a fireplace
Photo: @littlelambcottage

The cottagecore vibe is cozy—but it’s an antique kind of cozy. It borrows from a time before forced air heating (even if you love your modern HVAC system). For this reason, a wood or gas-burning stove is a great living room centerpiece. If you want the real thing, you’ll need to hire a stove professional for installation. Otherwise, you can get an electric stove that captures the look without the fuss.

4. Add Wicker Accents

Layed wicker baskets next to vintage book
Photo: @morwenvaidt

Wicker doesn’t just have an old-timey cottagecore aesthetic; it’s also a great way to add texture to a room. For an entry-level home decor accent, layer wicker baskets. If you want to go all-out, opt for a white, Victorian-inspired furniture set. Bonus points for floral cushions.

5. Create a Vintage Plate Display

A vintage plate display in a cottage
Photo: @Julie.vintage.cottage

Nothing screams “cottagecore decor” like a vintage plate display. The era isn’t important so much as the aesthetic. Mix and match some of your favorites—from decorative farmhouse plates to Victorian-style teacups to kitschy ceramic figurines. If you’re looking to save, thrift stores are usually loaded with budget-friendly vintage dinnerware.

A gallery wall of framed botanic prints
Photo: @__cosyhome

The cottagecore lifestyle has a deep appreciation for nature—and that should be reflected in your home decor. Make a floral gallery wall by mixing and matching vintage picture frames with botanical prints and scenery of the lush countryside. Again, thrift stores, estate sales, and antique shops are excellent resources.

7. Create Dried Floral Arrangements

Dries floral arrangements in vases
Photo: @__cosyhome

The cottagecore design trend has a couple off-shoots, including “dark cottagecore,” which mixes the aesthetic of an English cottage with gothic design. Dried flowers are a huge part of it—and you don’t have to be an expert florist or interior designer to make your own arrangements. You can DIY the job by hanging fresh flowers upside down until they dry out or you can purchase pre-dried pampas grass or cattails. Mix a variety of flowers until you like the way it looks.

8. Get Floral With Your Wallpaper

A floral wallpaper in a bedroom
Photo: @renovatethishouselovethishouse

The cottagecore aesthetic doesn’t skimp on the florals, and that includes floral wallpaper. “I’d always explore wallpaper and pattern clash,” says Amy Knight of My Sustainable Home Style. “With cottagecore, it’s all about fun, not playing it safe. So, you’re allowed to be as creative as possible.” In other words, the cottagecore look is more whimsical than you might think, so don’t fear bold patterns.

9. Use Vintage Furniture In Unexpected Places

A bathroom sink created from a vintage desk
Photo: @love_littlecote

The cottagecore interior design trend mixes and matches vintage and antique accents with modern elements. Repurposing your old furniture is a great way to incorporate this kind of interior design style. Transform a vintage trunk into a coffee table or create a bathroom sink from an antique desk.

10. Hang Your Kitchenware

Hanged kitchenware used as kitchen decor
Photo: @julie.vintage.cottage

Home decor isn’t always decorative. Sometimes it has a purpose. Practical kitchenware can do both. To give your kitchen a cottagecore aesthetic, use your kitchenware as decor—whether you hang copper pots and silver spoons on hooks or display flour-filled mason jars on open shelving.

11. Install Exposed Stone Masonry

Exposed Stone Masonry
Photo: _Josephinebell

The average cost to install a stone wall is nearly $5,000, but if you’re looking for a complete cottagecore renovation, exposed masonry will completely transform your home. This isn’t a task for a DIYer, but you can opt for a faux wall covering to save a buck.

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