7 Ideas for a Finished Attic

Written by Emmie Sahlan
Updated March 20, 2017
finished attic, loft
A finished attic can be used for more than just a bedroom. Use the cozy space to read, relax, or do arts and crafts. (Photo by Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Ready to finish off your attic space, but no need for an extra bedroom?

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Is your attic underutilized? Is it filled with junk accumulated over the years and covered in cobwebs and dust?

Transforming your attic to create additional room for the family or yourself is a good way to maximize space and increase the value of your property. This means getting rid of unwanted junk, cleaning the floor and ceiling, installing wiring and lighting, adding electrical outlets and introducing insulation for the winter or cooling apparatus for summer.

Here are a few "non-bedroom" ways in which to use a finished attic.

1. Make it a game room

Convert your attic into a recreation room complete with corner pool table and a low center table for board games.

Make the most of available space by lining one side of the wall with shelves for storing board games. Create space for entertainment in the corner for computer or video games for technology savvy family members.

2. Get sweaty with an exercise room

Why not transform your unused attic into an exercise room for the family?

Studies have proven that people are more motivated to exercise when equipment are visible and readily available. There will be ample space to place your treadmill equipment, exercise bike and abdominal machine.

Create space to perform aerobics or yoga in a corner of the room. Create special storage space and easy access for weights, yoga mat, hand grips and exercise DVDs. 

Dedicating a workout space will surely motivate you and your family to exercise regularly together.

3. Turn it into a place to play

If you have young children, turning your loft into a playroom can be a perfect place for them to hangout on rainy days or weekends indoors.

You can paint the attic in bright colors or decorate a portion of the wall with murals. Align the walls with storage shelves where you can put colorful plastic crates to store toys.

Place a mini jumping castle in the middle of the attic where your kids can have endless hours of fun bouncing and hiding.

4. Relax in a TV room

A TV room is a welcoming retreat for the whole family. Flatscreens come in all sizes, and finding one that is appropriate for the available space should not be a problem.

Make this room as comfortable as possible by adding plush sofas and soft cushions. Introduce a reclining seat in the room to provide an inviting place for relaxation.

5. Make it a music room

If your teen adores music, the attic is an ideal place for him or her to practise the guitar, drums, piano or violin. Or anyone in the family who is musically inclined will be able to play as much music to his or her heart's content without invading anyone's space.

You can also introduce a karaoke set and appropriate furniture in one corner of the attic so that the whole family can conduct singalong sessions.

Consider soundproofing the attic to eliminate noise if you wish to dedicate the attic especially for music purposes.

6. Grab a book, find a nook to read

An attic can be a solitary retreat if you need a place to relax and rejuvenate.

Turn your attic into a private library or reading room by placing shelves full of the family's favorite books against the walls. Place magazine racks in a corner where the family's magazines are kept for easy access.

Keep the comfort factor in mind by getting a recliner or a rocking chair as a part of your furniture. Place huge cushions on the floor and a comfortable sofa for hours of reading comfort.

A prominent wall display featuring nature's beauty will also evoke an ambiance of tranquility and comfort.

7. Create a craft room

If your family enjoys arts and crafts, transforming the attic into a hobby room is a terrific idea. The family can spend time together and bond with each other while scrap booking, painting, making jewelery or performing woodwork like decoupage.

Place a long center table and several comfortable chairs for the family to gather. Line the walls of the attic with shelves or cabinets for storing craft supplies and accessories.

Editor's note: This is an updated version of an article originally posted on September 29, 2015.

In what way would you use the space in a finished attic? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below. 

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