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About Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to members who rely on trustworthy home improvement reviews of local service companies and contracting professionals.

Many of the city’s historic homes, such as that of author Harriet Beecher Stowe, have been restored and are open to the public for viewing. The architectural styles of homes in Cincinnati run the gamut from Gothic to Art Deco to bungalows.

The downtown area is full of popular attractions including the Cincinnati Art Museum and Great American Ballpark. City residents enjoy more than 5,000 acres of land designated solely for recreation at areas such as Alms Park and Eden Park. Located along the Ohio River, the Queen City surrounds communities including West Chester, Loveland, Mason and Anderson.

Cincinnati residents look to us for trusted reviews on everything from air duct cleaning companies to vascular surgeons.

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Local Cincinnati, OH Home Improvement Tips, Trends, and Hiring How-tos

white mudroom cabinets

Member Photo of the Day: Fresh Start in a Clean Combo Laundry, Mud Room

Before this laundry room was cramped yet wasted space. Now? Built-in cabinets house a stacked washer and dryer and cubbies for keys and kids' belongings.
Roof replacement

Do I Need a New Roof?

The decision to repair or replace your home's roof depends on a number of factors including weather damage, age and the current roof's materials.

Storage Sheds Trends and Advice

Shed experts say today's homeowners want textured sheds with window boxes and shutters. For garages, they prefer extra storage in an attic area.
new exterior door installed on home

Expert Advice for Winterizing Drafty Exterior Doors

Highly rated door installation experts explain the best solutions for doors that let cool air in and hot air out. Here's how to winterize your front door.
Eight-headed shower fixture

Plumbers Share On-the-job Stories

Plumbers from across the country recount the funny and sometimes odd things they've encountered while answering service calls.
red Dutch door with dog

Dutch Doors Offer Unique Style for Any Home

Talk with a door installation expert to see if a Dutch door is the right fit for your space and home style.

Teen Learns Valuable Lessons Operating Lawn Care, Mower Maintenance Business

Lukas Moreland started his lawn care and lawn mower maintence business when he was just 14. Find out what motivates him to keep the business going.
Two dogs eating food out of their bowls in the kitchen

What Attracts Cockroaches To Your Home?

Knowing what kinds of things attract cockroaches to your home can also help you to keep them away. Read on to learn some helpful tips to prevent—or extract—roaches, as well as general home maintenance tips you should know.
peanut butter bait wood snap mouse trap

How to Properly Set a Mouse Trap

Exterminators know that to catch a mouse with a trap requires thinking like mice. It helps to understand the basic mechanics as well as rodent psychology.

Kill Bed Bugs With DIY Bed Bug Treatment Plan

You can get rid of bedbugs without paying high bedbug removal costs to a pest control company. An exterminator explains step-by-step how to do it yourself.
dandelion in lady's hands

Spring Landscape Chores to Make Summer Easier

Warmer weather means it's time to dig out the rake and shovel to tackle on these early spring landscaping chores that will make planting season easier.
tall sprinkler head spraying bushes in mulch bed

Why to Get a Sprinkler System Check Up Before Summer

Before turning on your sprinkler system for the first time in spring, have an irrigation contractor de-winterize and inspect the system for repairs or problems.
can, pendant, under cabinet and track lighting in kitchen

Best Lights for Each Room in Your House

Lighting should be part of any home remodeling plan. Discover which type of light fixtures work best in the kitchen, bathroom and living room areas and why.
jackhammer busts up concrete foundation

8 Signs Home's Foundation is in Trouble

Misaligned or sticking doors or windows and cracks in the drywall or basement walls are just two signs that your home's foundation may be failing.

The Fix For Squeaky Floors

Squeaks are usually caused when someone walks across a subfloor that's become loose due to a lack of nails securing it to the joists below.