The Top 12 Summer Home Improvement Projects That Will Make Your House Shine

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated May 12, 2022
Photo: Jodi Jacobson / Getty Images

Home maintenance ideas to give your house some serious TLC this summer

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Summer means cooking out, swimming and lots of fun in the sun. The beautiful weather also means it’s the optimal time to tackle some fun home projects. With a little work this summer, you’ll be enjoying the benefits all year long.

1. Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your home’s appearance. Give your walkways and home exterior a high-power shower after a long winter of salt and snow. With a little effort, all your surfaces will look brand new. Renting a pressure washer near you is an easy process. Just be sure to follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent damage.

2. Restain Deck and Fence

Get your backyard wood fixtures ready to show off during all those barbecues you’re planning this summer. Whether you hire a local deck staining pro or try your hand at a DIY project, a coat of stain will help to protect exterior wood from the elements. For decks and fences that need a bit more attention, you might even consider the cost to repair your fence, which averages about $525. Depending on the damage, the cost to repair deck boards is usually between $500 and $4,000.

“The long days of summer make it the perfect time to do outdoor projects that you don’t have enough daylight or clear days to do in the winter,” says Bailey Carson, Angi home care expert. “Consider pressure or power washing the exterior of your home to get off the winter grime or restaining or repairing your deck or fence. These are regular maintenance projects that also improve your home’s curb appeal, making them a great investment before a season of outdoor entertaining.”

3. Replace Siding

This home facelift is best suited for warmer months when you’re itching to get outdoors—even if it is to tackle a bigger project like replacing vinyl siding that’s old enough to vote. Replacing your siding costs a bit more than some of the other projects on this list, but new siding can help ensure your home stays in good shape for years to come. Plus, its beautiful new appearance might just help you fall in love with the look of your home all over again. Aw.

4. Make Your Lawn Pristine

Yard work is probably already on your to-do list this summer, however, you may not realize just how many changes you can make to your landscaping. By adding a few additional yard projects, you can make your outdoor space a true extension of your home.

“Most flowers and plants thrive in the spring, but your yard may need some help staying in top condition throughout the summer,” Carson says. “Summer months are a great time to trim your trees or bushes, fertilize your lawn and install a new sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking healthy for months to come.”

If that last idea sounds appealing, you should know the cost to install a sprinkler system in your yard will depend on its size. Your final price will likely fall between $400 to $5,000. If you’re tired of carrying around that watering can or hose, then this could be a worthwhile investment for your home.

5. Install a Ceiling Fan

A balmy summer’s day can be great when sitting by the pool, but keeping comfortable once your family heads inside is important. While inexpensive, ceiling fans provide energy-efficient cooling and are a great alternative to AC units. Installing a ceiling fan typically costs about $250, plus the cost of the fan itself, which for residential fans is around $50 to $1,400. Even if your home has central air, installing a ceiling fan can be a great solution for those in-between temperature days.

6. Drain Your Water Heater

Draining your water heater is one of the simplest home maintenance tasks out there, but it also yields some impressive results. Draining the water heater regularly will help to clear the sediment to get more hot water flowing through your pipes. Yes, even in the warm summer months, getting enough hot water into your home is important. Your family will thank you for no more sudden cold water surprises.

7. Remodel Your Kitchen

If you’ve been scouring the internet for years and planning a kitchen remodel in your head, the summer is a great time to make your design vision a reality. Plus, it can pay off for you later, as the ROI for remodeling a kitchen tends to be roughly 78% for smaller projects and 59% for more complex projects, according to HomeAdvisor. No matter how big your kitchen goals are, giving it a little love is always a great idea—especially when you can cook out on the grill during the remodel.

8. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Speaking of barbecues, if you’ve ever wished you could have all of your cooking supplies by your side while whipping up dinner outside, then an outdoor kitchen might just be the summer project for you. Outdoor living spaces provide a place to cook and entertain while never having to pop inside to check on dinner. When it comes to what to add to an outdoor kitchen, well, that’s totally up to you. Everything from TVs to beer drafts are possible if they’re in your budget.

9. Schedule Inspections

Hopefully you have a little more free time in the summer, which means it could be a good opportunity to schedule some checkups for everything that keeps your home running smoothly. Call a local plumber to take a look at that toilet that won’t stop running or call in a local HVAC company to make sure your system is working well. Trust us, when you’re spending more time at home come winter, your future self will thank you.

“Summer is a great time to inspect your home and schedule any necessary repairs or maintenance,” Caron says. “Check your home for leaks, and bring in an electrician to make sure your wiring is safe and efficient. While these aren’t the most glamorous home projects, they’ll help you relax this summer knowing you’ve prevented bigger problems down the road.”

10. Correct Cracked Concrete

Concrete driveways and patios have their moment in the sun (literally) in the summer, as your family plays basketball or has dinner outside. Get a head start in early summer by repairing your buckling walkways and driveway to prevent any trips and falls. The current state of your concrete will determine how much it costs to repair your driveway, but for simple cracks and blemishes, it could be a simple DIY project.

11. Invest in New Windows

While opening your windows during the first warm days of spring, you may have noticed they’re a little worse for wear. Old windows can cause drafts, while installing new ones can cut your home energy costs in summer and winter as you run air conditioning and heat. Plus, new windows can be an easy way to transform the look of your home, especially when combined with other home projects.

12. Clean Out Your Gutters

The summer can bring sunshine, but it can also bring some pretty intense rainstorms, so you’ll want to ensure your gutters are clear and in prime condition. Hiring a local gutter cleaning service will help give you confidence that your gutters are up to snuff the next time you hear the sound of rain on your windows.

“If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters and downspouts in a while, now is a great time to do it,” Carson says. “Blocked gutters can lead to water damage and an increase in pests. Clear out your gutters now to protect your home from future storms.”

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