How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fence? [2023 Data]

Normal range: $302 - $921

Repairing a fence costs $593 on average, but ranges between $302 and $921 depending on its material and extent of damage.

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Updated March 22, 2023
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The average fence repair cost is $593, including materials and labor. Most homeowners pay between $302 and $921 depending on the extent of damage, the fence’s material, its size, and more. While your home’s fences are meant to secure your property, everything from strong winds to wood rot can make them weak. But you don’t need to replace an entire fence if it’s just leaning or missing a few boards. Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with mending a fence.

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Normal range for U.S.
$302 - $921
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  • $593
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  • $6,300

Fence Repair Cost Breakdown

To get a general idea of your fence repair costs, consider major cost factors like fence length, height, materials, and type of repair needed.


Repairing a fence costs about $30 per foot, including labor. This average varies by material. Chain link fences are less expensive and cost about $18 per foot, while brick or stone fences run as much as $50 per foot.


Your repair job may cost more if your fence is not a standard height. In these cases, workers may need to order custom pickets or panels, or trim down pickets before installation.

And the higher your fence, the higher the costs will be for materials.

Fence Material

  • Wood: $20 per foot

  • Chain link: $15–$20 per foot

  • Lattice: $30 per foot

  • Vinyl and PVC: $30 per foot

  • Stone: $50 per foot

  • Brick: $50 per foot

  • Glass: $60–$100 per foot

Type of Repair

The most important factors to consider are the type of repair you need and the extent of the damage. Fence repair companies can fix most issues for $125 to $500. For example, a simple hole or crack can cost $125 to fix, while multiple holes or large cracks can cost about $400.

On the other hand, problems like leaning fences will usually cost $500 to fix regardless of how much the fence is leaning.


Labor costs are $50 per hour, however, more complex repairs, uneven terrain, and soil type can increase the workload and lead to higher labor costs.

How Much Does Fixing a Fence Cost by Type of Repair?

Types of repairs may vary from $125 to $500. Structural repairs are the most expensive, but are necessary to ensure your fence is reliable.

Leaning Fence

A leaning fence costs about $500 to repair. This structural fence problem is usually a sign that it wasn't properly installed or might be a sign of termite damage. It can also simply mean the posts are worn out. If you’re handy, you can DIY fix a leaning fence post.

Fallen Fence

If a windstorm or a car collision causes parts of your fence to fall, you’ll spend $150 to $400 on repairs. You may be able to save on materials if the fence sections aren’t damaged. These fence repairs should happen as soon as possible, because the fallen sections can put added strain on the fence posts.


Rot is a common repair for wood fences and costs $150 to $500, depending on the extent of the damage. Rot occurs from excess moisture and requires chemical treatments, patches for holes or cracks, and fresh stain or paint to fully repair. If you have severe wood rot, you may need to replace your fence. Extreme rotting can cause structural damage.

Missing Boards or Sections

If you’re tired of the neighbor kids or pets poking their heads through the gap in your fence, you can add in boards or fill in missing sections for around $200.

Holes or Cracks

Severe weather or impact from a car or other large object can lead to holes or cracks in the fence, which will cost $125 to $400 to repair. You’ll need to patch the hole or crack, then sand and stain or repaint the area.


Rust occurs on metal fences, like chain link or wrought iron, and costs $250 to $500 to repair. You can apply a rust-resistant coating to your metal fence about once per year to minimize rust damage and related repairs.

Additional Costs of Repairing a Fence

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From gate and post repairs to painting and staining, here are additional costs to consider for your fence repair project.

Gate Repair

In the chance that you need to repair your gate, expect to pay $100 to $400. The actual costs depend on your gate material and if you need a simple fix or a full replacement. The most affordable gates to repair are wood and vinyl, while metal and composite gate repairs can cost more than $400 for materials alone.

Fence Post Repairs

You can fix a loose fence post yourself or hire a pro to help out for around $140, which will include repositioning and resetting the post. On the other hand, if the post is beyond repair, the cost to replace a fence post is $270 on average.

Fence Replacement

If your fence damage is severe and the cost to fix the fence is particularly high, your fence company may suggest a full replacement. A fence installation costs $1,740 to $4,430 depending on the fence type, length, materials, and more.

Painting or Staining 

If you have a wood fence, you may want to paint or stain it at the same time you get it repaired. Painting or staining a fence costs $3.50 to $13 per linear foot, which comes out to about $750 to $4,250 per project.

Cost to Repair a Fence Yourself

The cost to repair a fence yourself depends on the materials you need. Fencing material typically costs between $15 and $50 per linear foot. Besides pickets, rails, panels, and posts, you should factor in common costs like concrete for post holes, post caps, and gates.

Besides the materials cost, many fence repair jobs require a lot of time. So be prepared to put in some sweat equity.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro 

DIY fence repair can save you labor costs which are $50 per hour. This might be a good route if you’re a handy DIYer and have the tools on hand to get simple jobs done, like replacing pickets or fixing holes. These repairs may only take you an afternoon.

On the other hand, if your fence needs a lot of extensive repairs, like replacing posts, you’ll need to set aside a day or two to get the job done.

If you don’t have the time, or if you’d rather pass the job along to a pro, it’s best to hire a fence repair company near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may need a permit for fence repairs, especially for extensive repairs. But remember that permit requirements for fence repairs vary by location. Permits typically cost $10 to $500 for a fence repair project. Be sure to check with your local government for specific requirements.

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