How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fence?

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated April 24, 2020
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  • Fence repairs cost an average of $550 but can vary from $300 to $900

  • Repairs depend on the type of damage and fence material

  • You can save money by going the DIY route, but hiring a fence repair specialist can prevent future damage

  • You and your neighbor may need to split the cost of fence repairs

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While your home’s fences are meant to keep your property more secure, everything from strong winds to wood rot can make them weak. But you don’t need to replace an entire fence if it’s leaning or missing a few boards. You can repair most types of fences for an average of $300 to $900, including materials and labor. 

Here’s a breakdown of the costs associated with mending a fence.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fence Per Foot?

Repairing a fence costs about $30 per foot, including labor. This average varies by material. Chain link fences are less expensive and cost about $18 per foot, while brick or stone fences run as much as $50 per foot.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fence Yourself?

You’ll spend a total of around $100 to $300 to repair a fence yourself. The cost of materials can cost anywhere from $5 to $100 per foot. But if you aren’t sure what to do, you could end up with more damage, like a leaning fence. It's best to hire a professional fence repair contractor or a local handyperson to do the repairs correctly.

Fence Repair Cost Breakdown

Fence repairs cost an average of $550 but range widely from $50 to over $2,000. The fence material and labor will significantly influence the cost, as will the type of repair.


New fence materials cost $5 to $100 per foot. Chain link fences are the least expensive to fix, with materials costing about $15 to $20 per foot. Glass is one of the more costly styles to repair at $60 to $100 per foot. Keep in mind—if a rock hits your glass fence or an overgrown shrub branch scrapes it, you may need to replace entire glass panels.


Depending on the type of repair and the pro you hire, you'll spend $60 to $200 per hour for labor. Hiring a handyperson costs $60 to $125 an hour. They can help with minor repairs, like adding missing boards or filling holes or cracks. If you have more complex fence issues, like a leaning fence or a damaged post, you’ll want to hire a fence repair specialist for closer to $200 per hour.

How Much Does Fixing a Fence Cost by Type of Repair?

Types of repairs may vary from $125 to $500. Structural repairs are the most expensive, but are necessary to ensure your fence is reliable.

Leaning Fence

A leaning fence costs about $500 to repair. This structural fence problem is usually a sign that it wasn't properly installed or might be a sign of termite damage. It can also simply mean the posts are worn out.

Fallen Fence

If a wind storm or a car collision causes parts of your fence to fall, you’ll spend $150 to $400 on repairs. You may be able to save on materials if the fence sections aren’t damaged. These fence repairs should happen as soon as possible, because the fallen sections can put added strain on the fence posts.


Rot is a common repair for wood fences and costs $150 to $500, depending on the extent of the damage. Rot occurs from excess moisture and requires chemical treatments, patches for holes or cracks, and fresh stain or paint to fully repair. If your fence has severe wood rot, you may need to replace it. Extreme rotting can cause structural damage.

Missing Boards or Sections

If you’re tired of the neighbor kids or pets poking their heads through the gap in your fence, you can add in boards or fill in missing sections for around $200.

Holes or Cracks

Severe weather or impact from a car or other large object can lead to holes or cracks in the fence, which will cost $125 to $400 to repair. You’ll need to patch the hole or crack, then sand and stain or repaint the area.


Rust occurs on metal fences, like chain link or wrought iron, and costs $250 to $500 to repair. You can apply a rust-resistant coating to your metal fence about once per year to minimize rust damage and related repairs.

How Much Does Fence Repair Cost by Style of Fence?

Balck chain link fence in a backyard
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Fence repairs vary in cost from $15 to $100 per foot based on the fence material. Materials that are easy to repair, like wood or chain link, are less expensive. Specialty fences, like glass, may look great around the backyard pool or enclosing a modern home, but they cost more even for minor fixes. One helpful thing to note is that you can salvage the materials for some fences, like stone or brick, meaning you'll only pay for mortar and labor.

  • Wood: $20 per foot

  • Chain link: $15-$20 per foot

  • Lattice: $30 per foot

  • Vinyl and PVC: $30 per foot

  • Stone: $50 per foot

  • Brick: $50 per foot

  • Glass: $60-$100 per foot

What Factors Influence the Cost to Repair a Fence?

It’s not just the fence that may need repairs. You might be dealing with a dented gate, or maybe a car swerved into your fence post. Many additional factors can add to the cost of your repairs. These include:

  • Gates: Repairing a gate costs about $150 to DIY or up to $400 if you hire a professional.

  • Height: Most residential fences are 4, 5, or 6-feet tall. Fencers that are taller than 6 feet, like privacy fences, will cost more to fix. A privacy fence costs about $400 to upwards of $1,000 to repair.

  • Posts: It costs $150 to $400 to replace a post. You typically need to replace, rather than repair, damaged posts because they are critical to the structural integrity of your fence.

FAQs About Fence Repairs

Do I need a permit for fence repairs?

Permit requirements for fence repairs vary by location. You may need a permit, especially for extensive repairs. Permits cost $10 to $500. Check with your local government for specific requirements.

Do I need HOA approval for fence repairs?

If you are part of an HOA, you’ll need to discuss the repairs with the HOA first. You likely need HOA approval to start repairs and make sure the finished fence meets HOA standards.

Am I responsible for fence repairs, or should my neighbor pay?

Many fences border two properties. So if the fence is rotting, one or both neighbors could be responsible. This varies by state laws. Often, both parties will be responsible for sharing the cost of repairs and upkeep if the fence runs along both properties.

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