How Much Does Boiler Installation Cost?

Andy Sparhawk
Written by Andy Sparhawk
Updated December 14, 2021
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The typical cost to install a boiler is between $3,700 and $8,100

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Heating your home is vital, especially when returning from chilly days outside. Boilers send steam or hot water through pipes in your house, making things feel warm and toasty and providing you with much-needed hot water.

On average, you pay around $5,700 to install a boiler. A residential boiler will run between 80,000 and 200,000 BTUs. The output of the boiler you need depends on the size of your home, climate, and energy efficiency of your house.

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Boiler?

The average cost of installing a boiler is $5,700, but labor costs tend to range from $1,000 to $2,000. The cost to install a replacement boiler is roughly the same as installing a new boiler, around $4,000 for a standard-efficiency boiler and $7,500 for a high-efficiency boiler.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Boiler Near You?

Your climate affects the size of the boiler you need to heat your home, so you can expect to see cost differences by region. 

In addition to temperature, certain areas tend to use different types of boilers. For example, in the Northeast, oil boilers are common. Oil boilers cost $1,000 to $3,000 to install, which is similar in price to other boilers like gas. However, they typically require more maintenance than boilers that have a higher price point.

If you're unsure which size and type of boiler are right for you, contact a boiler installation professional near you who can help.

Average Boiler Installation Price by State

  • New York: $3,600–$6,000

  • Ohio: $5,970–$6,940

  • Florida: $3,290

  • Colorado: $4,470–$10,150

  • Idaho: $3,655–$8,145

  • California: $4,010–$4,395

  • North Dakota: $3,655–$8,145

What Type of Boiler Can I Get on My Budget?

It is crucial to install a big enough boiler to heat your home. Once you have determined the needs of your household, you will have a better understanding of what your budget should be.


Capable of heating from 72,000 to 92,000 BTUs, electric boilers are very heat efficient and have one of the lowest upfront costs. However, it can be expensive to use an electric boiler, and most units are not suitable for heating entire homes. The cost of an electric boiler is between $1,000 and $2,000


The national average to install a boiler is $5,750. With a budget of $5,000, you can find boiler types to fit your budget including the common natural gas, propane, and oil varieties. Oil boilers cost $4,800 to $6,700. Gas boilers have a wider range starting at $3,700 and reaching $10,000.


A larger, less-efficient house will need a boiler capable of heating the entire space. You can typically afford most boilers at this budget. Just be sure their BTU output is within 15% of your boiler needs. Consult a local HVAC professional to identify the right boiler for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boiler by Type?

Boilers send heated water or steam throughout your home. The fuel source that heats the water depends on preference, your home's needs, and the availability of the fuel source in your region.

Oil Boiler: $4,800–$6,700

Oil burns hotter than gas, so oil boilers are more efficient at heating homes. However, oil boilers require more maintenance than gas options, so keep things like long-term maintenance costs in mind before buying. 

Gas and Propane Boiler: $3,700–$10,000

Propane and natural gas are common options for heating homes. However, installation alone will run between $1,000 and $3,000 and requires the need to install exhaust lines, drains, and fuel lines.

Electric: $1,500–$6,500

Electric boilers are highly efficient, despite a high operating cost. They also don't require some of the components that gas and oil boilers need, like exhaust vents. Still, they take a long time to heat up. As a result, electric boilers can be an attractive option for tiny homes and homes in warm climates.

Wood: $2,000–$6,000

Large, outdoor, wood-fueled boilers are options in rural areas that have easy access to wood. While wood boilers may cost more initially than some boilers, they are less costly to run, provided you have plenty of wood.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boiler by Style?

Typically boilers are broken out by fuel type, but boilers can also vary in several other ways. 

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are a popular option because they’ll give you access to hot water quickly. However, the supply tends to be limited due to the lack of a storage tank. Combination boilers are smaller than standard boilers and cost around $3,000.

System Boilers

For most average-sized homes, system boilers cost about $1,500 to purchase. They work by keeping high-pressure hot water in a sealed cylinder, where it can be sent to multiple taps within the home at the same time. This means that there is a minimal drop in water pressure regardless of which tap you’re using.

High-Efficiency Boilers

True to their name, high-efficiency boilers are up to 98% efficient; this accounts for thousands of dollars in savings over the boiler's life. Standard boilers are typically around 80% efficient. 

Of course, if you're in a mild climate, this isn't as big of an issue. Still, in cooler areas, when conserving heat is vital, you’ll probably benefit from high-efficiency boilers. Standard boilers average in price between $3,000 and $6,000. High-efficiency models start at $6,000 and can go up to $11,000.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install a Boiler?

Many factors can help to determine what your final boiler installation cost will be. Things like the size of your boiler, ease of installation, and if you’re switching over to a new system can all come into play. For the most accurate cost estimate, you should speak to a pro in your area. 

FAQs About Installing a Boiler

Why should I pick a boiler for my home?

In general, most homes have the choice of a boiler or furnace for heating their home. Boilers push water or steam through pipes to heat, while furnaces use forced air. 

On average, the cost to install a furnace is less than a boiler. However, furnaces require more maintenance. Whereas boilers have annual inspections and maintenance, remember you should replace furnace air filters routinely.

What should I consider when choosing a boiler?

The most important factor to consider is what size boiler is suitable for heating your home. Once you know how many BTUs will keep your home warm and comfy, you can research the types of boilers to consider. 

What other projects should I do at the same time?

Upgrading a boiler highlights your home's ability to maintain heat efficiently. A programmable thermostat is an excellent addition to consider. This handy upgrade allows you to set your home's temperature at different temperatures at different times or when you're not at home. Doing so will enable you to conserve energy when less is needed. The money you save is well worth the cost of installing a new thermostat.

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