How Much Does Repairing a Boiler Cost?

T. Garrett O'Sha
Written by T. Garrett O'Sha
Updated February 23, 2021
residential boiler heating system
Don't let your residential boiler heating system let you down this winter. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member David B. of Dedham, Massachusetts)

Repairing a boiler costs an average of $900. Most job costs range between $300 and $1700.

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However, jobs can cost as little as $240 and as much as $2500. If you heat your home with steam or hot water in the winter, it is crucial to have your boiler repaired as soon as possible when issues arise. Generally, your boiler will let you know when it needs repairs. If you hear noise, have to turn it off and on again, experience uneven heating or notice a marked increase in your heating bill, it’s time to have your boiler serviced.

There are numerous types of boilers and many things that can go wrong with them, which creates a wide range of costs associated with their repair. The service fee alone usually ranges from $90 to $200. A simple boiler flush with no issues costs an average of $240, while replacing a worn-out circulator pump, and its related parts and valves, costs around $900. Other common problems and their price ranges include:

  • Clanging, whistling or hissing noises: $240 to $450

  • Radiators heating unevenly or not at all: $240 to $500

  • Boiler turning off on its own: $250 to $635

  • Low pressure or no pressure: $250 to $1800

  • Boiler will not turn on: $265 to $1800

  • Leaking water: $300 to $635

Bear in mind that a problem can often have multiple causes, and the only way to truly know what the cost of your repair will be is to have a technician identify the problem. If your boiler is over ten years old, you might consider replacing it rather than continuing to pay for regular repairs.

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