Get In The Glow Of A Gas Fire Pit

Emily Udell
Written by Emily Udell
Updated April 6, 2016
Gas fire pit
A gas fireplace is a bright, warm way to keep your backyard party going. (Photo by Cipriano Landscape Design)

Learn more about installing a gas fire pit to make your patio perfect.

Want your outdoor space to be somewhere friends and family want to gather and stay awhile?

David Arroyo, owner of Strictly Stone in Round Lake, Ill., near Chicago, thinks a gas fire pit will give your patio the spark it needs. Arroyo gives us some basics for homeowners considering fire pit as part of their next outdoor project.

Why should you consider a gas fire pit?

They ignite really quickly and you can just enjoy the fire. You get the ambience, the warm glow. It gives you a reason to go out there and talk to people. It gives you something to gather around, a reason to be outside.

By installing it in your patio, you’ll get more entertainment out of the space.

What are the advantages over wood?

Wood fire pits have to be 25 feet away from a home. That poses a challenge in terms of landscape design. It’s 10 feet for gas pits. A cord of wood for a wood-burning pit costs $125 on average. With gas, you don’t have actual burning embers. You can pretty much just flip it on and off.

What else should I consider before building a gas fire pit?

When it comes to wood-burning fire pits, you have to consider a lot more things, such as the direction of the prevailing woods. With gas, you have a lot fewer limitations on where you can build.

There are all kinds of options when it comes to gas products — you can have a fire pillar, a fire table, a pit with water around it.

How much does a gas fire pit cost?

There are different levels. There are the match lit ones, which are a lot more affordable. The there are really nice ones, where you can click a remote control and the fire starts. You get in with the most affordable one at $1,600. The middle manual push button would be about $3000. The average is around $4,250.

What will I need to do to maintain my fire pit?

All you have to do is cover a gas fire pit. Most people who spend $25,000 to $35,000 on a total outdoor living space, they’re not going to want to downgrade the look of it with a cheap cover and will spend the extra money to go with a stainless steel cover that costs about $150 to $200.