18 Best Fire Pit Ideas to Stay Cozy Outside

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated December 9, 2021
Friends sitting talking around a fire pit on a patio overlooking the mountains
Photo: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

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The right fire pit can bring hours of fun and warmth to your outdoor space year-round. Having a fire pit means you can roast marshmallows with friends on summer nights, grill a wood-fired dinner with the family, or cozy up with a blanket and hot cocoa in the winter. 

Use these beautiful, cozy, and multi-functional fire pit ideas to get inspiration for any backyard—big or small. 

Simple and Budget Friendly Fire Pit Ideas

Adding a fire pit to your home doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive.  

1. A High Top Table with a Built-In Fire Pit

A high top table with a built-in fire pit on a luxury balcony
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

A fire pit, seating, and table space all conveniently wrapped into one. High top table fire pits are a simple way to step up your outdoor hang out space. All you need is a propane tank to start the fire and a group of friends to fill the seats around it. 

2. A Recycled Metal Car Rim

A lakeside fire pit made with an old car rim surrounded by Adirondack chairs
Photo: Ursula Page / Adobe Stock

This fire pit option is simple and cheap—plus, you get bonus points for recycling. Make your own burn barrel by recycling an old car rim, metal washing machine drum, or metal garbage can. 

Burn barrels are typically used for burning lawn debris—sticks, trimmings, leaves, etc. However, they can also be used as a fire pit to gather around and even roast marshmallows with (just be sure to not use it to burn anything toxic, including chemicals and plastic).

3. A Portable Metal Fire Pit

A metal bowl fire pit with three legs next to an inground pool
Photo: Edward / Adobe Stock

A simple metal fire pit is all you need for a cozy backyard fire with family and friends. Metal fire pits also help to keep your fires contained, creating less risk for potential burn damage to your property. Simply add seating of your choice and a couple of small side tables to complete the space.

Unlike other options, this fire pit is easily movable, so you can take it with you around your yard and if you move. 

4. A Propane-Powered Fire Pit

Two people talking around a propane fire pit
Photo: Kristen / Adobe Stock

Propane outdoor fire pit sets can get you the most bang for your buck when looking to add a cozy element to your outdoor living space. This option sometimes comes complete with patio chairs and table space for eating, drinking, or playing card games with friends.  

5. A Chiminea

A black metal chiminea fire pit on a stone slab
Photo: Chris / Adobe Stock

Does smoke seem to follow you around a fire pit no matter where you move your chair? Enjoy a campfire smoke-free with a chiminea. A chiminea (Spanish for “chimney”) is a contained outdoor fire pit with a large opening in the front and a tall chimney stack on top to control the flow of smoke. You can use either wood or coal to start a fire in a chiminea. Just be sure to follow some best practices for storing firewood if you go that route.

Statement Fire Pit Ideas 

Make a grand fire pit area the focal point of your backyard.

6. Custom Built-In Seating

An outdoor platform, fire pit, and built-in seating made entirely of stone
Photo: Neil / Adobe Stock

Built-in wood, stone, or cement bench seating is a must for a grand fire pit to be the focal point of your backyard. Add cushions and pillows for extra comfort for company and conversation that will last late into the night.

7. A Lakeside Fire Pit

A lakeside fire pit with wood Adirondack chairs
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

The only thing better than a lakefront home is a lakefront home with a fire pit. Sit close and listen to the waves roll in as you gather ‘round a toasty campfire. 

8. A Poolside Fire Pit

A gas fire pit with glass stones next to an inground pool
Photo: Monteleone / Adobe Stock

Warm up next to your backyard fire pit after a refreshing evening swim. Adding a fire pit to complement your pool can be as simple as opting for a basic metal container with separate seating or as elaborate as designing a built-in pit on your pool deck. 

9. A Fire Pit Near Your Hot Tub

A mountain cabin with a covered hot tub and a stone fire pit
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

An ultimate backyard oasis isn’t complete without a hot tub and a cozy fire pit. Make your backyard a stay-cation destination by adding both. If your hot tub is on your deck or patio, choose a deck-safe fire pit option such as a propane table. You can also go for a simple metal fire pit, but be sure to lay a stone or tile base first to prevent dangerous embers and ashes from burning your deck. 

DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Take a hands-on approach to customize the fire pit of your dreams. 

10. A Stone Walkway

A round brick fire pit on a stone slab surrounded by Adirondack chairs
Photo: Ruth P. Peterkin / Adobe Stock

Separate your fire pit area from the rest of your yard by laying a stone walkway leading up to it. Get creative with this DIY project by choosing a unique brick pattern

This design element doubles as a fire pit safety feature because it keeps embers off the surrounding grass.  

11. An In-Ground Fire Pit

An in-ground fire pit surrounded by a brick platform and stone slab benches
Photo: Logdog7 / Adobe Stock

An in-ground fire pit is a beautiful backyard design element that’s relatively easy to DIY. Just be sure to not dig the hole too deep that you can’t see the fire enough to enjoy it. A six- to eight-inch deep pit should be enough. 

12. Tree Stump Seating

A round, cement fire pit surrounded by tree stump seating
Photo: JMP Traveler / Adobe Stock

Build your own fire pit seating without picking up a drill or hammer by using tree stumps. All you need is a saw to cut down a tree and split the trunk into multiple seats. You may need a sander to smooth out the seat and make it comfortable. 

13. Gravel Landscaping

A metal fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs on a gravel bed
Photo: Bonilook / Adobe Stock

This easy DIY can completely transform your fire pit area. It also adds a layer of safety by catching hot embers that may pop out of the pit. 

Simply stake out the area you’d like to cover with gravel, dig out the top layer of soil within the stakes, lay landscaping fabric over top, cut off the excess, and cover the area with loose gravel. 

14. A Stone Paver Fire Pit

A round fire pit made with stone pavers
Photo: Cpcthatsme / Adobe Stock

Anyone can build their own simple (yet still beautiful) fire pit with stone pavers. No power tools are required for this DIY. All you need to do is lay a base of stone pavers in an even circle. Add one or two additional layers on top of the base layer to complete the project. 

Swap out stone pavers for cinder blocks or concrete blocks depending on the look you’re going for and the materials available to you. 

15. A Cement Bowl Fire Pit

A contemporary style fire pit bowl made with molded cement
Photo: Jdoms / Adobe Stock

A cement bowl fire pit is a great option if you’re going for a modern contemporary look. Its high-class appearance usually comes with a matching price tag unless you’re willing to build your own. 

Cement bowl fire pits are actually a simple and inexpensive DIY that anyone can do. All you need are two bowls (one large and one slightly smaller) for the mold and concrete mix.

Fire Pit Ideas for Large Families and Entertaining

Comfortably entertain all of your friends and family with these fire pit ideas. 

16. Adirondack Chair Seating

A designated fire pit area with a metal fire pit and Adirondack chairs on loose gravel
Photo: KCULP / Adobe Stock

Adirondack chairs add a stylish element to your outdoor fire pit, especially if you’re aiming for a woodland cabin aesthetic. This classic chair comes in plastic or wood options that are both surprisingly comfortable thanks to its careful design. Adirondack chairs are also known for their wide armrests that can double as a mini table to hold drinks and snacks.

17. A Fire Pit Grill

A man grilling food over a metal fire pit
Photo: Rh2010 / Adobe Stock

Your fire pit can do more than roast marshmallows. Add a removable grill rack over the top of your fire pit to grill anything from hot dogs to kebabs over an open flame. 

18. A Patio Fire Pit

A propane-powered fire pit table with cushioned seating on a second-story patio
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

Do you live in an apartment or townhome? Or perhaps your house doesn’t have the yard space to comfortably fit a fire pit. If this sounds like your situation, a patio fire pit set is a great option. 

Gather your friends and family to your patio and enjoy a toasty fire built right into the table. As mentioned earlier, these tables are usually propane-powered, making them relatively safe and easy to control. If you're a renter, just be sure to get permission from your landlord first.

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