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  • Woman bundled up inside in front of window

    How to Prepare for a Power Outage

    Are you ready if the power suddenly goes out? No matter how long an outage lasts, it nearly always feels stressful and inconvenient. Here are some ways to prepare in advance.

  • A female electrician checking a central heating

    Found Your Dream Home Already? Get Familiar With This Electrical Inspection Checklist Before Buying

    It’s a good idea to know what an electrical inspection covers and how the process works before the electrician arrives. This inspection checklist will help you know the property inside and out before signing on the dotted line.

  • A senior woman loading the dishwasher with dishes

    Use This Checklist to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

    An energy-efficient home will save you money and conserve energy, so it’s no wonder homeowners are making more eco-friendly choices. If you’re ready to step up your efficiency game, this home energy efficiency checklist will help you do the job.

  • Plumber explaining water pipe problem to homeowner

    7 Common Noises Pipes Make and What Causes Them

    Pipes can create a symphony of noises alerting you about a variety of issues ranging from air bubbles to high water pressure or water hammers. Learn about the various noises pipes make, what they mean, and how to fix pipe problems.

  • Lighting in a trendy open-concept apartment

    Why You Need a Home Electrical Inspection Before Buying a Home

    Home electrical inspections add a layer of security to the home buying process and show you the overall health and safety of the property’s electrical system. For peace of mind, before you buy, read about what electrical inspections can do for you.

  • Red Victorian home in peaceful setting

    Everything You Need to Know About Cloth Wiring

    Cloth wiring is an outdated type of wiring with an outer layer of cloth rather than plastic. Due to the brittleness of aging cloth, fire hazards, and even the potential for asbestos, it’s wise to consider replacing these wires.

  • woman hires electrician to check outlets

    What Are the Most Common Electrical Problems?

    High electric bills or switches that don’t work properly are some of the most common electrical problems in a home. Learn about other electric issues you may have in your home, what causes them, and how to solve them before they become dangerous.

  • Electrician fixing a light bulb

    How to Find the Best Electrician

    Finding the best electrician for your project is easy to do with a few simple tips. Knowing what your project will require and what questions to ask during the hiring process will help you get the right person for the job every time.

  • Hand holding charging smartphone

    What is a USB Outlet?

    Installing a USB outlet can enhance your charging situation at home. From what a USB Outlet is to the cost of installation, we’ve rounded up what you need to know before installing an outlet in your home.

  • A man working on his computer with his daughter playing behind him

    Why Ethernet Wiring Can Save Your WFH Life — if You Hire the Right Pro

    If you're looking to create a fast, secure computer network at home, you'll need to install Ethernet wiring. While you might assume that your internet service provider will create an Ethernet network for you, most ISPs don't handle wiring.

  • A house with a lightning rod

    Does My Home Need a Lightning Rod?

    Lightning provides an excellent ambiance for your favorite horror movie, but you don’t want it anywhere near your home. Tall residential and commercial buildings often have lightning rods to protect them. But does your home need a lightning rod, too?

  • Lights hanging from house gutter

    How to Safely Power Your Outdoor Holiday Lights

    In the dark days around the winter solstice, an array of outdoor light displays can brighten any neighborhood. As you plan to hang your holiday lights, consider extension cords, timers, power sources, and ladder safety.

  • A family watching TV in living room

    How Much Does It Cost to Install a Cable Outlet?

    Find out how much it costs to install a cable outlet for TV or internet. Our expert guide breaks down the costs involved in installing a new coaxial outlet and explores how you can save and if you can do this project yourself.

  • Woman programming microwave

    How Much Does Microwave Installation Cost?

    Your microwave installation cost depends on the microwave, as well as labor and customization options. Different installs, such as an over-the-range microwave, have varying prices. We’ve broken down the different costs for installing microwaves here.

  • home kitchen with island and bar stools, wood accents, and recessed lighting

    How Much Does It Cost to Install Recessed Lighting?

    Recessed lighting costs are determined by numerous factors like the type of light fixtures, style of ceiling, and whether or not you hire a pro to help. Prices range from high to low, so there’s sure to be an option that fits your needs and budgets.

5 Questions to Ask Electrical Pro

Big or small, your project is a significant investment. That’s why we recommend interviewing at least three qualified electricians before making a hiring decision. Ask the following questions to determine whether a pro is the right fit for your project:

Are you a full-time electrician?

It’s best to hire a pro who works as a full-time electrician. Working with a generalist can result in mistakes, delays and jobs that may not be up to code.

Who will be doing the work?

Some companies employ multiple electricians. If your pro isn’t going to be doing the work, ask about the experience of the subcontractors or journeymen who will be completing the job. Never hire a pro who won’t share this information.

Are you a residential or commercial electrician?

Avoid hiring commercial electricians to complete your job. While they may have the skills, commercial pros may not be current on residential codes or best practices.

Do you offer a workmanship warranty?

Workmanship warranties cover your pro’s work in the event of defects or breakages. These warranties will vary in length. Avoid hiring pros who don’t guarantee their work.

Will you sign a not-to-exceed clause?

Not-to-exceed clauses ensure that your project won’t go over budget without your consent. Be sure your pro is OK with this – especially in large projects or repairs.