Combat Pollen with a Clean Air Filter

Tom Howard
Written by Tom Howard
Updated October 6, 2015
changing air filter
Change your air filter regularly to protect your home from pollen. (Photo courtesy of Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating, and Building Performance)

Pollen, known for its itchy, eye-watering effects, does more than just aggravates allergies.

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It can cause harm to your home. Your four walls and roof seem like a good shield from outside irritants, but they are not enough. You need a hardworking HVAC system to rid your home of unwanted pollutants. Proper maintenance of your unit is critical.

What Does a Pollen Filter Do?

A pollen filter is specifically designed to prevent particles of pollen from getting into your home. A quality filter catches miscellaneous debris, as well as the smallest of undesired irritants, such as pollen. This is very important as pollen can cause other environmental concerns and it may be months or years before you realize it's there. Preventive maintenance is the key to decreasing such risks.

When Should You Change the Air Filter?

Professionals recommend changing home air filters every couple of months. However, if you notice your filters are dirty and have noticeable buildup, change them. Failure to do so may cause problems with your unit.

How Do You Change Air Filters?

Air filters come in multiple sizes, so it’s important you buy the correct size for your specific unit. Find and open your HVAC filter access panel. When your old filter is removed, note which way the arrows on the cardboard are pointing. When your new filter is set in place, make sure the arrows are facing the same way. This is important for airflow, ensuring your filter will do its job most effectively without damaging your unit. Close the panel and be sure to keep track of when it’s time to change it next.

The best defense against pollen in the home is a good offense. A clean air filter keeps pollen from entering your home and helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. Regular maintenance from a professional is vital to extending your HVAC system's life and saving you from costly repairs. 

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