Back-to-School Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

Jeff Collins
Written by Jeff Collins
Updated August 9, 2016
Organized kitchen pantry with baskets and shelves,
Keep your family organized and healthy for the school year by organizing your pantry. (Photo courtesy of The Container Store)

Save time during the busy school week by having an organized pantry that simplifies making school lunches and grabbing after-school snacks.

Along with the changes that accompany the new school year, meals, snacks and tight timelines can be cause for stress and chaos. Organizing and cleaning your pantry now can make life easier once class is in session!

Plan for pantry updates

Organizing is only as effective as the space you have in which to organize! Have you been meaning to install new shelves? Has it been awhile since you cleaned or painted your cupboards or pantry? Now is the time!

Clean shelving, doors, handles and storage containers in preparation for the new school year. Re-line shelves and touch up paint and replace or repair any damaged areas.

It’s also a good idea to take inventory on space and your family’s demands. Think of the normal food items you store, and make sure you have appropriate storage containers and space to accommodate! Back to school sales are a great time to pick up organizational items, like labels, sealed containers and more.

Stock your pantry like a pro

“I’m hungry” is a phrase every family is familiar with hearing. When it comes to the mornings, the end of the school day and even a quick bedtime snack, your pantry organization and cleanliness is important!

Having a clean and organized pantry provides easy access and also allows for quick lists on grocery shopping day. It’s also easier to prevent germs and grime with a clean pantry!

Stick to containers that can be quickly identified by younger children, or that can be labeled for better organization. Sealed, airtight containers are ideal for any food storage – but particularly for snacks and items that tend to last over the course of a week. Make sure they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Organizing lunch items for easy grab-and-go, as well as evening snacks or breakfast bites will make life easier during the school week. 

Keep the order

As the weeks wear on, it can become easy to fall into bad habits again. But making your pantry fun for the entire family is a great way to keep the momentum.

Enlist help for grocery shopping lists, and plan for fun meals and tasty treats. Having a clean and organized pantry can prevent chaos and prevent pests and germs from taking up residence in your storage space.

Remember, organizing your pantry now will make your life much easier during the school year. 

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