23 Coffee Bar Ideas That Would Make a Barista Proud

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated October 29, 2021
Couple making coffee in kitchen
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If you or someone in the house is a coffee lover, you know how expensive and time consuming it can be to order coffee every morning. Skip the line and keep the extra money in your pocket by creating a designated spot to enjoy a cup of coffee at home.

1. Standalone Table

Coffee maker and mugs on wooden shelf
gerenme /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Use a wooden freestanding table to create your coffee station. A sleek black coffee maker with matching white and bronze mugs provides a modern look. Plus, extra cups and matching accessories placed on the bottom shelves conceal any clutter.

2. Glam Bar Cart

Bar cart coffee station
Blake Carpenter - unsplash.com

While traditionally used to store barware accessories, bar carts can add an element of glam to your space when used as a coffee station. What’s more, you can move the bar cart to another area in your home like the dining room or parlor to enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up with company (or on your own). Choose a bar cart with metallic beams for an elegant look or a wooden cart for a rustic twist.

3. Corner Storage

Coffee machine on kitchen counter
Mikael Cho - unsplash.com

Deciding how to fill in corners in your kitchen can be tricky. Pick a nook for your coffee machine, and store accessories and supplies on either side of it or above in the cabinets.

4. Crisp White Shelves

White coffee maker and storage containers on kitchen pantry shelf
Agustin Vai /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Save kitchen counter space and use either an empty cupboard or pantry shelf as your coffee bar. Hire an electrician to install an outlet nearby for your coffee machine or electric kettle. Keep your sugar in large covered jars and put pods in open storage bins for a quick way to make your morning cup. 

5. Chalkboard Backdrop

Coffee mug and coffee maker with chalkboard background
sanches812 /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Add a distressed chalkboard background on which you can take notes or jot down your favorite PSL (pumpkin spice latte) recipe. It’s also the perfect way to write messages to the family using only coffee puns, like “I love you a latte” or “I’ve bean hoping you would unload the dishwasher.”

6. Functional Pegboard

Pegboard wall behind espresso station
MirageC /Moment via Getty Images

Get creative and set up shop using a pegboard behind your coffee bar. Hang utensils like measuring spoons, coffee bean grinders, cleaning brushes, steamers, and mugs so everything is in one place. 

7. Fully Incorporated

Woman using espresso machine in cabinetry
Tetra Images - Mark de Leeuw /Brand X Pictures via Getty

Counter space can be hard to come by, so if you have the opportunity, install an espresso machine or coffee maker directly into your kitchen cabinets to keep your machine off your counters and at a usable height. 

8. Earthy Wood Shelves

Couple making coffee in kitchen
Eva-Katalin /E+ via Getty Images

A flavorful and rich cup of joe deserves a matching coffee station. Open wooden shelving combined with green succulents and metallic accents creates the perfect earthy vibe while you wait for your pour-over coffee maker to work its magic.

9. A Pop of Color

Couple making coffee in kitchen
Eva-Katalin /E+ via Getty Images

When setting up a coffee station, don’t forget about the walls. Pick a pattern that shows off your personal style to give a fun and playful feel. Because a coffee station only takes up a small amount of space, you can get away with more bold prints to accent the rest of the room. 

10. Industrial Vibes

Couple in kitchen making coffee
Stephen Zeigler /The Image Bank via Getty Images

Make a bold statement by creating an industrial aesthetic for your coffee zone. Use black open shelving mixed with wooden and brick elements, then add faux greenery as an accent. A distressed metal tea pot can be used for a pour-over cup of joe in your industrial-inspired space.

11. Seasonal Decor

Hot cocoa station with seasonal decorations
Maya23K /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

While you may prefer a cozy pumpkin spice latte in the fall, by winter you might be inspired to make gingerbread lattes and hot chocolate. Switch up your home decor and coffee bar aesthetic by transitioning decorations between the seasons. 

In the winter, trim your bar with fir and pine cones, and add soft lighting. Stock your station with marshmallows and candy canes for the occasional cup of hot cocoa or peppermint mocha.

12. Concealed Minimalism

Modern gray cabinet with hidden espresso maker
Serghei Starus /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Let your kitchen’s architectural elements do the talking by completely concealing your coffee bar. Keep only the bare essentials like your coffee machine and a few mugs to cut down on clutter. A minimal gray geometric cabinet makes a dramatic statement while drawing your attention to only a few chosen elements in the space. 

13. Distressed Shabby Chic

Serving tray with cake stand and coffee mugs
Thomas Bullock /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Shabby chic combines rustic charm and antique elements to give a lived-in look. Embrace this style in your coffee station by using a distressed tray to hold your accessories. Use galvanized steel mugs combined with clear canisters of coffee beans. Then, add a light wood distressed cake stand to display pastries and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

14. Pull-Out Shelves

Woman using coffee machine on pull-out shelf
Elva Etienne /Moment via Getty Images

Another way to create a coffee station without taking up kitchen counter space is to install it on a pull-out shelf. Choose a pantry or cabinet that has enough open vertical space to hold the coffee maker. Bring it out when you want a cup, or keep it behind a door to minimize clutter in the space. Bonus points if you have extra shelving above or below it to keep pods, accessories, or flavorings. 

15. Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse style console table with coffee and tea accessories
Ксения Третьякова - stock.adobe.com

Farmhouse styling brings comfort and coziness to your space. Get the look by using a clean, neutral color pallet with natural green features. Use wood and distressed accents to give the space a lived-in look. Hang artwork with hand-lettered-style fonts to encourage an area where the conversation and coffee can flow.

16. Elegant Antiques

Antique coffee and tea accessories
Andreas von Einsiedel /Corbis Documentary via Getty Images

Do you like vintage treasures? Use your coffee station to display antique odds and ends to use as conversation pieces. Serve your coffee on a silver tray, and keep your creamer in a repurposed cut-glass decanter to mimic a formal tea service. This creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

17. Upcycled Furniture

Couple drinking coffee at coffee station
Portra /E+ via Getty Images

While hutches and china cabinets traditionally have been used to store and display tableware and trinkets, you can also repurpose these pieces to serve as coffee stations. Transform an outdated piece of furniture by painting over it to match your color scheme, and add wallpaper or paneling to the inside to give it extra dimension.  

18. Chic Backsplash

Red espresso maker in front of tile backsplash
lyulkamazurkev - stock.adobe.com

Take the wall behind your station from boring to bold by adding textured tiling. Hand-painted tiling in particular gives your space a trendy feel and adds character to the room. Whatever you choose, creating an accent wall behind your coffee spot can inspire you to spend more time here.

19. Mugs on Display

Coffee mugs hanging above espresso machine
WavebreakMediaMicro - stock.adobe.com

Do you have an assortment of mugs? Use up vertical space by hanging them above your coffee maker. This makes them the focal point of the area while giving you an easy way to display your Rae Dunn coffee mug collection.

20. Geometric Design

Coffee maker on console table with geometric floating shelves
New Africa - stock.adobe.com

Create dimension and depth by installing floating geometric shelves. This type of shelving is functional by giving you a place to store your various coffee essentials, but also interesting to look at while you’re waiting for your blend to brew.

21. Inspiring Artwork

Coffee bar with flowers and tray
Pixel-shot - stock.adobe.com

Enjoy your morning roast with a side of motivation. Hang inspirational signs, and keep the aesthetic light and bright. Use a tray to hold your accessories, and accent the space with fresh flowers.

22. Freestanding Sideboard

Modern dining room with coffee bar
KatarzynaBialasiewicz /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty

If you like to have coffee in your dining room, set up a standalone sideboard or buffet here to hold your coffee machine and accessories. Use a modern teak wood sideboard table with sleek black accents. Keep your coffee beans in clear canisters, and store flavorings in the cabinet so you have everything you need in one place.

23. Multi-Purpose Coffee Station

Coffee machine on work desk
Ladanifer - stock.adobe.com

Do you work from home? Set up your coffee station on your desk to save space and time. Keep any accessories in the drawer underneath so you can start your morning strong and be ready for an afternoon pick-me-up as the day continues on. 

How to Stock the Perfect Home Coffee Bar

To create a DIY coffee bar you will want to keep coming back to, it’s important to stock all of the essentials. Otherwise, you won’t even come close to recreating your favorite coffee shop drinks. 

Coffee Makers

To rival your favorite café, invest in a coffee machine that can mimic the taste of your favorite beverage. 

When choosing a machine, think about the types of drinks you order most often. For example, if your go-to cup is a latte or macchiato, you will need an espresso machine. Here are a few types of coffee makers to choose from:

  • Single-cup capsule maker: best for speed and convenience

  • Pour-over coffee maker: best for coffee-shop-quality drinks

  • Single-shot espresso maker: best for a quick pick-me-up 

  • Espresso machine with built-in steamer: best for specialty lattes or macchiatos 

  • Drip coffee maker: best for serving the whole family or crowds of guests

  • Cold brew or iced coffee maker: best for your favorite cold drinks 

Coffee Supplies

Think about the supplies you need to make a perfect blend so you can find creative ways to store and display them. You can’t go wrong with these classics: 

  • Sugar

  • Flavoring

  • Creamer

  • Napkins

  • Powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sticks

  • Coffee beans

  • Coffee grinder

  • Brushes to clean coffee grounds

  • Biscotti or shelf-stable cookies

  • Decorative coffee mugs

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