Why and When to Service a New Air Conditioner

Written by Antonio Gonzalez of Toned Homes
Updated June 15, 2021
air conditioner beside brick house
Even a new A/C unit needs regular annual inspections to maintain the warranty and functionality. (Photo courtesy of Toned Homes)

Even a new air conditioner needs annual maintenance and inspection to spot problems covered by warranties before they become expensive A/C repairs later.

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When you buy a home, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. If it did, under the air conditioning and heating care section you’d find: Have your A/C and heating system serviced twice a year by a licensed HVAC company.All manufacturers and true A/C experts will tell you to check your HVAC units once in the spring and once in the fall, but why should you check a new air conditioner and heat system?

How your new A/C unit warranty works

If your system is brand new to a few years old, and it was legally installed in any state, it will have a minimum five-year all-part warranty. Some parts may have 10-year warranties, but every part will have at least a one-year warranty.

The unit parts themselves are free to exchange if they legitimately fail during the warranty period.Labor is usually only covered for the first year by most installers. If the regular maintenance and inspection yields a failed part result, then you will only pay labor for the failed part during year two through year four.

Most parts that fail tests on normal inspections will be small and have low labor costs associated with them. Small part replacement can prevent big part replacement, which have much higher labor costs associated with them.

HVAC maintenance preserves warranties

What we hear most from homeowners is "it’s working” or “it’s new,” so “I don’t need to check it.”

That new air conditioner or heat pump will rarely stop cooling when only one small part isn’t working. It isn’t until something small takes out something big that you will become aware of a problem.

By then, your warranty may be over. Even if the broken A/C parts are still covered, these bigger parts are more expensive to fix.

Checking and maintaining new units twice a year can lead to saving big money by avoiding high labor warranty replacement costs.

About this Experts Contributor: Antonio Gonzalez is the owner of Toned Homes, an air conditioning and remodeling company in San Antonio, Texas. He has been in the residential A/C and remodeling business for 18 years. You can follow this service provider on Twitter and Facebook

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