How Much Does An AC Unit Tune-Up Cost?

Matt Marandola
Written by Matt Marandola
Updated January 18, 2022
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The typical AC service cost will range anywhere from $75 to $200

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The cost for an AC unit tune-up will vary depending on the type and size of unit you own, and any AC repairs that are needed. If your air conditioner is in need of a major tune-up, you should prepare to spend upwards of $450 to $1,000. You don’t want to wait around for an AC tune-up, as it could mean that you have no cool air when the summer months hit.

How Much Does an AC Service Cost by Size of the Unit?

Your AC maintenance cost will vary based on the size of the unit. The smaller the unit, the less you’re likely to pay the contractor. The bigger the unit, the more you’re going to need to budget out.

For window units or small condo size units, the AC unit service cost will range anywhere from $30 to $500, depending on the service. HVAC systems in larger houses will cost more for tune-ups because these units need to keep a wider floor plan cool. When you receive your annual AC unit check-up, the cost will range between $350 to $750 for larger units. If the contractor doesn’t find anything wrong with the unit, the price may decrease, but it could also increase if there are major repairs needed.

How Much Does an AC Service Cost Near You?

The state where you live will influence the price of the job as well. Those who live in hotter climates like Florida or California may pay less for their AC repairs, as the service is more common in those typically balmy areas. 

Those in colder areas like Idaho and Washington may find that their repairs are pricier because not everyone has an AC unit in their home, and may only need to contact local heating repair contractors rather than cooling repair. Here are some average AC tune-up costs from around the country to give you a sampling of prices:

LocationAverage Cost
Florida$75 – $200
Texas$50 – $150
Idaho$100 – $200
Nevada$50 – $150
Colorado$100 – $200
Montana$100 – $200
New Hampshire$100 – $200

What Factors Influence the Cost of an AC Service?

Beyond the size, there are a few other factors that can affect a contractor’s estimate. The main things that will influence the quote are the age of the AC unit, your region’s climate, and the number of repairs that your AC unit may need.

Air Conditioner Age

The age of your air conditioner will play a crucial role in determining your estimate. If you’re still rocking the AC unit that came with the house in 1995, chances are there are fewer replacement parts out there for your machine. Even simple fixes may end up increasing the overall estimate by larger margins if your HVAC system is over 15 years old.

The Climate In Your Area

The more you’re running your AC unit, the more wear and tear that occurs on the machine. Those in warmer places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico might find their systems need heavier tune-ups than other states to make sure their unit stays running all summer.

How You Treat the HVAC System

How you treat your HVAC system will also determine how heavy of a tune-up it needs. There are a few HVAC mistakes that people make unintentionally that may cause damage to their air conditioner. Blocking air vents with furniture or closing doors may decrease your AC unit’s energy efficiency. Talk with your contractor as well to see if there are any tips they recommend.

AC Service Cost Breakdown

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AC tune-ups are pretty straightforward, as they focus more on making sure everything is right, rather than repairing anything. Most of the cost comes from your contractor driving out and checking on the unit. Your local HVAC repair company will let you know everything that they charge for ahead of time.

Annual Checkup

The cost of an AC checkup will range from $75 to $200

If you have an HVAC service agreement, this price may fluctuate since you’re purchasing a package with your AC installer, rather than relying on one-time fees.

Air Filter Replacement

If a pro replaces your air filter, this service will range from $10 to $50. The actual price you’ll pay depends on the size and type of air filter.

Ventilation Inspection (If Needed)

A typical annual checkup will only consist of testing and visuals for the inspection. This means checking the electrical system and airflow and looking for anything that may be of concern from a visual perspective. If something doesn’t look right, the contractor might request that they perform a ventilation inspection.

If needed, a ventilation inspection will cost between $80 to $450.

How Much Does It Cost To Tune-Up an AC Unit Yourself?

If you’re good at taking apart machines and putting them back together and are familiar with smaller units, then you can consider doing the AC system tune-up yourself. Small repairs like replacing a fuse or an air filter are good DIY projects.

However, you should leave more complicated tasks, like installing a new fan motor or repairing a refrigerant leak, to the professionals. Refrigerant is a toxic substance, so using it incorrectly can end badly if it gets on the skin or inhaled. If a fan motor kicks on unexpectedly while installing, you might get hurt.

FAQs About AC Service Costs

How often should you get your AC serviced?

You should aim to have an AC unit tune-up at least once a year. But your HVAC unit makes strange sounds or it stops functioning as normal, contact someone as soon as possible.

How often should you replace your air filter?

You should aim to change your air filter every 30 to 60 days. Your specific timeline depends on the air filter’s capacity, which is usually indicated on the package.

Are HVAC service agreements and warranties worth it?

If you recently installed a new HVAC system, you might have the option for an HVAC service agreement or warranty. Whether you should accept it comes down to the individual contract. Read through it thoroughly and analyze the costs to determine if it’s right for you.

What does an AC service tune-up include?

The AC service tune-up service you get will depend on the package you ask for and what the contractor offers.

For the most part, a standard AC annual maintenance package will include:

  • Duct inspections

  • Capacitor inspection

  • Refrigerant level check and recharge

  • Drain line inspection and flush (if necessary)

  • Relubrication of moving parts

  • Duct and vent inspection

  • Diagnostic check on the thermostat, electrical control, and amp measurement

  • Fan motor inspection

  • Air filter replacement

  • Test the heating and cooling systems to ensure they don’t operate at the same time

  • Airflow test and coil inspection

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