How Much Does a Full Steam Room Cost?

Lauren Murphy
Written by Lauren Murphy
Updated January 11, 2022
The interior of a steam room
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The average cost of converting an existing shower into a full steam room is $4,300

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If you love relaxing in a warm, steamy environment but find saunas too hot, consider converting your shower into a steam room. Although steam rooms aren’t as hot as saunas, they’re much more humid—with nearly 100% humidity. They come with several health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle stiffness, and lowered blood pressure. 

The cost of a steam room will ultimately depend on its size. Small units will cost $2,000, while larger ones run $8,000.

How Much Does a Steam Room Cost per Square Foot?

The average cost to build a steam room is $43 per square foot, with prices ranging from $22 to $65 per square foot. Including add-ons like soothing aromatherapy pumps, sound systems, and extra ventilation systems can double the cost of your steam room.

How Much Does a Steam Room Cost by Type?

A steam room with a towel hanging from the door
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There are two primary types of steam rooms: A hybrid model that combines a shower with a steam room, and a more compact and simple modular steam room.


You can build a hybrid shower and steam room for the best of both worlds—a shared space where you can relax and detox and clean all that toxin-filled sweat off afterward. Hybrid shower and steam rooms cost $4,000 to $6,000 not including labor.


Modular steam rooms are compact and simple, making them ideal for smaller homes. The cost of a modular steam room is about $2,000 on average. With add-ons, the price will go up.

What Factors Influence the Cost of a Steam Room?

Leave steam room installation to the pros. We don’t recommend DIY steam room installation, so your shower installation specialist’s rate will determine what’s on your final bill. The cost of a steam room depends on its size, materials, and customizations.


To install a steam room, you’ll need to hire a local electrician and a plumber near you. If you’re replacing your existing shower with a steam room, you’ll also need to hire someone to remove your old shower materials and prepare the area for new installation. 

Contractors and electricians typically charge between $50 to $100 per hour, with professional plumbers charging between $100 and $300 per hour. To remove your old shower and prepare the area for new installation, you will pay about $12 per square foot.


The size of a steam room fit for two people is 6 feet long, 6 feet high, and 7 feet wide. Because steam rooms cost an average of $43 per square foot, the cost increases as size increases.

Unless you’re transforming your bathroom into a public day spa, you’ll likely only need to build a steam room big enough for two people at once. A basic two-person steam room will cost about $2,000, not including labor and materials.


When you picture a steam room, you may be picturing a room made of wood. While wood is a typical material used in saunas, it’s not an ideal material for steam rooms. Wood is porous and sucks moisture out of the air, which keeps humidity low. Steam rooms rely on high humidity for their health benefits, so they should be constructed with non-porous materials. Glass or ceramic tiles work well.

Hiring a steam room and sauna professional to install these materials will cost:

  • Glass: $25–$75 per sq. ft. for materials

  • Ceramic tile: $13.50–$63 per sq. ft. for materials

You’ll also need to purchase a steam generator, which costs between $500 and $2,000 depending on the power and volume needed.

Steam room doors cost between $500 and $1,300. The total approximate cost of all the materials needed for a steam room range from $1,500 to $6,500 or more.

Stock vs. Custom

Most companies that install steam rooms have pre-made steam rooms that you can choose from. If you go with one of these stock models, the total price will be closer to the average of $4,300. If you choose to completely customize your steam room, costs can increase to $8,000 or more.


The number of add-ons you choose to include in your steam room influence the total cost. Depending on your needs, it could be worth it.

Examples of common steam room add-ons include:

Add-onAverage Price
Aromatherapy pump$200 – $800
Sound system$100 – $2,000
Lighting$100 – $3,000
Seating$90 – $900
Rain system$1,500 – $3,100

DIY vs. Hire A Pro

Leave steam room installation to the pros. We don’t recommend DIY steam room installation, so your shower installation specialist’s rate will determine what’s on your final bill. Hire a plumber near you to get started.

FAQs About Steam Rooms

What’s the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

Saunas have much higher temperatures than steam rooms do, but steam rooms are more humid than saunas. A sauna provides more of a dry heat, whereas a steam room provides humidity. 

Traditional saunas (versus steam saunas) distribute heat throughout the space through the evaporation of water when you pour water onto a stack of hot sauna rocks. Steam rooms use an external steam generator to actually boil water into steam, which it then releases into the room through a steam outlet.

The cost of a home sauna is usually more than a basic steam room.

What’s the difference between a steam room and a steam shower?

A steam shower takes the place of a traditional shower. A steam room, on the other hand, is an additional feature in your home that often takes up an entire room. Their function is similar, but they differ when it comes to size. Steam showers are generally smaller than steam rooms.

Steam rooms typically cost less than steam showers because they don’t use running water, unless you opt for a steam room and shower hybrid.

Should I buy or build a steam room?

Unfortunately, building a steam room is more involved than simply installing a glass door and steam generator in your bathroom. Hire an electrician and plumber to get the job done correctly.

Why should I install a steam room in my home?

Using a steam room comes with many benefits. Steam rooms can improve your health and boost your happiness level by offering a space to relax and de-stress after a long day. Steam rooms also ease muscle and joint pain, detox your body, and improve your skin.

How much does it cost to run a steam room?

Running a steam room costs $0.05 per minute on average as it uses water and electricity. A relaxing 20-minute session will add about $1 total to your bills.

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