How Much Does a Steam Shower Cost to Install?

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Updated September 1, 2022
Steam shower with glass enclosure
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The typical steam shower costs around $4,350

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If you’re tight on space in your house but still want the sweet sweat that comes from a sauna, investing in the cost of steam shower installation might be the upgrade you never knew you couldn’t live without. Just picture coming home after a long day at work or workout at the gym to your very own at-home spa! Depending on the shower’s size, materials, and whether you want to upgrade to an entire steam room, you’re looking at spending between $2,650 to $6,050.

What Is a Steam Shower?

A steam shower uses valves and a steam generator to pump steam into your shower stall, creating a luxurious spa-like steam room at home. Activating the digital controls will trigger the steam generator to fill with cold water, which gets heated to a boil and projects steam out of the valves. These come as hybrids with your regular shower, so they don’t require the use of any extra space. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Steam Shower by Square Footage?

Most steam showers are 3-by-3-by-7 feet. So, on average, you’ll spend around $70 per square foot. But if you have an existing shower that only needs a steam generator added on, you can knock down the price to around $50 to $60 per square foot

You can also cut down the price by buying a prefabricated steam shower rather than a custom option. But you’ll need to check if these options fit your current shower space, as most prefabricated options default to the standard 3-by-3-by-7 feet.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Steam Shower Near You?

If you’re going for a prefabricated model, you won’t have to worry about the cost fluctuating too much between states—after all, it’s already been built and only needs installation. For custom options, you’ll want to find a shower installer near you who can give you a direct estimate, as they’ll need to source materials and know the dimensions. 

If you’re wondering, “How much are steam showers?” here are the average costs of a 3-by-3-by-7-foot steam shower:

LocationAverage Cost

Steam Shower Cost Breakdown

Steam shower system
Photo: irina88w / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

The key factors determining steam shower prices are the installation labor, whether you go with a prefab or custom-built option, and the cost of the generator you’ll need to power your new, luxe shower.


Buying a prefabricated steam shower will cut your labor cost nicely. Whereas a custom-built unit may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 to install, a prefabricated one will only range between $500 to $600.

Prefabricated vs. Custom-Built

With a prefab option, you don’t need to worry about the cost of materials or the generator, as they’re already built into the cost when you purchase the package. Prefabricated steam showers typically cost around $2,800 to $5,930

For custom steam showers designed exactly to your liking, you’ll need to consider the cost of materials such as tiles and glass. Tiles will cost, on average, $1,000 for three shower walls. The cost to install glass shower doors is around $900 to $1,300, depending on their thickness and the type of glass.


You’ll need a generator to power your new steam shower, which should come with your prefabricated unit. Those building a custom steam shower, or who already have a shower set up and are waiting for a steam upgrade, will find that a generator costs around $500 to $2,000

The price comes down to how powerful of a generator you need. A generator on the low end will power a tiny shower, while high-end generators can power a shower the size of a bedroom.


For those taking the custom route, you’ll want to put some thought into your steam shower design. Even if you’re buying a prefabricated steam shower (or just have a run-of-the-mill shower), you can add these elements:

  • Specialized lighting

  • Sound systems

  • Automated controls

  • Sitting area

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Steam Shower vs. a Normal Shower?

The cost to install a regular shower versus a steam shower is about a $3,000 difference. On average, you’re looking at paying around $1,125 for a regular shower compared to a steam shower, which runs around $4,350.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Steam Room vs. a Steam Shower?

You might think a room is obviously more expensive to build than a shower, but steam rooms are often the more affordable option because they don’t use running water. On average, a steam room costs around $2,515.

If you have the space and the budget, you can opt to get a steam room and upgrade your existing shower with add-ons, such as new tiles and a rainfall showerhead, for around the same price you’d pay for just a steam shower. Getting a high-end shower with a steam room will cost around $3,640, depending on the cost of bathroom upgrades and remodeling you want to do.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Steam Shower Yourself?

If you know your way around a shower system, you can try and tackle this project yourself. The easiest way would be to buy a prefabricated unit and a generator for around $2,800. But no matter how handy you are, you’ll still need to hire a local plumber and local electrician to get everything hooked up.  

It’s best to opt for a professional installer, as this will save you time when it comes to handling multiple different contractors to get one project done.

Frequently Asked Questions

A steam shower goes in place of an existing shower, has an opening at the top, and functions as both a shower and a source of steam (at around 110 F). Because steam is involved, steam showers are classified as wet heat. (Pro Tip: Never run the steam for more than 20 minutes at a time, as you may start to feel overheated and like you live in a swamp.)

 For any humidity-haters, saunas are enclosed spaces that can be put anywhere in the house and produce dry heat. That means they use electricity to power the heat rather than water to create steam.

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