How to Choose and Install the Right Television for a Bathroom

C.E. Larusso
Written by C.E. Larusso
Updated January 3, 2022
luxurious bathroom interior with tv
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  • If you wish to install a TV in your bathroom, choose a waterproof model for safety.

  • Waterproof televisions start around $1,500 but can be thousands of dollars more expensive.

  • Many TV models have special features, such as transforming into mirrors when not in use.

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If your idea of a dream bathroom remodel includes a way to binge-watch all the latest shows while taking a long bath, we’ve got good news: Thanks to new technology, it’s possible to safely install a television in your bathroom. Considering the cost of a bathroom remodel can be $10,000 or more, why not add this luxurious, tech-forward extra to your other design upgrades to differentiate your washroom from the rest? Here are all the considerations when choosing and installing a television in your bathroom.

Selecting a TV for Your Bathroom

soaking tub in front of bathroom tv
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There are many bathroom-friendly televisions on the market. Here are a few considerations when deciding which to purchase.

Waterproof Is a Must

You must select a waterproof television for your bathroom, whether it’s going to be 2 or 10 feet away from your tub. This is for your and your family’s safety. A non-waterproof TV will corrode over time in this high humidity environment, leading to it breaking or short-circuiting. 

Special Features

Like many electronics, more expensive models of waterproof televisions offer additional features you may care about. These might include:

  • Surround sound

  • Integrated WiFi

  • Smart TV features, such as voice controls

  • High-definition (HD) or 4K resolution

  • Embedded wall mounts or brackets

  • Touch screens

Screen Size

The average screen size for a bathroom TV is 32 inches, but you can go smaller or larger, depending on your budget, bathroom size, and preference. Just be mindful of where you primarily want to watch television in the room and how large you might need the TV to be optimal viewing.

Existing Decor 

What does your bathroom look like, and does it seem like a television would clash with the existing design? For instance, if you’ve chosen an all-wood, spa-like vibe, a TV might seem out of place. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for a tech-forward, sleek look with lots of slate, a TV may integrate well. 

Some manufacturers, such as the UK-based Aquavision, offer models (starting at $4,765) that appear like mirrors when switched off to conceal the devices better. Depending on your budget, there are many designs to choose from, but note that most waterproof sets start at $1,500.

To Disguise or Not to Disguise

There are other ways to hide a TV if you want to conceal it when not in use. For example, you can cover the set with a cabinet door or install it into a recessed niche. Or, hide it under a piece of framed art with hinges to open and close at will.

Tips and Ideas for Installation

beige relaxing bathroom with built in tv
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Many televisions come with their own installation kit, making this a simple DIY project. If you are installing in a more complex way, such as concealing the television behind a cabinet or placing it recessed into the wall, hire a home remodeling contractor near you to handle the installation properly. 


Decide where you want your television. If you wish to binge-watch “Love Island while drinking a glass of wine during bathtime, find a location where it would be comfortable to view the television while bathing. If you’re looking for a way to catch the morning news while getting ready for work, a location near your vanity might be best. If you want the ability to view your television from various angles, you can choose a wall-mounted model that swings or install the TV on a shelf that pivots.

Tilt for Comfortable Viewing

Have the television tilted slightly downwards so it’ll be at optimal viewing angle while bathing or brushing your teeth. You don’t want to install a television in your bathroom, only to find yourself craning your neck to enjoy it.

Opt for An Open or Transparent Design

If you have opaque shower walls or room dividers, consider replacing them with glass or other transparent ones so your TV will get the viewers and viewing it deserves.

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