Want to Remove Honeybees From Your Home? It Can Get Complicated

Jason Hargraves
Written by Jason Hargraves
Updated June 15, 2021
Honey bee on a hive
Bees are important to nature but don't make the best roommates. (Photo by Chirs Curry)

Research is key to finding a company to deal with a problem beehive. Beekeepers and pest control companies both can help.

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Getting rid of unwanted pests that have made a home inside your home isn’t always as easy as calling an exterminator.

That’s especially true when dealing with honeybees.

Arlington resident Alex Casiano found that out recently when she ended up in a rather, well, sticky situation while trying to stop the buzzing in her house.

“There's a lot of bees, they sting and they hurt," Casiano tell WJLA.

It seems hundreds of honeybees have made themselves quite comfortable in her Virginia home’s 65-foot chimney.

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The chimney itself complicates the problem because it doesn’t lead to a fireplace but serves as the exhaust for HVAC system.

That means she may have to have someone dismantle the entire heating and cooling system to get to the hive.

Relocating honeybees worth the effort

She says she tried reaching out to some local companies, but the high location of the hive is a problem for beekeepers. Pest control companies also have issues because they are reluctant to kill the eco-friendly insects.

“It seems as a homeowner the bees have more of a right to live in my home than I do,” Casiano says.

Jennifer Scott with the Bee Wrangler in Alvin, Texas, says live removal can be a complicated process, but she thinks it’s worth the trouble.

“It’s a six- to eight-hour job every time, but it’s really rewarding,” she says.

The process usually involves using a smoker to calm the bees so they then can be gently vacuumed and placed into a cage with the honeycomb. Then they can be transported to a more hospitable home.

Why all the fuss over honeybees?

That’s due to a colony collapse disorder — the sudden die-off in honeybee colonies. Many people now consider live removal an eco-friendly option to rid their homes of honeybees.

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So what should Casiano and others do in this difficult situation? Keep trying to find the best companies that will work with the situation. It may take a few phone calls and reading several customer reviews.

Tim Tucker, president of the American Beekeeping Federation, says there are a lot of 4

“I would call both a beekeeper and an exterminator,” he says. “Do what you can to save the bee.”

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