Safe at Home - Guide to First Aid and Safety for Kids

Updated January 25, 2018
child safety first aid kit
Eldon Lindsay

One of the most important functions that parents must do is protect your children at home and away from home.

Unfortunately, keeping your children safe at home is a very difficult task. In the course of a normal day, children, regardless of the age, are exposed to a number of potential dangers. These dangers could result in cuts, bruises and scrapes to more serious medical problems such as broken bones, allergic reaction and head injuries.

While it is not expected that parents will be able to treat all medical emergencies, it is very important to know what you should do if it happens at your house. The first step is to assess the extent of the injury. If it is a simple cut or skinned knee, cleaning the wound and bandaging it to keep it clean and dry may be all that is needed. However, if your child has sustained a serious burn or is in a great deal of pain, at trip to the emergency room or a call for an ambulance may be needed.

Medical care should only be done by a trained professional. However, by assessing the situation you may be able to provide some basic first care. To help parents provide proper care and to keep children safe at home, we have provided a selection of resources that you can use. But, remember if you are unsure of the extent of injuries, you must contact a medical emergency service or if they are mobile enough without pain, a visit to your local emergency facility.

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