Get a Next Level Landscape on a Budget

Updated September 4, 2019
wood pergola
What do you need to take your landscaping to the next level?

You don’t have to settle for a lackluster landscape simply because you don’t have tens of thousands in the budget for major upgrades.

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In fact, there are plenty of ways to get noticeable improvements for less! Get more out of your outdoor space – and add value and style to your home – with these budget-friendly projects.

Smart Irrigation:

A new irrigation system can completely change your lawn game – especially when it’s paired with a smart controller. Smart irrigation controllers cost around $100 to $400 and use either soil moisture sensors or weather data to give your yard perfectly measured, balanced hydration. Plus, they’re shown to improve efficiency and reduce water use by 20 to 50 percent, so the savings will offset the costs! 

Average Cost: Homeowners report paying anywhere from $500 to nearly $5,000 to install an irrigation system. Ultimately, the full cost will depend on the system you get and whether you DIY or hire a pro.

QUICK FIX: Already have a sprinkler system in place? Many older systems can be adapted to work with smart controllers!

Dual Purpose Gardens:

Dual-purpose gardens make your gardening efforts – or your gardener’s efforts – go that much further. Edible gardens, for example, add beauty and produce herbs or vegetables. But if you grow them vertically, you can use them to divide areas of your lawn or make a gathering space more private. You can also use flower beds to divide your lawn or mark the edge of your property. And you can even put your plants to work to repel pests; basil, for instance, is said to repel flies and mosquitoes. 

Average Cost: Your vertical garden could cost as little as a $10 frame and a few packets of seeds. But you could hire a professional gardener near you for $50 to $100 hour or more, depending on the work required and skill level of your pro, for optimal results.

Flowers à la Mode

Pink is making a major landscape comeback this year – all thanks to the Pantone Color Institute’s 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral. Plant pink, salmon and coral dahlias, impatiens, roses, peonies and daffodils to give your landscape a lift.

Professional Lawn Care:

Professional lawn care makes for a healthier, more vibrant and sustainable lawn – which strengthens curb appeal and enjoyment. And the results you get from hiring a knowledgeable lawn care pro nearby will make you wonder why you ever pruned your own hedges and hydrangeas.

Average Cost: Homeowners report paying $50 to $200 per month for lawn care — and up to $2,000 for extra work like tree trimming, sprinkler repairs, aerating and fertilizing.

A Dedicated Patio Space:

A patio creates an outdoor living area for relaxing and entertaining. In many cases, you can install regular or interlocking concrete pavers to create an affordable new patio in just a few days. And you can opt for any number of patterns in a raw concrete or traditional brick or stone aesthetic. Talk to a patio company near you for options and local nuances.

Average Cost: According to the Angie’s List Pricing Guide, homeowners pay an average of $1,700 to $4,700 to have a pro install a patio, though size and materials can increase the cost. 

The Perfect Patio Pick-Me-Up: If your existing patio looks a little worse for wear, freshen it up with professional pressure washing or paint! Hardware stores carry hardy concrete, masonry and patio paints that are designed to hold up outdoors. And homeowners report paying an average of just $280 for pressure washing services. 

Driveway Resurfacing:

You don’t have to tear up and replace your driveway to make it look like new. Resurfacing is a low-cost solution that may work to revive your dull and damaged asphalt or concrete. When you hire a professional driveway company near you for this service, they’ll clean and patch the existing driveway material and apply a brand-new layer on top of it. 

Average Cost: Resurfacing can cut the cost of a full replacement ($2,000 to $6,000, on average) in half. And the project’s done a lot quicker too!

Rinse and Refresh: If your driveway is in decent shape and simply needs a little TLC, professional pressure washing and a new coat of sealant can restore it to its former beauty. 

It’s best to hire a professional for this service, especially when it comes to pavers. Pavers have specific care instructions and might sustain damage from high-pressure machines and harsh chemicals. 

Pros have low-pressure machines and the appropriate cleaning solutions for different materials.

Smart Pergolas:

It’s official: Pergolas are having a renaissance. But today’s pergolas are new and improved, incorporating practical features like smart phone-controlled covers and shades, LED lighting, heating and cooling systems, gutters, windows and sound systems. (You can even power your pergola with solar energy!) A new or retrofitted pergola will give you a whole new room to escape to. 

Average Cost: Homeowners report paying an average of $1,950 to $5,250 to install a pergola, though certain upgrades will raise the price.

Fire Features:

Fire features are a great addition to any landscape design — and the fire tables and fire bowls trending today have a lot to offer. A fire table has a convenient perimeter lip for drinking glasses and plates, which makes it ideal for entertaining. And fire bowls are beautiful, portable fixtures that come in styles ranging from rustic, rough concretes to sleek, contemporary metals. Fire features are heavy, so it’s best to hire a professional or use an in-home delivery service to get them into place safely.

Average Cost: Fire pits can cost anywhere from $150 to over $1,500, depending on the size and material.

Programmed Lighting:

Well-placed outdoor lighting can elevate your outdoor experience and the look of your home’s exterior. Illuminating walkways makes for safer navigation, and highlighting hedges, entryways and other attractive features transforms a basic yard into a statement landscape. But the top benefit of today’s outdoor lighting technology? Easy automation and control via smartphone! Today’s top lighting trends include LED bulbs, flexible fixtures that you can adjust and move as needed, and downward-facing fixtures that reduce light pollution. 

Average Cost: You can find full outdoor lighting sets for $150 to $300. And smart, individual outdoor lights can cost as little as $50 to over $200. Homeowners report paying $100 to over $600 per fixture for installation.

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