How Much Does a Subpanel Cost to Install?

Lydia Schapiro
Written by Lydia Schapiro
Updated January 18, 2022
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The cost to install a subpanel averages between $400 and $1,750

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An electrical subpanel is a service panel that passes power from your electric company to a specific area in your home. In essence, subpanels are mini main circuit panels, and installing them may improve your home’s electrical system. Subpanels are beneficial because they create more space on your main service panel. The total cost to install a subpanel depends on factors such as its location, extra requests, and labor. Typically, the cost to install a subpanel falls between $400 to $1,750. 

How Much Does a Subpanel Cost on Average?

  • National Average Cost: $1,186

  • Average Range: $534–$1,938S

  • Minimum Cost: $125

  • Maximum Cost: $3,500

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Subpanel Per Amperage?

  • 100: $400–$1,000

  • 125: $500–$1,250

  • 150: $600–$1,750

The average cost of installing a subpanel is between $400 and $1,750, depending on the amperage and number of circuits installed. Typically subpanels have 4 to 20 or more circuits and between 100 and 150 amps

Subpanel Cost Breakdown

When installing a subpanel, various cost factors will influence the final price. Below are some of the major components to consider. 


Electricians usually charge by the hour, including travel and time on task. Typically, the cost to hire an electrician ranges from $50 to $100 per hour

Moving a Subpanel

Moving a subpanel from one area to another costs an average of $1,000 to $3,000. Costs depend on factors such as whether the panel is indoors or outdoors, how many circuits are moving, and how many floors are in your home. Moving an electrical panel outside costs roughly $1,500 to $2,500, including necessary equipment and wiring. 


Installing a subpanel requires electrical permits, and you could get fined without the proper documentation. These permits typically cost around $50 to $300. 

The permit types you’ll need depend on your location and the specific project details. You should communicate with your electrician to determine whether this cost is covered in their price estimate.

New Wiring

It costs roughly $1,400 to install new electrical or panel wiring, depending on how much you need. You can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $2,200 to install new wiring. 

Fuse Box Replacement

You may need to replace a fuse box if there are flickering lights, unresponsive sockets, or if your fuse box is more than 10 years old. 

It costs around $200 to $2,000 to replace a fuse box, but it can cost more if you also need new wiring. 

Can I Install a Subpanel By Myself?

Any electrical repair can be quite dangerous, and in this case, the risks are too high to consider a DIY project. Contact a local electrician familiar with area building codes and safety requirements. They’ll also come equipped with the proper permits and know-how to communicate with your local power supplier. Hiring a professional electrician will allow you to have peace of mind about your safety and reduce the risk of pricey repairs in the future. 

Research how to hire licensed, insured electricians by looking at all available options, and then make an informed decision based on experience, reputation, and cost. 

FAQs about Cost to Add a Subpanel

When should I upgrade my subpanel?

If your subpanel is more than 25 years old, you should consider purchasing a new one since your current model may not be up to the job anymore. Other reasons to upgrade your subpanel include:

  • You need more power than what your current system allows

  • You need to add new electrical systems 

How long does it take to install a subpanel?

Installing or replacing a subpanel usually takes roughly four to eight hours, but this timeline may increase if you install multiple subpanels or a spa panel to wire a hot tub. 

How can I detect if my electrical panel is overloaded?

There are several indications of an overloaded electrical panel, such as frequent circuit breaker tripping, burn marks, or flickering or dimming lights.

If you’re observing any warning signs, turn the circuit breaker off, then shift some devices from the overloaded circuit to a different one. If there are still signs of overload after turning the circuit break back on, contact a professional electrician to help you fix the issue. 

What other projects should I do at the same time as installing a new subpanel?

You can do several projects in tandem with a subpanel installation, including the following:

  • Installing a new electrical meter box

  • Replacing your meter base

  • Replacing your service entrance cable 

The cost to install or upgrade an electrical meter box ranges from $100 to $650, including $50 to $250 for the unit. This project usually takes one to four hours of labor. 

A meter base is what holds your electrical meter, protecting the components from the outdoor elements. The meter base passes the power from your electric company to your panel. The cost to replace a meter base is roughly $50 to $250

Service entrance cables are electrical cables with multiple wires, which bring power from electrical companies to residential buildings. Over time, the cable can become worn or frayed. The cost to replace a service entrance cable ranges roughly from $1,000 to $1,500.

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