12 Soothing Ways to Create a Home Spa Bathroom

Mariel Loveland
Written by Mariel Loveland
Updated October 6, 2022
Bath with foam is filling with water
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Treat yourself to a spa-style bathroom

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Why go to the spa when you can create a home spa bathroom instead? You can easily draw inspiration from high-end spas and saunas to create a luxurious primary bathroom that doubles as a self-care sanctuary. 

Bathroom remodels cost an average of $10,800, but you don’t need to do a full overhaul to get a spa-like bathroom at home. From relaxing paint colors to updating your shower and bathtub, here’s how to create a home spa bathroom for the ultimate in luxury. 

1. Create Proper Storage

Start by removing clutter. Clearing surfaces will give your bathroom a clean slate. With minimal items on display, it’s easy to tidy up each day after your grooming routine, and less visual clutter helps set the tone for a peaceful environment. 

This is especially important in small bathrooms, where you are short on counter space and square footage. Hiding all your beauty and wellness items will create a sense of calm in your bathroom. 

Here are some simple storage ideas that will make a big difference:

  • Simple bath caddy

  • Set of floating shelves

  • Top shelves with storage bins

  • Beautifully designed baskets

  • Smaller plastic bins inside drawers to organize loose products

  • Tray to organize essential items

  • Matching containers to tuck items away

  • Bathroom mirror with built-in hidden storage

  • Suction shower bathroom wall storage to organize shower items

  • Hair station near mirror with hair dryer holder

  • Sink design with under-sink storage

2. Upgrade Your Bathtub and Shower

A bathroom with bathtub and shower
Photo: bmak / Adobe Stock

A luxurious bathtub or shower is the centerpiece of a home spa bathroom. Consider an upgrade to treat yourself to a spa-like experience every day. 


Steam showers can evoke the feeling of a sauna-like atmosphere and can be enclosed with walls to create a steam room. Other shower upgrades to create a peaceful refuge include control panels for water pressure and temperature, built-in benches and niches, waterproof speakers, low thresholds, or a second showerhead.

On a budget, simply updating a showerhead with a massage sprayer, rain showerhead, or high-end panel system can transform your bathing ritual and make it a more relaxing experience. 


Freestanding soaker tubs with jets and a handheld sprayer make for a tranquil bath. And these luxurious bathtubs now come in compact sizes for smaller spaces like condominiums and even tiny homes

Other popular bathtub trends to create an at-home oasis include submerged tubs along with bathing rooms where a tub is enclosed in a shower room. 

Or, simply refinishing an old clawfoot tub can breathe new life into a dated bath. Talk to a bathroom remodeler in your area about your options.

3. Create a Calming Atmosphere With Sound

Spas generally have a soundtrack. If you’ve ever paid a visit, you’ve probably heard everything from gentle harps and pianos to chirping birds and flowing waves. Why not do the same in your home spa bathroom? 

Consider installing a bluetooth speaker or a portable option in your spa-like bathroom so you don’t ever risk getting your headphones wet.

4. Consider Candles or Aromatherapy 

To create a spa-like feel, you need to relax all your senses. Once you’ve got the sound down, consider adding candles to appeal to your sense of sight, and aromatherapy for your sense of smell. 

With scented candles, you’ll get the calming look of soft, ambient lighting and the relaxing aroma of your choice. Opt for soothing scents like lavender, rose, or chamomile—whether you use a candle or essential oil diffuser. 

5. Invest in Lighting 

Lighting can make or break your at-home spa. For example, bright or fluorescent lights can be too harsh, even though they’re great for applying makeup or shaving. Softer, gold-hued lighting can help you unwind, but doesn’t always provide enough illumination when you need it.

To get the best of both worlds, install a mix of lamps and overhead lights or choose bathroom lighting you can dim. 

Smart bulbs are a great option because you can change their color and intensity, but they can be as bright as fluorescent if needed. Talk to a local interior lighting design company about the best options for your space. 

6. Upgrade With Technology 

Relaxation is at your fingertips with the convenience of mobile apps and virtual assistant technology that allow you to control a range of bathroom features. From audio and lighting to the temperature and pressure of your shower water, you should take full advantage of technology in your spa-style bathroom.

Some ideas are more of a splurge than others, but consider installing:

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Dimmable LED-lighting

  • Circadian smart lighting

  • Whirlpool tub

  • Steam shower system

  • Automated faucets and flushers

  • Anti-fog system for mirrors

  • Heated floors

  • Towel warming bars and drawers

  • Bidet toilet attachment

  • Voice-activated showerheads

  • Waterproof televisions

Even something as simple as a showerhead with different pressure and spray pattern modes can make a big difference.

7. Stick to a Color Scheme

A modern apartment with white bathtub
Photo: brizmaker / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

A tranquil color scheme creates a calming atmosphere for your home spa bathroom. Select earth tones, shades of white, or cool colors, which are all known for setting a peaceful tone. 

Earth Tones

A calming color scheme of earthy neutrals like taupes and warm grays creates a soothing bathroom—but you don’t have to stay neutral. Warm shades of brown, olive, rose, and terra cotta can also soothe the psyche by evoking the peacefulness of nature. 

White Shades

All-white spaces provide a contemporary feel while adding brightness. With white paints, warm undertones add earthiness and cool hues add tranquility.

Cool Colors 

Spas also traditionally incorporate shades like blues and greens to provide a feeling of serenity. To mimic this feeling, select softer shades that feel natural (think: sky blue or silvery sage). Other icy hues like purple can make you feel at peace while adding more personality.

8. Enhance Your Decor 

Add organic-inspired decor made from materials like wood, stone, and metal, to create a spa-like bathroom with style. 


Warm woods are soothing. This organic material can offset the coldness of an all-white space. 

Wood elements you can add to your spa-like bathroom include:

  • A teak shower bench

  • Custom wood cabinets

  • Wood accents like decorative bowls or towel rods

  • Wood-inspired porcelain tile

The latter has the look of wood, but isn’t as susceptible to water and moisture damage.


Most bathrooms aren’t short on metal accents—from plumbing fixtures and cabinet pulls to mirror frames, soap dispensers, and light fixtures. The type of metal can dramatically change the space, even if you’re just updating your hardware. 

Consider using the following metal themes in your home spa bathroom:

  • Gold for a glitzy, luxurious feel

  • Chrome for a sleek, modern look

  • Brass for vintage vibes

  • Wrought iron for a rustic feeling 


Stone adds a natural and luxurious feel to the bath. You can incorporate it through major renovations or by adding a few simple decorative accents. 

Here are some ways to use stone in your spa-style bathroom:

  • Marble with unique veining to add drama and opulence

  • River rock bath mat to play with texture 

  • Stonework backsplash with beautiful striations 

  • Stone sink for a calming but luxurious feel

9. Invest in Luxe Accents

A luxury bathroom with french antiques
Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel / Corbis Documentary / Getty Images

Even if you don’t have a big budget, a few high-end accents can transform your bathroom into a luxury spa. It’s important to invest in quality accessories for the finishing touches, like:

  • High-end linens

  • Marble soap dispensers

  • Decorative, quilted leather trays

  • Crystal storage jars

  • Gold toilet brush holders, towel stands, or garbage bins

  • Himalayan salt lamps

Whatever you choose, the accessories should play well together. It should look intentionally luxe. A bunch of random items made from opulent materials can actually downgrade the look.

10. Add Rugs to Warm the Space 

Rugs can add literal and emotional warmth to your space. You can go two routes—choose an absorbent and fluffy synthetic fabric that feels soft on the feet or choose a natural fabric that brings in organic texture. 

The former plays with your sense of touch, soothing your toes and keeping them warm (as opposed to feet on cold tile). The latter instills a calming sense of nature. Cotton, bamboo, teak, or microfiber are some of the best rug materials for bathrooms.

11. Accessorize With Art

Art can really impact your emotions. That’s what makes it so great. This comes in handy when you’re creating a home spa bathroom because you can use art to foster feelings of relaxation and tie in accent colors. 

There are a lot of options, but some of the best have:

  • Abstract, organic shapes with calming earthy tones

  • Watercolor landscapes

  • Nature or beach scenes

  • Photos of water, plants, stones, and other natural elements

  • Images of tranquility gardens

12. Bring in Nature 

You may not be able to bring your spa outside, but you can bring the relaxing elements of nature inside. Aloe vera and pothos are beginner-friendly and love the humidity of a steamy bathroom. 

Other awesome bathroom plants include:

  • Majesty palms

  • Pilea peperomioides 

  • Philodendron micans

  • Lucky bamboo

  • Monstera Deliciosa

  • Air plant

  • Sword fern

  • Snake plant

  • Spider plant

  • Orchids

If you need help creating a spa bathroom, contact a bathroom design company in your area.

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