Spring Brings Bugs? Pest Control Knows No Season

Kelly Garvin
Written by Kelly Garvin
Updated March 3, 2015
Even after snow falls, a quick thaw that produces melting snow can push a lot of bug activity out of the soil and into homes. (Photo courtesy of Greenix Pest Control)

You know those bugs that bugged you last spring? Even when the snow hits, you might discover they never really went away.

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As you get your home ready for spring, it’s natural to begin thinking about how to control those pesky wasps, or the ants that invaded the house last summer.

But actually, pest control knows no season. For example, during a mild winter, you might discover that pests we normally associate with spring and summer never really went away.

Opportunities for pests

Even after snow falls, a quick thaw that produces melting snow can push a lot of bug activity out of the soil and into homes. Insects such as stink bugs and ladybugs can still show up well into January.

Central and southern Ohio generally have mild winters, with the occasional blustery snow storm and below freezing temperatures, but for the most part our winters still allow for pest activity inside and out of the home.

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The battle of the bugs

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Is there a season?

People assume there is a season for bugs and critters — and in a sense they are right. There is a natural ebb and flow for each general insect, but it doesn’t always coincide with the seasons.

A one-generation insect is able to overwinter and become active again in the spring before dying off, and many insect eggs overwinter and hatch in the spring.

So while there is some truth to the thought that bugs disappear during the winter, having a consistent barrier of protection will limit the populations in the spring. Having a long-term plan can reduce the levels over time.

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Weather alters pest-control strategy

While pest control is always weather permitting, a lot of clients have concerns over treatments on a seemingly cold day, or a day after snowfall. What could a pest control company even be doing on days such as these?

In the weeks leading up to the winter insects are searching for a place to overwinter. They often find excellent protected spots in roof eaves or under the paneling on the structure of the house. Many bugs are hanging around on window screens and doors, waiting for the opportunity to  wriggle their way in.

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A time for every purpose

For this reason, pest controllers concentrate on the structure of the home in the cooler months, rather than the yard. Although interior treatment usually is not needed , winter is an excellent time for pest control treatment, as most pests have been or are continuing an attempted move in. Products used by professionals have a 60-90 day residual period, so pests crossing the protective barrier (even in the winter) should meet their end when venturing in.

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