Does Your Home Feel Off? Here's How to Rightsize It

Marwa Hasan
Written by Marwa Hasan
Updated November 19, 2021
House split into two units
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  • Rightsizing is to downsize or upsize your home to accommodate your lifestyle

  • There are different ways to rightsize your life through your home

  • Rightsizing has many physical and emotional benefits

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Do you live in a house that just doesn't feel … right? Maybe there’s too much for you to maintain, you need more space to accommodate your growing family, or you simply need a more accessible living space.

While some homeowners decide to renovate or move, savvy homeowners who want to maximize and optimize their space instead follow these best practices for rightsizing.

What Is Rightsizing?

Rightsizing is being mindful of what you need in a home to fit your lifestyle and needs by getting rid of what you don’t need, customizing, and utilizing your place to make your life better and easier. Basically, rightsizing means making the most of your home and tailoring it to your and your family’s lifestyle. The goal is to use and enjoy the space you have fully. 

What Are Some Ways I Can Rightsize My Home?

Most homeowners don’t reevaluate their living situation until they are empty nesters. But, rightsizing is an excellent concept to utilize, whether you’re part of a growing family or living on your own.


A good deep cleaning and organization can go a long way in rightsizing your life. Having less clutter in your home will make you feel better about your space and overall goals, leading to a happier and more positive day-to-day life. 

If you have difficulty deciding what to get rid of, hire a professional organizer to help you declutter. These local businesses and their employees know all the best practices to help you create the space you crave. 

Remodeling Your Current Home

If your children are about to move out and you have more space in your home than you need, a two-story, five-bedroom house might be too big for two. 

One way to remodel your house is to split it into two units. This will allow you to keep your current home and give you an extra space you can rent out or put on Airbnb, providing you with an extra income.

Building a Home Addition

If you have (or expect to soon have) a growing family and your current house can’t accommodate everyone comfortably, a home addition project is great because it allows you to keep your current home and neighborhood. It will also increase your home’s value whenever you decide to sell.

Dream Life 

When you’re moving to a different area or, like many, have always dreamed of owning a big swathe of land and building your dream home, designing your home is the best way to customize your needs and rightsize your home.

What Are the Benefits of Rightsizing?

The benefits of rightsizing extend far beyond just decluttering your home and life. 

Many homeowners choose to rightsize for retirement—when they have ample time to declutter their lives. But any change in your life poses an opportunity to rightsize your space in the best way to fit your needs. Here are some benefits of rightsizing and why it can be the right choice for you.

Saving Money

Rightsizing your house may also mean rightsizing your energy bills, property taxes, and mortgage payment. In some cases, rightsizing will even provide more income. 

For example, it'll allow you to save money for travel, paying off debt, or retirement. No matter what you use it for, trading unused spaces for cash is an excellent trade-off.

Less Stress

Rightsizing can take burdens off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy your time rather than feel anxious about what you need to do to care for your home. 

Also, fewer rooms mean less upkeep, less room for clutter, and easier cleaning, which means more time to relax and enjoy your space with friends and family.

A Fresh Start

Starting fresh impacts your life beyond just the space you call home. Rightsizing your space gives you the chance to revisit and reevaluate what’s important to you, whether that’s physical space, possessions contained in that space, or those you share that space with. When you take a moment to step back and assess what matters most, you’ll find it much easier to make room for those people and possessions. 

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