How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bathtub or Shower Drain?

Margaret Wack
Written by Margaret Wack
Updated January 11, 2022
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The typical cost to replace a bathtub or shower drain is $230 to $1,170

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You may not think that much about your bathtub or shower drain—until it stops working properly. At best, a malfunctioning drain can make it harder for water to drain, and at worst, it can cause water damage to the floor or ceiling of your home. Replacing a drain typically costs around $700, but costs can vary depending on the location of the drain. Let’s take a look at all of the costs associated with replacing a bathtub or shower drain.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bathtub or Shower Drain Yourself?

If you choose to replace a drain yourself, you could save $45 to $200 per hour in the labor costs typically charged by a professional plumber. That said, drain replacement and repair are usually best left to the professionals. If you install a replacement drain incorrectly, it could result in water damage to your home.

Drain Replacement Cost Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the main factors that affect the cost of replacing a bathtub or shower drain.


New drain pipes cost between $0.75 to $30 per linear foot. The total cost will depend on how much pipe you need to replace, along with what type of pipe you use. Materials like cast iron and copper tend to be more expensive than PVC or PP pipes (more on this below).


Labor costs an average of $45 to $200 per hour. In most cases, you should leave drain replacement to an experienced plumber. The last thing you want to do is accidentally cause a leak to the floor below the bathtub, which can cost up between $45 and $55 per square foot to repair.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Drain by Type?

Different types of drain materials have different price points. Copper and cast iron tend to be more expensive than other types of drain pipes.

Cast Iron

Cast iron drain pipes cost an average of $12.50 to $30 per linear foot. Cast iron pipes are common in houses built before the 1970s.


Copper drain pipes cost between $2.50 and $15 per linear foot. Copper is an excellent choice for drain pipes because of its durability and longevity.


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. These pipes cost from $0.75 to $7.50 per linear foot and are among the more affordable kinds of drain pipe.


Polypropylene pipes are also very affordable and cost between $1.25 and $15 per linear foot. While they are more affordable, these pipes tend to be slightly less durable than metal pipes.

FAQs about Replacing Drains

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How much does a bathtub replacement cost?

The cost to replace a bathtub is $1,400 to $7,000. Whether you want to spruce up your bathroom or your existing bathtub is not functioning correctly, purchasing a new tub typically costs about $4,150. Prices may vary depending on the type and size of the tub.

How much do plumbing repairs cost?

If you need to repair part of your plumbing, it will cost an average of $325. The cost of plumbing repairs is influenced by several factors, including the type of drain and the specific repair needed.

How much does repairing a plumbing leak cost?

If your plumbing is leaking, you’ll need to get it repaired right away. The average cost to repair a plumbing leak is $150 to $350. You shouldn’t put off repairing a leak, as it can cause water damage to your home if left untreated.

How much does Roto-Rooter cost?

Roto-Rooter typically charges a flat rate of $160 to $450. Roto-Rooter is the largest plumbing service provider in the country, and this rate includes the time it takes for a technician to get to your house. They can tackle a variety of issues, including clogged drains, leaks, and emergency plumbing services.

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