How Much Does It Cost to Make My Home Accessible?

Normal range: $751 - $8,553

You might pay anywhere between $751 to $8,553 to add accessibility features to your home, depending on modifications needed.

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Stephanie Shaykin
Updated December 16, 2022
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Home accessibility modifications improve life for those with mobility impairments, deafness, visual impairment, or other disabilities. Today, there are more options to make your home more accessible than there ever were before. Modifications like installing ramps, widening hallways for wheelchair mobility, and adding walk-in tubs are a few common upgrades.

Making your home more accessible typically costs $751 to $8,553, with a $4,652 national average. But this completely depends on the needs of the individual—after all, accessibility features for older adults will be different than upgrades for someone in a wheelchair.

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How we get this data
Normal range for U.S.
$751 - $8,553
  • Average
  • $4,652
  • Low end
  • $130
  • high end
  • $20,000

How Much Do Accessibility Modifications Cost?

The cost of accessibility can differ depending on the modifications you need to make.  

Accessible Modification Costs for Your Home's Interior

Installing accessibility features in your home will cost you anywhere from $800 to $8,000 or more, depending on your particular needs. Typically, mobility accessibility renovations are more expensive than modifications for sight and hearing impairments.

Common accessibility alterations include:

  • Adding grab bars and handrails: $100–$500 each

  • Interior railings: $1,000 on average

  • Cabinet and sink installations: $1,500–$8,500

  • Installing non-slip flooring: $3–$22 per square foot

  • Installing a stairlift: $1,500–$5,000 each

  • Install an elevator in your home: $2,500–$60,000

  • Lowering thermostat height: $75–$300 for each unit

  • Converting to bathrooms and kitchens that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines: $9,000–$40,000

  • Widening a doorway: $700–$2,500

  • Widening hallways: $30,000–$40,000

Accessible Modification Costs for Your Home's Exterior

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Exterior accessibility features (think ramps, railings, door handles) can cost anywhere from $200 to $16,000 or more. Here are some common modifications and typical costs:

  • Adding a wheelchair ramp to an existing deck: $1,000–$4,000

  • Adding railings: $1,000–$2,500 

  • Installing a front porch or patio lift: $2,000–$6,000

  • Widening paths: $650–$2,000, depending on the length of the path

  • Increase outdoor lighting: $2,000–$6,000

  • Adding motion sensing lights: $200–$600

  • Changing the landscaping: $300–$16,000, depending on square footage

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Professional to Make a Home Accessible Near You?

The amount you pay to make your home accessible depends on factors such as the labor cost, local cost of living, and number and types of modifications needed. Here’s the average range for accessibility modifications by state:

LocationAverage Cost
Arizona$4,000 – $10,000
Wisconsin$800 – $8,000
California$2,000 – $9,000
Maine$800 – $8,000
Colorado$600 – $19,000
Nebraska$800 – $8,000
Pennsylvania$600 – $6,000
South Carolina$800 – $8,000

What Factors Influence the Cost to Make the Home Accessible?

6 cost factors for making a home accessible, including number and types of rooms
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Pricing factors for accessible upgrades depend on:

  • The number of rooms you need to make accessible

  • Whether your home requires wheelchair accessibility

  • The types of rooms to modify for accessibility (bathrooms, bedrooms, outside areas, and kitchens)

  • The location of your home, as higher cost of living areas will affect the price

  • Whether the room(s) need remodeling or only modifications 

  • If walls need widening to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers 

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Home Wheelchair Accessible?

To make a home fully wheelchair accessible, expect to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $60,000 or more. You may need to:

  • Install a ramp

  • Reconfigure your bathrooms so they are wheelchair-friendly with enough room to turn around 

  • Install doors that are at least 32 inches wide 

  • Install a stairlift

  • Widen hallways 

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Bathroom Fully Accessible?

The cost of making a bathroom accessible can be $3,000 to $15,000, or $9,000 on average. Building a brand new bathroom addition costs $5,000 to $35,000.  Some factors you should consider adding are:

Accessibility FactorCost
Installing grab bars$100 – $500
Lowering cabinets/vanity$1,200 – $2,500
Installing modified doors$700 – $1500
Installing a modified toilet$400 – $1,000
Installing a sink and faucet$100 – $1,000
Adding a walk-in tub$1,000 – $17,000
Converting a bathtub into a walk-in tub$350 – $1,000
Installing a wheelchair-accessible shower$2,000 – $7,500
Installing a shower ramp$16 – $300

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people with disabilities may have trouble getting up the porch steps, so a ramp up to the door may be necessary. If there is an emergency evacuation, it can be dangerous if there is no ramp.

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