9 Apartment Laundry Room Ideas for Even the Smallest Spaces

Mariel Loveland
Written by Mariel Loveland
Updated April 25, 2022
father washing clothes with daughter
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Let’s be honest: the laundromat will not be missed

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Laundry day can feel like the bane of apartment living. Nobody actually enjoys lugging their hamper down the stairs of a fourth-floor walk-up only to sit in a dingy basement. Sometimes the best option is splurging for a laundromat wash-and-fold—even if that means you have to drag 20 pounds of dirty clothing across town in the sweltering humidity of a city summer. There is a better way.

As long as your building allows washing machines, you can create a laundry room in a shockingly small space; it’s all about organization. These apartment laundry room ideas will help spark a little inspiration, whether you plan to hire a local interior designer or do the job yourself.

1. Get a Washer Dryer Combo

Don’t have the space for a washer and a dryer? Get a two-in-one unit. These function almost like a dishwasher for clothes: You can put them under a cabinet in your kitchen (or in a small bathroom closet, if you want to tuck your laundry space out of sight). 

Just don’t expect the same drying power as a stand-alone tumble dryer. Though two-in-one units have come a long way in recent years, it’s still a good idea to cut your laundry load in half for efficient drying.

2. Stack Your Units in a Closet

washing/ dryer machine in utility closet
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In a small apartment, a stackable washer and dryer is a major space-saver. Most stackable units will easily fit into an entryway closet. If you already have a dedicated space for a laundry room, these types of units can free up a corner to install a sink (which is essential for stain removal) or extra counter space (which you can use for ironing and folding).

3. Ditch the Dryer Altogether 

Dryers can add a lot of complications to a laundry room. You need to have proper venting or it’s a fire hazard. Not to mention, they’re not convenient when you’re short on space. 

Some of the best apartment laundry room ideas nix the idea of a dryer altogether and opt for a fold-away drying rack. To save space and help clothes dry more quickly, use a hanging rack that hooks right over your radiator.

4. Utilize a Corner of Your Kitchen

man washing clothes in kitchen
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Most of us think of laundry rooms as their own dedicated spaces, but if you have a small apartment, this isn’t always the best way to utilize space. Instead, work a laundry area into your kitchen. 

As long as you have the right plumbing hookups, you’ll probably be able to fit a slimline washer into your existing cabinetry. If you have some particularly tall cabinets, you may even be able to hide stackable units.

5. Add Shelving for Storage

The key to making small spaces work is organization—and that requires storage. Even the smallest laundry room still needs somewhere to store laundry supplies like detergent and stain remover. 

A professional organizer near you can help you maximize space, but adjustable wire shelving is usually the most convenient option. You may also want to add a pull-out shelf, which creates an area where you can fold or iron laundry without sacrificing space.

6. Don’t Forget a Hanging Rod

laundry room with clothes racks
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Sometimes folding doesn’t cut it, and you need to hang your clothes to prevent wrinkles and creases. For this reason, you’ll probably want to add a clothes hanging rod to your laundry room. 

You can purchase an adjustable tension rod online that will fit into most spaces, no matter the size. If you’re creating a small laundry room in a closet, hang it under a shelf and above your washing machine.

7. If You Have the Space, Utilize a Laundry Cart

Laundry carts are akin to a moveable kitchen island—but for laundry rooms. This apartment laundry room idea kills two birds with one stone. It gives you space to store laundry supplies and an area to fold or iron. Opt for a laundry cart on wheels so you can roll it out of the way and save space when it’s not in use.

8. Removable Hooks Lead to Renter-Friendly Storage

The best apartment laundry room ideas expertly utilize space. Even the back of a door is an opportunity to hang storage organizers. Place a couple removable hooks around your laundry area where shelves won’t work—like on the back of the door or tucked away in an unutilized corner of a closet.

9. No Windows? Add a Pop of Color

Laundry rooms are notoriously tucked away in basements and windowless corners—places that don’t exactly have a lot of natural light. A light color palette like white or cream can help make your small space feel a little bigger. 

Nonetheless, you may want to compensate for the lack of light by giving your laundry room a pop of color. It’s as simple as painting your shelving, adding a few well-placed accessories, or choosing a bold printed wallpaper.

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