12 Simple Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas for a Major Upgrade

Stacey Marcus
Written by Stacey Marcus
Updated September 23, 2021
Laundry room with built-ins
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A few simple touches can instantly transform your laundry room

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Remodeling your laundry room doesn’t have to be a major project. A few simple steps can brighten the space, improve efficiency, and add storage. Things like changing cabinet pulls or hanging cheery curtains can make a big impact on the overall design too.

We’ve outlined a dozen laundry room remodel ideas that make a noticeable difference in the look of your space and even added a few bonus organizational tips.

1. Elevate Your Washer and Dryer

If you have a small laundry space, you can place your front-load washer and dryer on top of drawers or shelves for easier access. This small addition can lift your washer and dryer up, making it easier to load in your clothing and even adding extra storage space. If you’re not comfortable elevating them yourself, this can even be a great task for a local handyperson.

2. Tile or Decal Laundry Room Walls

Subway tiles, peel-and-stick tiles, or even decals add style to your laundry room and are easy to install. An assortment of colors and patterns makes it easy to find a look that you love.

3. Add Colorful Bins or Textured Baskets

Textured bins in laundry room
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Keep laundry essentials hidden and organized with a row of bright baskets or wicker bins. Store the baskets or bins on a painted shelf or colorful cubby to really step up your space.

4. Add a Table or Multi-Purpose Workstation

If your laundry room is big enough, add a table to give yourself room to sort, fold, and organize. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy generous space, you can even step it up and add a workstation with drawers.

5. Upgrade Your Laundry Room Lighting

Illuminate your laundry room with a pendant, chandelier, drum light, or farmhouse semi-flush. Not only will this addition pull the whole room together, but the more light, the better when you’re trying to tackle stains. Pro tip: Install LED lights for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

6. Install a Utility Sink

Laundry room with utility sink
Iriana Shiyan - stock.adobe.com

Along with the added convenience of pre-soaking your clothes, a utility sink gives you another spot to water houseplants and clean the kids’ craft tools. Add a sink board, and you can even give yourself another workstation to sort and fold.

7. Switch Laundry Cabinet Pulls

It’s not just your wardrobe that can benefit from an accessory upgrade. New cabinet pulls for your drawers and cabinets can add high style, and you can upgrade cabinet hardware for a low cost.

8. Add Wallpaper

The world of wallpaper has gotten seriously stylish, so adding some to a wall or even your ceiling can upgrade your laundry room with ease. There are a plethora of papers to choose from to help you add patterns and fun colors fairly easily.

9. Install an In-Wall Ironing Board

Create an ironing center by installing an in-wall ironing board. The simple board installs between framing studs in the wall, so your ironing board is hidden and handy.

10. Bring in Artwork and Music to Your Laundry Room

Laundry room with utility sink
Ursula Page - stock.adobe.com

Artwork should not be limited to your living room and bedroom. Elevate your laundry room with a pretty print or painting and even speakers. Marry the vibe in your laundry room to match your lifestyle. Why not rock out while you fold your new favorite top?

11. Install Curtains to Hide Your Washer and Dryer

If you’re not a fan of how your washer and dryer look, you can fix this by installing a curtain in front of them. This touch allows you to hide your work area away from guests and can even be a smart solution if you don’t have a dedicated laundry room.

12. Build-in a Drying Rack

You can’t pop every clothing item into the dryer, so you’ll need a place to hang your beloved delicate pieces to dry. That’s where drying racks come in handy. You can find plenty of drying racks that will fold up into a cabinet on your wall, adding an elegant and functional touch.

Keep Your Laundry Room Organized

Laundry room remodeling ideas can’t fix everything; you’ll also need to keep the space clean day-to-day. Organizational expert Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral, shares a few tips on keeping your remodeled laundry room tidy and organized.

1. Decant and Store Laundry Essentials in Stylish Containers

Store laundry pods, scent boosters, dryer sheets, and dryer balls decanted in clear, glass jars on the countertop so you can always see when you need to replenish them. Not to mention, these are much prettier than plastic containers and can actually get you excited about doing laundry.

2. Create a Laundry Schedule

Implement a laundry schedule to know when everyone is doing their laundry and avoid overcrowding and chaos in the laundry room. Keep everyone in the loop by printing it out on beautiful paper or even displaying it on a dry-erase board.

3. Build out Your Drawers

If you have drawer storage in the laundry room, outfit your drawers with organizer bins. Store smaller miscellaneous laundry items in here, like those extra buttons that come with cardigans, to-go stain treaters, lint rollers, delicate bags, and more.

4. Create a Back Stock Zone for Bulk Laundry Items

Buying in bulk can help you save money, but these big containers can also create clutter. Figure out a back stock zone if you're limited on storage space, so this extra stuff doesn't take away space from your work area.

5. Categorize Supply Bins

If you have shelves, keep items like irons, steamers, liquid detergents/fabric softeners, bleaches, and cleaners in clear bins by category. This way, when you need to access them, you can quickly pull the bin down to find what you need instead of having to move everything around on the shelf as you search.

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