How to Get Multiple Contractor Bids for Your Next Home Project

Stephanie Shaykin
Updated September 7, 2021
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Learn why you should always get multiple contractor bids for your home projects

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Ready to start your next home project, from a kitchen remodel to roof repairs? Then you’re going to want to get bids from contractors in your area. However, you should reach out to more than one professional or company. Learn the benefits of getting multiple contractor remodeling and construction bids, how to negotiate, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Multiple Contractor Bids?

No matter the size of your project, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best quality and value from a contractor. Here’s why you should aim to get multiple bids from contractors (at least three) for your next home project.

Getting Multiple Contractor Bids Gives You More Options

Whether you’re doing a large-scale home addition or a smaller project like adding pavers to your backyard garden, how do you know if the estimate you’re given is competitive? You get bids from multiple contractors! 

This allows you to compare not only price, but everything from years of experience to cleanup. Some contractors may do more than others, and multiple bids will highlight this. Having at least three options should provide you with the clear winner who will be best for your upcoming home project.

More Bids Means You’ll Save Money With the Best Price

Requesting three bids from qualified contractors before hiring can potentially save you a great deal of money. You may be surprised at how different the prices for each contractor will be.

Keep in mind that the lowest price isn’t always the best option. Be sure you look at reviews, years of experience, before and after photos, and more to ensure you get quality work, regardless of the quoted price.

Talking to Multiple Contractors Helps You Vet Them

Choose a few contractors in your area who have good reviews and ratings and do a bit of homework on each. Are they communicative? How many years of experience do they have? Do they have experience working on your specific project? Are they licensed (if applicable)? 

Once you have chosen a few contractors and/or companies, reach out for bids. This way, you’ll be able to feel confident you’ve chosen the right contractor for the job.

More Bids = The Best Customer Service and Communication

Getting three estimates from contractors will give you an idea of who has the best customer service and communication level. You want the people you hire to clean up properly, show up on time, and have a friendly attitude. You should get quality service that meets your expectations.

How Do You Get Bids From Contractors for Home Projects?

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When hiring the best contractor for a project, you’ll want to look at a few key areas before making your decision. 

Here’s how to get contractor bids:

  • Ask friends and family for contractor referrals.

  • Research contractors online to find a few you’re interested in contacting.

  • Look at the reviews and ratings for each company, before and after photos, years of experience, licenses, areas of expertise, and their online presence. 

  • Contact each company and provide the details of what you want done.

  • Compare each bid as they come in.

How to Compare Contractor Bids

So the bids have come rolling in and it’s time to make a decision. But first, you’ll want to compare each one to find the right contractor for the job. 

Here’s a look at how to compare bids from contractors:

Get a List of Material Costs

Be sure to get a list of materials used by the construction manager, including their costs. Then, check the actual prices online and compare this against the price quoted by each company.

Know Who’s Working

How many contractors or subcontractors will be working on your project? Find out this information and compare it across bids. More contractors could mean your project will be completed faster.

Get a Cost Breakdown

Find out the cost breakdown. Although contractors charge for labor and materials together, you’ll want to see a breakdown on paper for all bids before making your decision.

Check All the Boxes

Weigh your options with care by looking at price, quality of work, and whether the construction manager seems interested in your project. You may find that one contractor is better suited for the job than the rest.

How to Negotiate the Best Price

If you get a lower bid from a contractor who isn’t your top choice, you can always let the other contractor know that information. They may or may not be willing to work with a lower bid, but it never hurts to ask. 

You can also talk to them about buying the materials yourself to cut down your bill, so you only pay for labor.

However, contractors need to make enough profit themselves. Negotiating with a contractor can be a smart strategy, but the rate should be fair for both the homeowner and the contractor.

Read the Fine Print When Getting Bids From Contractors

Once you’ve picked your contractor, read the contract in its entirety. Look for hidden fees or any other red flags that could cost you time or money.

Your dream home is just a contractor (or two) away. Use this guide to help find, vet, and hire contractors for your home renovation or upgrade today.

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