9 Fall Home Remodeling Projects You Should Tackle This Year

Jacqueline Zenn
Written by Jacqueline Zenn
Updated August 26, 2021
Large house with Fall leaves
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Fall is a great time to address some of those home improvement and remodeling projects you've been putting off

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While it’s best to take on some household tasks or remodeling projects during the long days of spring or summer, fall is the perfect time for many home remodeling projects. Thanks to its comfortable temperatures, this is the season to get things done. Anything that helps prepare your home for winter is important, especially if you live in a cold and snowy place or an area that gets a lot of precipitation. 

Bonus: Many of these fall home renovation tasks can be accomplished in an afternoon or weekend day. Or you can easily hire a contractor or home maintenance professional to take care of things before winter arrives.

1. Working on Your Roof and Gutters

Getting all the leaves out of the gutters and clearing the way for the winter’s deluge might be downright essential, depending on your climate. That said, gutter maintenance is important for the health of your house no matter where you live, so getting it done during a crisp fall afternoon is a great idea. Autumn is a good time to replace your gutters if that’s necessary as well.

What’s more, you can likely make any minor repairs to your roof at the same time as you clean the gutters—think missing shingles or tiny leaks that need to be patched up before they become major problems. Or you can hire a local gutter cleaning service to do the job—just make sure your gutters are pristine, and you remove all the leaves and other debris before the snow starts falling.

2. Book Roofing Work

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? If it’s been a while, it might be time to get up on your roof and survey it for missing shingles or other damage. You can even hire a roof inspector near you to check things out.

A roofing company can check the state of your roof, the vents, and the chimney, as well as fix any minor problems like small leaks or missing shingles. 

Generally, the same team that performs your roof inspection can make small fixes or recommend a service that can do any necessary roofing work. Keep in mind that if there are major problems or your roof is on the older side, you might want to consider more extensive roofing work or even a roof replacement during the relatively temperate fall weather.

3. Insulate Your Attic

While you’re thinking about the roof, it might also be time to look at the attic or hire a local company to add to or upgrade attic insulation. Insulating or re-insulating your attic can significantly lower your energy costs since the attic is often the place where warm air escapes and cold air seeps in.

4. Fertilize The Lawn

Man fertilizing a yard
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During the summer, you likely want to keep unnecessary chemicals off the lawn as kids play or you entertain guests in your yard. Either way, it’s not necessarily the best idea to apply fertilizer treatments until things cool off and outdoor party season winds down, making the beginning of fall a great time to handle any serious lawn care needs. 

Depending on your area and inclination towards doing your own lawn maintenance, you can enlist the help of a local lawn fertilizer service or get your hands dirty and apply the fertilizer treatment yourself.

5. Refinish and Treat the Deck or Patio

Once patio weather and grilling season are over, then you should take the time to clean and re-stain or refinish your deck or patio if need be. This will help protect during the upcoming winter chill, of course, and ensure that you have a beautiful outdoor space for the next spring and summer.

Hiring a local company to refinish your deck or patio can be efficient if you have a larger veranda, but if your outdoor area is small and simple to maintain, you can likely dedicate an autumn day to the project. All it will take is some stain and a few simple tools, and a bit of elbow grease.

6. Repaint, Refinish, or Re-Stain the Siding

If you have wooden siding, such as cedar shakes, then you likely know that it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and refinished every so often. Fall is an ideal time to get it done, and you can hire a local siding company or contractor for the job or consider doing it yourself if you are especially handy. 

Moreover, cooler fall weather is ideal for exterior painting and other similar maintenance projects. Temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and direct or prolonged sunlight exposure can fade, discolor, or otherwise have a detrimental effect on fresh paint or staining.

7. Repaint the Details

Maybe you feel like your home needs a refresh or update, but moving isn’t in the cards, and a complete exterior renovation isn’t either. A fresh coat of paint can help make your home look brand new, even without investing the time or money in painting the whole house. 

For instance, you could change the color of the trim or the shutters (or both), or even just add a pop of color with a bright or bold new front door hue. Hiring a painting contractor near you makes sense if you have extensive amounts of trim or your trim and shutters are difficult to reach, or you can DIY the task.

8. Replace Old Windows

If the windows on your home are letting in cold air or otherwise leaving you and your family susceptible to the elements, then it might be time to replace them. Newer, more energy-efficient windows will keep you warmer and help save on heating and cooling costs. Plus, they can add value to the property if you’re thinking about selling soon.

9. Winterize Everything You Can

If your home is in a region that gets cold winters, you probably already have a plan in place for getting the house ready for winter. 

Things like ensuring the irrigation system for your lawn or garden is properly winterized, re-caulking the windows and doors to seal up any cracks where heat might escape, and checking out the roof and making any needed repairs are all part and parcel of being a responsible homeowner, after all.

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