Buyer's Guide to Pull-Down Faucets

Updated September 15, 2015
pull-down faucet food prep
There are multiple features to consider before purchasing an affordable pull-down faucet. (Photo courtesy of

Pull-down faucets are a beautiful addition to any kitchen sink. Find out what pull-down features to be aware of during the buying process.

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Pull-Down Faucets Supply Form & Function

Pull-down faucets seem to be the latest trend for kitchen sinks because they offer both beautiful design and useful functionality. Pull-down faucets have been shown to help tremendously during food prep or kitchen sink clean-up because of the flexibility that the pull-down nozzle offers.

If you are considering a pull-down faucet there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing. We’ve laid out the 7 features to check for during the buying process. 

1. Brand & Warranties

Going with a name brand might mean you pay a bit extra upfront, but usually it will be easier to find replacement parts down the road. Also, most faucets typically come with some sort of warranty these days. Make sure your faucet has one - just in case! 

2. Dock & Lock Ability

Make sure the pull-down faucet docks or locks back into place by clicking. This functionality allows for your pull-down faucet to operate as a more traditional stationary faucet should you need it and will prevent sagging when the faucet is not in use. 

3. Pause Button

A handy feature you might consider when purchasing a pull-down faucet is the “pause button.” The pause button is typically located on the pull-down spray head which can stop the water flow midstream. Some brands offer this functionality while others do not.

4. Hose Length

Depending on how big your sink is you might require a longer extension hose. A typical size is 18 inches for a pull-down faucet.

5. Faucet Finish

Like any fixture, the finish can bump up the price significantly depending on what type of finish or metal you go with. Try to find a finish that works in your budget without sacrificing durability.  A painted chrome finish can be lighter which means less durability, but a lighter-weight nozzle. 

6. Faucet Handle & Valves

Make sure the faucet’s handle has a good grip and can handle everyday wear. Also, the valve cartridge should have ceramic discs that are long-wearing and usually come standard. Double-check the brand you are considering to see if it is fully equipped, because ceramic discs are a critical component for any quality pull-down faucet. 

7. Faucet Connection Hoses

Faucets can either come fully equipped with water-supply connections or you might have to purchase them separately. Make sure you understand what connections come with the pull-down faucet you are considering before leaving the store.  

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