30 Stylish Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated June 7, 2022
A couple in a white kitchen with marble slab backsplash
Photo: The Good Brigade / Getty Images

Let your style make a splash

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Your kitchen backsplash offers endless opportunities to express your style in your kitchen. The truth is, backsplashes that are intended to protect your walls from food splashes can also be a conversation piece.

 Whether you’re enjoying a tranquil moment by yourself or entertaining guests, the right kitchen interior design can set the mood for your day. Pick a calming color scheme like whites and light blues, or, for a more daring design, add a bright mosaic tile backsplash. No matter the style you choose, your backsplash can make a statement in your kitchen.  

You can install your own kitchen backsplash or get the perfect fit from a pro. No matter how you want to enhance your space, there’s a creative kitchen backsplash idea for you.

Subway Tiles

Subway tile backsplashes are as versatile as they are plentiful. Try a subway tile backsplash in any style or color you can imagine.

1. Subway Tile with Black Grout

Small white kitchen with white subway tile and black grout
Photo: Jodiejohnson / Adobe Stock

Try breaking up white kitchen cabinets with a dash of black. White subway tiles with black grout provide some classic contrast while sticking to your color scheme. As a bonus, black grout is easy to clean, and will hide cooking stains and natural wear-and-tear. 

2. Beveled Subway Tile

Green-and-white kitchen with rectangular beveled backsplash
Photo: Roman Chekhovskoy / Getty Images

Beveled white subway tiles are ideal for a modern kitchen backsplash. For a new slant on a timeless look, try beveled subway tiles with a glossy finish. Paired with green lower cabinetry, this backsplash gives your countertops more dimension. 

3. Subway Tile Picture Frame

A kitchen with brown cabinets, white subway tile, and a herringbone picture frame
Photo: YinYang / Getty Images

Do more with less! A simple white subway tile can go a long way if you get creative. This picture frame design with a herringbone pattern is made entirely of subway tile and rail molding. There are a dozen different patterns you can create with a simple rectangular tile.    

4. Glossy Subway Tile Backsplash

A small white kitchen with glossy white subway tile and gray cabinetry
Photo: Matt / Adobe Stock

Trying to brighten up a modern kitchen? Try a white subway tile with a glossy finish. Adding white gloss tiles between dark cabinetry can make a small kitchen feel bigger and brighter. 

5. Colored Subway Tile Backsplash

Matte red subway tile backsplash in a retro kitchen
Photo: Martin Deja / Getty Images

Subway tiles come in every color and finish imaginable. This subway tile backsplash with a matte finish in this efficient galley kitchen lends a vintage, exposed-brick feel. Colored subway tiles are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your kitchen.   

Faux and Natural Stone 

The path to achieving a modern and elegant look is often paved with marble.

6. Marble Backsplash

A countertop with marble-look quartz backsplash and a cutting board
Photo: Xi / Adobe Stock

A marble backsplash makes any kitchen look and feel expensive. For homeowners who want a backsplash that is both beautiful and easy to clean, a marble backsplash is a popular choice.   

Whether you go for natural stone or a man-made substitute, slab backsplashes can be hard to install. We recommend hiring a pro to help you get the right cut and proper installation. 

7. Marble-Look Quartz

A purple kitchen with a marble-look quartz backsplash
Photo: Sommersby / Adobe Stock

Marble-look quartz is a popular choice for modern kitchens. With all the looks and benefits of natural stone, quartz is usually a stone composite allowing for beautiful color blends. An interior designer can help you pick the perfect color, pattern, and fit for your kitchen. 

8. Carrara Marble Subway Tile

A blue kitchen with a marble subway tile backsplash and herringbone picture frame
Photo: YinYang / Getty Images

For a modern spin on traditional interior design, try Carrara marble subway tiles. You can use a pencil liner to add a picture frame in a different pattern. Employ a matching marble tile in a herringbone pattern to create a focal point that will give your kitchen that extra “wow” factor.  

Glamorous Glass Backsplash

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, a glass or mirror backsplash can help give the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is.

9. Mirror Backsplash

A modern black-and-white kitchen with a mirror backsplash
Photo: Dariusz Jarzabek / Adobe Stock

Want to make a small kitchen look bigger? Try white cabinetry and a mirror backsplash. This combination is eye-catching and makes a small space sparkle. 

10. Solid Glass Backsplash

A white kitchen with a dark blue glass backsplash
Photo: FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

Create a focal point in your kitchen with a bold statement backsplash made of solid colored glass. A dark blue glass backsplash looks gorgeous against white cabinets or white walls.  

Choose any color that suits your room! These backsplashes are a little trickier to install—especially if you choose to cover a large area—so you should consider hiring an interior designer for the best results.  

11. Glass Mosaic with Square Tiles

A kitchen backsplash with a mosaic pattern of purple, brown, and pink glass tiles
Photo: Denis508 / Adobe Stock

Small square tiles are ideal for creating a mosaic backsplash to fit any color scheme. Choose mosaic tiles to complement your existing color scheme, or make an intricate pattern pop against white cabinets.  

12. Glass Mosaic With Rectangular Tiles

A bowl of olives on a countertop with glass mosaic tile backsplash
Photo: ML Harris / Adobe Stock

Glass tiles come in an assortment of shapes and colors. Try mixing in a rectangular tile to make your mosaic more dynamic. An interior designer can help you mix and match to customize a mosaic backsplash that works for your kitchen. 

Creative Tile Shapes

Creative tile shapes are a great choice for homeowners who want to make an impact without breaking the bank. 

13. Hexagon Tiles

A metal sink with multi-colored backsplash made of hexagon tiles
Photo: EmilyKam / Adobe Stock

Being choosy about your tile shape is another way to create a stylish statement that draws the eye. Whether you’re filling a small space or a large area, an unusual tile shape can break up straight lines and create natural contrast.  

14. Elongated Hexagon Tiles

A modern white kitchen with white elongated hexagon backsplash
Photo: EmilyKam / Adobe Stock

This elongated hexagon tile gives a timeless subway tile feel while adding a touch of modern kitchen design. The black grout breaks up the white tiles and cabinetry for a twist on a timeless favorite. 

15. Penny Tile Backsplash

A gray penny tile backsplash above a flat top stove in a modern kitchen
Photo: EmilyKam / Adobe Stock

This penny tile backsplash adds texture and a vintage feel to a two-tone kitchen. The choice of gray gives this backsplash an almost metallic look that will brighten up your kitchen and reflect natural light. 

16. Fish Scale Tiles

Pink marbled fish scale tiles with an iridescent hue in a mosaic pattern
Photo: Fotofabrika / Adobe Stock

This flashy fish scale tile is an interior designer's dream when they’re looking to create a kitchen focal point. An unusual shape and color naturally draw the eye to even the smallest of areas.   

17. Geometric Backsplash

Geometric kitchen backsplash against white and blue cabinets
Photo: Huellabcn / Adobe Stock

A geometric backsplash made of diamond-shaped tiles will stand out in simple, modern kitchens. Plus, there’s no need to spend a lot of money when you can implement a simple backsplash with just the right amount of artistic flair, like this one. Colored grout can add extra contrast and heighten the illusion. 

Mosaic Backsplash

Make the most of your kitchen backsplash ideas with a custom mosaic for individualized interior design.   

18. Mix Modern and Traditional 

Gray and white striped marble backsplash with a rectangular mosaic focal point
Photo: Janine Lamontagne / Getty Images

This gray-and-white backsplash mixes modern and traditional interior design. It’s a striking color combo like this one, in striped marble tile, that can wrap around a modern white kitchen and make it all the more chic. The contrasting mosaic picture frame here gives the kitchen a nice focal point.  

19. Crest Pattern

Gray kitchen cabinetry with a mosaic backsplash with mixed materials
Photo: Michael / Adobe Stock

This modern crest-pattern mosaic mixes porcelain, ceramic, and iridescent glass. Mosaic backsplashes that blend with the existing color schemes are a plus. With a mosaic backsplash, you can always add some iridescence to your day without compromising your personal aesthetics. 

20. Mixed Materials

Dark brown kitchen with a stone and metal mosaic background
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

The beauty of a mosaic backsplash is that an interior designer can help you mix and match to find a custom fit for any kitchen. This custom mosaic backsplash uses a mix of natural stone tile and metallic flare to find harmony between white walls, dark wood cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances. 

Tile Patterns

Tile patterns can also come in printed tile, or you can create them with your tile layout. No matter what tile you're working with, tile patterns can take your kitchen to the next level. 

21. Chevron Pattern

A white kitchen with a chevron backsplash made from iridescent tile
Photo: EmilyKam / Adobe Stock

Want to make an impact in a small kitchen? Even if you only have a small space, this silver chevron pattern stands out against white cabinetry. Chevron is chic in traditional color schemes and custom colors alike. 

22. Herringbone Pattern

A white kitchen with herringbone backsplash and a blue kitchen island
Photo: Imaginima / Getty Images

This backsplash is a timeless example of marble tile in a herringbone pattern. It complements the white cabinets while giving the kitchen a light airy feel. The blue kitchen island blends beautifully with the white walls to give this kitchen a seaside feel.  

23. Vertically Stacked

A white kitchen with gold accents and vertically stacked tile
Photo: neirfy / Getty Images

Vertically stacked tile—also called soldier pattern—gives your kitchen backsplash a neat, linear look. This classic white kitchen looks elegant and tidy with shiny gold accents. 

Patterned Tiles 

Printed or painted tiles are an ideal way to get a custom feel for less. They are usually made of porcelain or ceramic, and they come in lots of styles.  

24. Hand-Painted Ceramic

A white kitchen with a painted ceramic backsplash and wood accents
Photo: Martin Deja / Getty Images

Options abound with hand-painted ceramic tiles! Shades of pink, purple, and light gray give this kitchen a homey feel. If you’re creating your own pattern, painted ceramic tile is incredibly flexible. Customize your tile to create the interior design that’s just right for your home. 

25. Patterned Hexagons

A modern white kitchen with a purple patterned hexagon backsplash
Photo: ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

These purple patterned porcelain tiles are a stand out in any kitchen. Printed porcelain makes a splash against white cabinets and is easy to clean compared to a hand-painted pattern. 

26. Mosaic-Print Porcelain

Utensils and a white towel against a mosaic print backsplash
Photo: R Franca / EyeEm / Getty Images

Mosaic-print porcelain tiles are another standout style. Get a custom mosaic look for a more affordable price and an easier install.

Out-of-the-Box Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

If the standard backsplash materials don’t match your personal style, get creative with some funky alternatives and let your flair speak for itself.

27. Stainless Steel Backsplash

A white kitchen with a backsplash made of stainless steel tiles
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock

Love the shine of stainless steel? Now you can add it to your backsplash. This standout silver backsplash ties together the various shades of blacks, grays, and whites with the existing stainless steel appliances.

28. Counter-to-Ceiling Tiled Backsplash

A black and white kitchen with custom backsplash and range hood
Photo: FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

This counter-to-ceiling tiled backsplash is a perfect example of creative interior design. The black tiles accent the white to create a border and draw your eye to the statement range hood. The stainless steel and black tile background contrast with the white walls for a stunning focal point.  

29. Checkered Backsplash

A yellow and light blue themed kitchen with checkered backsplash
Photo: Kim Sayer / Getty Images

For a vintage feel, try a checkered backsplash. This style is easy to achieve with any square ceramic tiles—just choose colors that complement your existing fixtures. If you’re in the mood to DIY, you can even paint your cabinets to match.

30. Shiplap Backsplash

A kitchen with dark blue cabinetry, open shelving, and a shiplap backsplash
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

Tile isn’t the only choice when it comes to your backsplash—you can always keep pre-existing features like exposed brick or trendy shiplap. Shiplap is also a great DIY option, or you could have a pro install it for you in a tight space. This blue-and-white color scheme lends a nautical feel, with shiplap adding the finishing touch.

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