How to Deal With Roaches in Your Air Vents—and Kick Them Out for Good

Amy Pawlukiewicz
Written by Amy Pawlukiewicz
Updated March 24, 2022
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  • Roaches thrive in moist, dark, moderate temperature environments.

  • Health problems caused by roaches include asthma, allergies, and more.

  • If you see one roach, there are likely hundreds more.

  • Roaches can live in your air vents, but calling a pro can help get them out.

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It’s a nightmare: You’re chasing a roach through your house, trying to kill it, and it disappears into the air vent. Or maybe you go to clean your air returns, only to spot a creepy-crawly roach hanging out inside. So how do you eliminate these pesky critters once and for all? Here’s what you need to know about dealing with roaches in your air vents.

Why Do Roaches Like Air Vents?

Roaches are sneaky little bugs, and while some may look big, they can squeeze themselves into pretty much anywhere. When setting up camp, they look for a few things: moisture, a moderate temperature, a regular food source, and darkness. Your HVAC system provides the ideal situation for roaches to stay for a while.

Unfortunately, your air conditioner always has water near it because of the condensation it creates while running. While the unit is outside, the indoor component (called the air handler) usually resides in a dark part of your home, like the attic or a closet. Your AC unit not only blows cool air into your house, but it also sucks in warm air, bringing with it organic matter like hair, dander, skin, and other things that roaches feast on.

How Do Roaches Get Into Air Vents?

Since roaches can sneak in through tiny crevices, there are many options for them to make their entrance. They’ll often either come in through the AC drain pipes or find a faulty seal and crawl in that way.

Once they’re in the vents, they can easily make their way through the entirety of your ductwork and gain access to your whole house. Remember, for every cockroach you see in your home, it’s safe to assume there are hundreds that you can’t see. We know that’s not exactly a comforting thought.

Why You Need to Eliminate Roaches

Aside from being big, unsightly, and scary, roaches can cause serious health problems for you and your family. They are a source of high-bacterial pathogens that cause pneumonia and other respiratory problems, like allergies and asthma attacks. 

If someone in your home is allergic to cockroaches, their presence could cause bronchial asthma, rashes, chronic sinus infections, and ear infections, among other issues.

How to Eliminate Roaches From Your HVAC and Vents

You’re probably more than eager to kick those cockroaches out of your air vents by now. Fortunately, you have some options when it comes to getting your HVAC system cockroach free.

Call in an HVAC Professional

If you know you have a cockroach problem in your vents, it’s a good idea to call in an HVAC pro ASAP. They’ll be able to do an inspection of your system, clean your AC evaporator coils, and recommend whether or not a complete duct cleaning is necessary to get rid of the buildup that could be providing a food source.

From there, you can also call in a local air duct cleaning service to clear your system and rid your ducts of any debris left behind by your unwelcome guests. It’s also probably a good idea to reach out to a pest control company near you to help prevent the roaches from coming back. 

Plug Any Holes or Cracks

Do an external audit of your home. Do you see cracks or holes in your walls? If so, patch them up with caulk, concrete, or silicon to prevent pests from getting in through those holes. You can pick up patching materials at any local hardware store.

Fix Leaks Around Your Air Conditioner

Roaches like moisture, so if there are any plumbing leaks around your AC unit, you could be inviting cockroaches to set up residence. If you notice any dripping water or leaking pipes, call in a plumber near you to assess the situation and repair or replace any broken pipes.

Keep Your House Cool

Roaches are specific about their preferred temperature, and anything below 77 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for them. If you have roaches in your vents, set your AC temperature below 77 degrees, and they’ll be less likely to camp out in there. 

Clean Regularly

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Dirt, dust, and dander all provide food sources for roaches, plus materials that they can use to build nests. Roaches can’t thrive in a clean environment, so keeping your house tidy goes a considerable way towards keeping your home and vents roach free. Don’t forget to spruce up spaces like closets. Vacuum your furniture regularly to pick up pet hair, dander, and crumbs to keep your home dust-free.

Perform Regular Gutter Maintenance 

When debris collects in your gutters, then rain wets that debris down, you end up with an ideal environment for cockroaches to nest. These pests build homes close to your home, and then when they go in search of food, it’s easy for them to get into your home through cracks and holes and end up in your ducts.

Clean your gutters at least once a year and get them inspected regularly to help keep your home safe and roach-free.

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