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Gerlach Home Improvement

Founded 1974 • With Angi since July 2006


(58) Verified Reviews

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200 City View Dr

Rochester, NY 14625


At Gerlach Home Improvement, our commitment to quality is evident in every job we do. Our highly skilled staff has been providing expert workmanship in painting, roofing, siding, window installation, gutter installation and carpentry throughout the greater Rochester area since 1974. Investing in

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Carol Ann V.

Terrible. Tiles were torn off from the storm we had last year. Water was coming in and ruined a bedroom ceiling and wall. He started in March 2017 and did not fix the problem. Kept coming back several times saying it was fixed, but as soon as it rained water was still coming in. Finally I got Sunset Roofing on October 30 and the repair was completed by November 2. What started to be a small job in the bedroom turned out to be more expensive because of the damage from March to November. Would not recommend. Sunset Roofing took care of the roof in one day. Highly recommend them. 585-538-6086

Description of Work
Needed roof repair

Category roofing, house painters



Jason C.

The painting went fine. The siding repair was never completed. The painting project started 2 weeks after the start date that was agreed on. I had to constantly call to get the work started. I was told next week numerous times concerning the siding repair. After 2 months past the start date, I cancelled the siding repair. I was very dissatisfied with the service.

Description of Work
I hired Gerlach home improvement for exterior painting and siding repair.

Category house painters



Robert H.

Great. Doug followed through on his quote and completed the work asap.

Description of Work
Roof repair

Category roofing



Terri A.

It did not go well. I needed to follow up where they missed many spots with caulking and painting. One of the workers painted around two rocks leaning up against the garage. I was promised that holes or rotted wood would be replaced and I had to follow up to remind them to do that. They made a mess on the foundation of my house but they did clean it up after I asked them to. They needed to glaze several windows on my sun room, but missed a lot and did not paint over the glazing. I had to withhold payment so they would get the job done. I found a window cracked after they did the glazing and the lumber that they replaced was thrown in my back yard. This may be the shoddy work of only one foreman, but I could never recommend this company to anyone. I was told that they could not caulk cracks because the "house needs to breathe" by both the foreman and the owner. I asked if the second floor window sills were painted and I was told yes they were...they were not. Needless to say, I was extremely frustrated with this company. When I withheld payment the foreman insulted me by voice mail and in a text message. When I shared this with his boss, the owner, he just shrugged his shoulders.

Description of Work
Exterior Painting and repair work.

Category decks, woodworking, house painters



Vincent L.

Terrible job in every respect Did not prep the house at all Used the wrong stain House looked worse after it was finished than it did before it was stained. Painters left all their equipment in our garage for over a week.

Description of Work
Stained and painted outside of house

Category house painters, interior painters



mary W.

Doug Gerlachs was replacing a neighbors house roof up the street from my house. As promised earlier, Doug said he'd send a few of his workers down to my house to replace the vents when they were "in the neighborhood". 4 or 5 workers came down with ladders and tools (second story sofitts) and finished the job in about two hours total. Nice quality vents, excellent job, and friendly and very capable workers! I've used Doug before for roofing and I know he does a good and timely job.

Description of Work
Replaced my soffit vents (18) which were damaged by winter storms and ice dams. Removed old smaller vents and enlarged all holes and added 8 new vents.

Category gutter repair, roofing, siding, house painters



dorothy D.

I needed to have full gutters installed on my wrap around porch plus on my garage. I called three times and he said he would come out "this week", then the next week he said "this week" then after 3 weeks I called (almost out of curiosity at this point) and he said "next week". When I asked if he could honestly tell me why he couldn't just drive past my house in past 3 weeks he just stumbled upon his words. When I asked when he could actually do the job he said "in a couple of weeks."

Description of Work
He did not do estimate or call back at all.

Category decks, gutter repair, roofing, deck cleaning



barb K.

My first review is below. I was very happy with the services. However, i had 2 new windows installed and they promised to come back to finish the job. I trusted them. The exact quote was "you paid for the full service- we will come back and paint around the windows and caulk them into place-just call us when you are ready." Well- three phone calls and an email to the owner Doug Gerlach and the original crew with no response at all! So my job is unfinished and the promises unfulfilled. Be wary of this company and the promises that they make. I trusted them to fulfill what was promised. BUYER BEWARE. I really have to give this team an A+. They did a great job on the exterior of my newly purchased home. This was a tough job as we have cedar shake siding that was painted before with the wrong paint and was peeling and had rotted boards scattered throughout. Doug came out and gave an initial estimate that we thought was mid-range from other quotes we received. I liked the fact that they gave suggestions on trim ideas that we had not thought of and that they also offered general contracting (replacing of boards, rust, etc.). Since my home needed more TLC than probably the average paint job, they really took thier time to make sure the job was done the right way- suggesting an oil based primer underneath to allow the new paint to adhere properly. Although this added cost and time to the job- it was the right thing to do to make sure it was done correctly after researching it myself. They hand painted the entire house and deck and replaced problem areas only after checking with me first to see if it was OK. I thought their attention to detail was exceptional and would use them again. I can only talk about the crew that was sent over to the house led by Tom McGinnis and his two associates that did the actual job. They were professional, courteous and cleaned everything up. If i had to give one slight negative, I was surprised that the owner- Doug Gerlach who quoted the job initially did not visit the job site or call me to see how everything went and if I was satisfied but that should not be a show stopper since his crew was exceptional.

Description of Work
BUYER BEWARE-painted the exterior of the house, deck and general contract work for cedar shingle replacement- did not finish the job as promised.

Category deck cleaning, woodworking, house painters



Joclyn G.

We did not go with Gerlach Home Improvement but he came out, he was prompt. I called him, he came the next day and he had the estimate. He was very professional. We didn't go with him only because of financial reasons. I would call him again.

Description of Work

Category interior painters



Deborah G.

I thought the quote was very reasonable. I did not use the contractor because at this time I needed only the quote, not the service.

Description of Work
provided a quote for house painting.

Category house painters



Jim S.

Outside appeared to be structurally solid, but roof leaked and needed to be redone because of improper construction technique. Interior drywall was patched together pieces which were fastened with roofing nails (including ceiling). Taping and sanding was poorly done. Outlets were not properly fastened to drywall. Outside light was incorrectly wired. Venting and insulation of ceiling/roof was incorrectly done leading to condensation and ceiling rebuild (along with major reconstruction of ceiling/roof space for proper ventilation.) Correcting incorrectly done work has cost more than the original job -- done by another contractor as I did not trust that they had basic competence at anything other than sales. Most recent work is now being done.

Description of Work
Tore down walls and roof of 3 season room and rebuilt (walls, roof floor, ceiling).

Category roofing



Michael T.

Overall it went well. Doug was the only contractor who was honest about the state of my current roof and didn't try to talk me into a full tear-off (I had one layer of shingles on top of plywood). His quote was easily half of the next lowest quote. There were some cosmetic issues that required two repeat trips, but they were quickly resolved without complaint or extra charge. The final bill exactly matched the estimate.

Description of Work
Installed second layer of asphalt roof shingles on house and garage

Category roofing




If you are looking for a cheap and very mediocre paint job on your most valuable asset then Gerlach is your guy!!! On the plus side, they showed up to work and painted. On the minus side: 1). I came home one day to find one the painters doing my neighbor's garage door. 2.). The "foreman" on the job made several color decisions for us. He decided on his own that our trim should be painted black when we had specified white. He thought 'it looked better'. 3.). When my wife called Gerlach and told the owner that she wanted the trim color changed to white, he agreed to send his crew back to fix it. We just celebrated our one year anniversary of waiting for the crew to return. There has GOT to be someone better out there!!

Description of Work
Exterior Paint service.

Category house painters



Clifford M.

Gerlach Home Improvement came down and did a very thorough job of quoting everything. I almost gave it to them but after checking them out on Angie's List there were enough negative reports to scare me. Gerlach Home Improvement's cost for the paining was good but the cost for the roof was about $1000.00 higher than other quotes. I was given a $200 discount for combining both services, they were nice, and professional.

Description of Work
Gerlach Home Improvement quoted $8400.00 for roofing and painting.

Category roofing, house painters



David G.

They were absolutely terrible. I came home and they were already painting. They had about 10 college kids working. I could tell that they weren't regular painters. They made a mess. A year later everything started peeling. Even the garage started peeling because they must have used water with the paint. I called the guy and he told me that the paint was only guaranteed for a year. They didn't brush it on but they sprayed it on which they didn't tell me. They were horrible. I was stuck because when I came home they were already painting. They were using some of my equipment like the ladder and a plank. One of the kids was painting the plank and writing all the stuff on it. I was very upset with him. I thought they did a horrible job. The price was cheap. They were straggling. One of the times some guys were late. They were all college kids. They weren't excellent painters. I never saw them after they finished the job. They has some informant come out.

Description of Work
I used Gerlach Home Improvement to paint the outside of the house. They also painted the windows and the garage.

Category house painters



Kathy R.

They came out in a few days after calling in March, and gave us a good estimate and a promise that the work would commence in 2 weeks. I found myself calling them every week for 3 months after the initial 2 week period to get when they would do the service. I kept getting told it would happen "next week" and when the following week came and went - I ended up calling to ask when it was REALLY due. I never got an explanation for the chronic delays and had to threaten to cancel the job in order to get their work crew out to pain my house. In hindsight, I should have canceled the job and found someone else. The quality of the work appeared to be good - but they painted the bathroom and 2-3 months later the paint is starting to bubble up - and I am dreading calling them since it was difficult to get them to do the initial job, and this would be fixing an error.

Description of Work
Repairing a ceiling that had some water damage, repair of a roof, painting room interior for 4 rooms.

Category interior painters



Greg D.

I called to get an estimate for power washing and staining my two tier deck. I was called back promptly the next day and given an estimate and we agreed to the services to be supplied. Over two weeks passed before I heard from them again when they called and told me they would power wash my deck the next afternoon. We agreed to the time and they came while I was at work and power washed the whole deck. Almost another week passed and they called again and told me the next day they would come by and stain the deck starting around 10am. They came and did the job in about three hours, I paid them and they left. To be fair the weather was very poor over the weeks they did not contact me so it was understandable why it took so long for them to get to my deck. However, it's a little irritating that they don't call or e-mail or something more frequently to give you a better feeling that they haven't forgotten you or anything but it is a minor annoyance compared to the job that they do. I am very happy with the workmanship, professionalism, price and speed with which they did all the work. This is the second time in three years they have washed and stained my deck and I have been very happy both times and I will definitely call them again in a couple years when I need them to do it again.

Description of Work
Power washed and stained my deck.

Category deck cleaning, pressure washing, house painters



Donna G.

Gerlach Home Improvement did a dangerous, inadequate and grossly negligent residential roofing job for me in June 2012. First, you should know that Doug Gerlach subcontracts out his roofing work. I had a roof that was over 26 years old. Mr. Gerlach never informed me that an old roof might have asbestos in the roofing material. His sub-contacting crew tore off my roof and in the process filled up my attic with asbestos laden roofing debris. The job was done so sloppily that three months later, I am still finding asbestos laden debris in my yard and in the trees and landscaping around my house. When he was unwilling to provide adequate clean up of my attic, I told him I would get an estimate from an industrial cleaning company to remove the roofing debris. They found asbestos in the roofing debris. I found out that due to the asbestos, the abatement and cleanup of my attic would cost more than $16,000. In addition, his crew marred the siding of my house with black tar marks. When I asked him to clean my siding, he sent someone who used a cleaning product that has permanently stained my siding. He sent someone to power wash my house twice to try and remove the tar marks and the stains. All that happened is that the soapy water from the power washing stained my 8 brand new windows that I had installed in July 2012. The roofing crew did not properly protect the bushes and flowers around my house and some of them were permanently damaged and had to be removed. I hired another roofing company to assess the roofing job done by Gerlach Home Improvement. They found he had neglected to do a number of things to complete the roofing job. I brought that to the attention of Mr. Gerlach. I haven't been able to use my attic since June 2012. My windows are still dirty. I have finally had to submit a claim to his insurance liability company for damages and cleanup costs.

Description of Work
I hired this company to remove the old roof on my house and install a new one.

Category roofing



jack B.

The crew showed up promptly as promised each day and performed all services as promised and more. They were neat, courteous and extremely easy to work with. If we had questions, minor changes, etc, the foreman was always easy to talk to and aimed to please. He always wanted us happy before he completed each task. If things took longer than expected, he always asked if he could stay longer to complete at our convenience. I should also say that Tom (foreman) made some excellent suggestions in both exterior and interior colors and accents which we found helpful and turned out beautifully. They went far and above in every way to insure an excellent job. I can't recommend them enough. I've had them before and will have them back without question. A truly 5 star + performance.

Description of Work
The work included: Exterior Power washing entire exterior and deck Caulking Two coats stain on the entire exterior of the house which included the main color as well as accents around windows, garage, etc Two coats stain on the deck floor plus an accent stain for handrails, seats, etcReplacing several broken cedar boards Replacing two rotten patio door supportsAll exterior doors InteriorRepairing wall issues, e.g. nail popsTwo coats on: Family room with vaulted ceiling Entrance with two story foyer Second level hallway All doors (8)

Category house painters, interior painters



David N.

I liked them. They were great and all good words for them. They were professional and reliable. As far as price, I think they are probably where they should have been. They didn't give me a great deal but it was a fair price.

Description of Work
I used Gerlach Painting in this past September or October for full exterior painting.

Category house painters



James K.

Doug came and provided me with an estimate that was competitive. He had to come back for a small leak around the chimney. Overall he was great.

Description of Work
Complete tear off and shingling of my roof.

Category roofing



shawn B.

Gerlach did the exterior of my house, as well as some interior rooms. They did a decent job. The price was very reasonable. You should double check all work for drips/missed spots. I found some which they promptly fixed. Over all, they do good painting work at a good price. I've used them twice now. I've even recommended them to others. I also called to have some roofing work done. I called 3 or 4 times over several months. Each time was told someone would come give an estimate, each time no one showed up to do so. I finally went with another company for the roofing. I was disappointed, given the fact that I have used them a few times, and would do so in the future, and have recommended them to others. I found it odd that I was dimissed completely so many times. The moral is, the painting is fine. For some reason, the roofing wasn't good with communication. I'd recommend keeping on them if you want to have them do it, and if they don't respond, look elsewhere.

Description of Work
Interior and exterior painting. Wall paper removal.

Category roofing, house painters



Colleen V.

I did not end up going with them, because their price was higher than other estimate I got. They were very nice though.

Description of Work
They gave me an estimate for power washing and staining my deck.

Category decks, deck cleaning, pressure washing



Thomas R.

We thought we had a good roof but now all the defective craftsmanship is showing and costing us money.

Description of Work
Had entire roof done, total tear off. Now having all the valleys being redone because of faulty, inexperienced roofers not knowing what they were doing. Examples 1. Nails in the middle of the valleys. 2. Must have run out of 3/4" plywood when the replaced the deck because we found 2 pieces of 3/8" nailed togather in one area and of course they separated. 3. Found flashing, not wood to cover up gaps where 2 roof lines joined. On piece had over 30 nails in it and it was less that a square foot. 4. Found on piece of shingle in valley less than a square foot with 15 nails in it. 8 years on the roof and we have rotten wood, leaks and other issues . I gave up on calling Gerlach. Would not return calls and would not come and see the damage after the roof was put on. He did come out once after 6 months and the "fix" was to throw up some calk under the shingles. I have damage in one of the bedrooms and my screened in porch as a result of improper craftsmanship not materials. By the time we are done it will cost us over $3000.00 to repair what he they did as a result of getting the "new" roof. A roof should last at least 20 years without any issues, not 5 years.

Category roofing



Carrie M.

I was promised a certain level of quality by Douglas Gerlach, but the workers who came to install my roof were not directly employed by him, nor were they aware of the specific components he had quoted me. I was suppose to have 6 feet of shielding and plywood for the base layer, but they installed OSB (a lower quality product) and only 3 feet of shielding. Their excuse was that they were totally unaware of what I had been quoted. I was able to get this corrected, but only because I watched them as they were installing it. I was impressed by Gerlach - he seemed like a professional, knowledgeable contractor when he gave me the quote. Sadly, he farmed out my job to another contractor - whose employees were likely not insured. They did not take appropriate safety precautions. They left my roof uncovered and had to return to put tarps up in the middle of the night because it rained - my lighting fixtures in the porch were literally filled with water - luckily this dried out in time and didn't short.

Description of Work
30 year architectural shingle was applied to half of my roof.

Category roofing

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    Gerlach Home Improvement is currently rated 3.7 overall out of 5.

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    No, Gerlach Home Improvement does not offer warranties.

    What services does Gerlach Home Improvement offer?

    Gerlach Home Improvement offers the following services: Painting, roofing, siding, gutters, windows & carpentry.

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    Additions & remodelling