Goals, Plans, and Challenges: These Are the Top Home Projects on Deck for 2022

Julia Pelly
Written by Julia Pelly
Updated February 23, 2022
Mother and daughter working on construction project in backyard
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Homeowners are ready for big projects in 2022

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Homeowners are planning a busy year of renovations and home updates in 2022, reveals the 2022 Home Projects Survey. With 89% of homeowners either currently planning or already working on home projects, you might be wondering what exactly all your neighbors will be updating this year.  

What Projects Are Homeowners Planning This Year?

Given the time of year, it’s no surprise that temperature control is top of mind for homeowners nationwide. 84% of homeowners plan to tackle a home improvement project related to heating in 2022. The most common home issues homeowners report are drafty windows and doors (44%), uneven heating and cooling, and outdated HVAC systems (35% each). Aligning with these issues, the most common projects planned are caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors (39%) and adding a smart thermostat (35%).

2022 Home heating issues

Outside of heating-related projects, the most critical areas homeowners are working on or planning to work on in 2022 include kitchens or living rooms (14% each), followed by home exterior (12%), bathrooms and bedrooms (11% each), and outdoor landscaping (10%).

When it comes to specific projects, homeowners are planning projects large and small across every room in the home, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms.  

Home improvement projects people want to do in 2022 include:

  • Painting or wallpaper: 34%

  • Updated decor: 33%

  • Outdoor landscape: 30%

  • Flooring: 30%

  • Bathrooms: 30%

  • Kitchen: 30%

  • Updating storage space (shed, closets, etc.): 29%

  • Living room: 25%

  • Bedroom(s): 25%

  • Utilities (HVAC, electrical, plumbing): 24%

Homeowners' top priorities include completing their kitchen remodels first, followed by bathroom renovations, and then bedroom updates. 

Boosting Home Value is Key This Year

While planning home projects big and small tends to evoke a range of emotions, from excitement to anxiety, homeowners are primarily motivated by factors related to home value, home maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. With a real estate market that continues to impress, and over 50% of homeowners at least exploring the idea of putting their home on the market, homeowners are being particularly mindful of which projects will increase their home’s value. 

The top factors motivating homeowners this year include fixing existing issues (47%), increasing home value (43%), improving aesthetic design (39%), making maintenance easier (33%), and making the home smarter (31%).

2022 Home projects survey

Despite Lingering Challenges From 2021, Homeowners Are Ready to Get to Work

While many of the projects on this year’s top ten list are new, some are holdovers from projects that homeowners planned to complete by year's end in 2021 but were not able to. In 2021, homeowners primarily pushed projects back due to budget, supply chain issues, and challenges with pro availability. 

When it comes to accomplishing their 2022 home improvement plans, over half of homeowners are concerned about cost (52%), with 30% seeing this as the biggest hurdle. Other top concerns include time (40%), availability of materials and resources (39%), disruption of home life (32%), and availability of professionals (31%).

“When dealing with home projects, it’s critical to plan ahead and build in time for unexpected delays,” says Mischa Fisher, Chief Economist at Angi. “Economic factors like supply chain issues and inflation may be out of your control, but they don’t have to completely sideline your next project. A high-quality pro can help you know what to expect—and plan for it—so you can check all your home projects off your list this year.”

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