How to Prepare for a Contractor's Home Visit

Emily Udell
Written by Emily Udell
Updated October 25, 2016
Contractor working
Whenever contractors come to your home to do work, you'll need to prepare for their arrival, from securing pets to offering refreshments or other considerations. (Photo by Sara Cozolino)

Learn how to prepare for having contractors in your house during a repair, renovation or other project.

Having contractors in your home is not exactly like having overnight company — they hopefully go home at the end of the work day! Even so, it’s nice to be prepared if your next home improvement project means that workers will be spending a few days in your space. Follow these tips to get ready and make the duration of your project go smoothly.

Restroom facilities

If portable toilets aren’t needed for your project, do you feel comfortable allowing workers to use a powder room or guest bathroom for when nature calls? Let your contractor know your preference before the job starts.

Restroom prep

Make sure to clean out personal items, valuables or prescriptions in the vanity of any bathroom you designate for workers to use. Stock the room with ample toilet paper, soap and towels.

Cleaning supplies

Some contractors will come armed with their own disposable wipes or cloths, but provide them in key areas if you are worried about cleanliness. Let your contractor know about any particular concerns.

Secure Fido and Fifi

Make a plan for any pets so they don’t get lost in the chaos of a home improvement project, especially if you have animals that become frightened or aggressive in the presence of strangers. Cordon your pets in a safe, secure area of the home, or consider leaving them with a friend or boarding facility for the duration of your project.

Consider offering refreshments

Offer any workers in your home cool drinks or snacks if you really want to be a customer who cares! It’s by no means a requirement, but extending kindness and consideration toward your contractors could inspire them to go the extra mile in completing your project.