What Does a Home Insulation Upgrade Cost?

Jenna Harris
Written by Jenna Harris
Updated November 30, 2016
insulation professional working in attic
To upgrade a standard conventional attic space in a residential home, expect to pay around $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot for a quality insulation installation. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

Learn what factors can influence the cost of installing insulation to improve energy efficiency.

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After the first snowfall, how does your house feel? If you notice chilly drafts, they could be signal that it’s time for a home insulation upgrade.There are many reasons you may choose to do an insulation installation, including:•  Energy savings•  Moisture and mold prevention•  Code compliance•  Preventing ice dams•  Overall comfort. 

Of course, comfort and peace of mind come at a price.

What affects home insulation cost

When you choose to upgrade, lots of factors affect the cost of installing insulation. 

The spaceThe size of your attic space; access points and issues; and any other additional work can add to the cost of attic insulation. If you are adding insulation to other areas of your house, such as the crawl space, basement or walls, this will add to the overall costs. 

Air flowYou’ll need to factor in air sealing and venting costs for you attic insulation installation as well. Proper air flow is necessary to remove heat and moisture from the attic space and it is very common to encounter problems with roof vents. It ‘s also important to check soffit venting and see if it is sufficient for the space it ventilates before you install insulation.

Type of insulationIn addition to the general attic space, the type of home insulation that you choose to install will affect the price of the project. The most common types of insulation are spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, and fiberglass batts insulation.

Insulation prices

To upgrade a standard conventional attic space in a residential home, expect to pay around $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot for a quality insulation installation. 

Look for a home insulation contractor who is a rebate-eligible installer; rebates can help with the overall insulation installation costs.

Online Energy Star resources can help you to learn more about the importance of attic insulation and how to determine the amount of insulation you will need for energy efficiency.

Cost of insulation installation can vary

Many homeowners ask why they might see a range of costs. A few factors that can affect the overall cost are:

•  Is the installer BPI (Building Performance Institute) and utility provider certified?•  Does the installer seal the wall top plates in the attic? (Many contractors don't do this, so it is important to check.)•  Do they provide and pre- and post-blower door test for energy rebates, or is it an additional cost? (Blower door tests can range from $150-$250.)

For the most accurate estimate of how much insulation installation will cost, contact your local insulation contractor and request an estimate. Most contractors will provide a free inspection and estimate for work to be completed. You can check your energy provider's website and look for their list of rebate-eligible installers. 

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