Kitchen Designs to Impress Your Guests

Written by Joe Christenson, Founder and President of Remodel Works
Updated October 21, 2016
Adding unique touches to catch the eye will make a great first impression on your guests. (Photo courtesy of Joe Christenson/Remodel Works)

Kitchen design is so much more than buying appliances, countertops and cabinets.

Professional designers at Remodel Works know that in order to leave the best impression you have to pay attention to the details. A standout backsplash or unorthodox tiles are sure to draw your guests’ gaze and leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few ways to ensure your kitchen remodeling project will fascinate your guest and make a great first impression.

Geometric tiles

When it comes to tile backsplashes, most people turn to traditional square or rectangle patterns. They are always a safe bet and go with almost any kitchen style, but traditional tile patterns do not leave that strong of an impression.

If your kitchen is dominated by neutral hues, why not consider playing with your tile patterns a bit? Tiles with geometric shapes and lines are sure to draw your guests’ attention and will complement almost any kitchen painted in a strong hue. Additionally, if your kitchen is traditional in design, geometric tiles will add a modern edge without taking away from its rustic warmth.

Lively patterns

Most people immediately go for a neutral kitchen design, not considering that the space they painted white or gray would have had much more of an impact if it was decorated with a lively pattern.

Lively patterns sneaked into a small space, like the backsplash, are real eye-candy and give your home a vintage edge. These mix well with traditional kitchens and modern ones as well. A lively, rustic pattern will ground a modern kitchen and is a great mix of old and new.

Eye-catching finishes

What a fine piece of jewelry is to a stunning dress, elegant knobs and pulls are to a remodeled kitchen.

Specially sculpted hardware will go a long way in making your kitchen unique and eye-catching. Brass knobs and pulls are a timeless choice, and by polishing them regularly you make sure that your kitchen always looks its best. If you have a lot of stainless steel appliances on display, go for stainless steel hardware instead. But whichever material you choose, be sure that you go with a design that you love and that will compliment your kitchen.

Accent a single wall

This method is easy yet extremely efficient. Choose a wall and paint it in a standout color like orange for a great impression. Pairing an accented wall with white cabinetry will liven up your kitchen and leave an amazing first impression.

Use lighting as an asset

Good lighting will do wonders for any kitchen and will change the look and function of your kitchen completely. Good lighting can be used as both a decorative and practical asset; it can make your kitchen appear larger and accent the finishes. Placing lights in cabinets with glass doors, above countertops and above and under the cabinets will not only leave a lasting impression, but will improve the kitchen’s functionality.

Hire professional designers

A professional designer will examine your kitchen and find out just how they can accent their strengths and ensure that your guests are left breathless when they first walk into your newly remodeled kitchen.