23 White Kitchen Ideas

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated March 1, 2023
Happy diverse family in a white kitchen
Photo: Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

 A kitchen canvas for every personality

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White kitchens are a classic that never go out of style. White kitchen walls, cabinetry, or equipment can give your kitchen a light feel and even make a small space feel bigger. 

Maybe you like a clean feel with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops—or a quirky feel with personalized accents. With a classic white, your kitchen design ideas are limitless. 

No matter your style, a white kitchen is an opportunity to express yourself. Get your imagination going and consider everything a white background has to offer. 

Classic Kitchen Design

These timeless picks make any home kitchen feel elegant.

1. Add Extra Sheen

A bright kitchen with glossy cabinets and a kitchen island
Photo: Martin Deja / Getty Images

For a sleek look, add white cabinetry with a glossy finish. Countertops or tile are also great places to add a luminous touch. Extra sheen makes your kitchen feel light and open any time of day. 

2. Natural Stone Countertops

A modern white kitchen with marble countertops
Photo: FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

For a modern feel, try natural stone countertops. Interior designers can help you pick the right stone for your home. Consider a marble countertop or a granite slab for beauty and function. Rounded lines or sharp edges add a finished look to your white kitchen. 

3. Mix in Wood

A spacious white kitchen with wooden furniture, accents, and ceiling beams
Photo: PC Photography / Getty Images

A well-placed wood accent is never out of style in the right kitchen. Choose dark wood furniture or mix it up with wood trim. Or, try dark wood floors to make for that extra contrast with your white walls. 

4. Farmhouse Fresh

A spacious farmhouse kitchen with black-and-white furniture
Victor zastol'skiy / Adobe Stock

You can achieve a farmhouse aesthetic no matter where you live. Wooden furniture and simple lighting create a clean comforting look in a converted barn, a sprawling estate, or a family apartment. 

If you can, try incorporating structural elements. Choose a classic white-painted wood, shiplap accents, and open shelving for a country feel.

5. Contrasting Gray Cabinets

A modern black-and-white kitchen with gray cabinets
Photo: Victor zastol'skiy / Adobe Stock

Build on that black-and-white theme with some contrasting gray cabinets. While adding gray to your two-tone kitchen can round things out, you should avoid a completely gray kitchen—you can achieve a classic look by blending those white, black, and gray tones for a softer feel.

Accents Beyond the Black and White 

Take your accents to the next level for a modern spin on a classic kitchen design.

6. Mix Metallic Accents

A kitchen with an island, champagne chairs, gold lettering, and mixed metal fixtures
Photo: John Keeble / Getty Images

Matching metallic accents go famously well with white cabinetry, but why not mix it up? Try mixed metallic hardware and accents. Champagne seating, gold lettering, and silver light fixtures can create aesthetic harmony in your kitchen.   

7. Stainless Steel Appliances

A white kitchen with stainless steel fridge, stove, range hood, and appliances
Photo: RapidEye / Getty Images

Stainless steel can make your white kitchen stand out. An inset stainless steel stove, fridge, and kitchen range hood give this kitchen a holistic feel. Add stainless steel containers, a kettle, or a toaster to continue the design theme. 

8. Rose Gold Accents

A dining area with a light furniture, fancy dishware, and rose gold accents
Photo: Elena Shevchuk / Getty Images

Rose gold accents can really tie a kitchen together. Match metal rose gold touches with warm wood tones and white walls for a modern irresistible look. Complement the setting with elegant glassware and tableware. 

9. Use Light Blues

A white kitchen with a light blue backsplash and open shelving
Photo: Kosheen / Adobe Stock

Light blue accents can make an otherwise plain white kitchen feel comforting and quiet. For a modern feel, try incorporating a light blue backsplash with matching appliances. Use open shelving to display dishes or utensils for a finishing touch. 

10. Herringbone Backsplash

A long countertop with a gray herringbone pattern backsplash
Photo: jodiejohnson / Getty Images

Looking for new backsplash ideas? Try herringbone in soft gray and white. This look mixes perfectly with white cabinetry, giving your kitchen an airy feel. What’s more, patterns like herringbone are customizable for virtually any kitchen design. 

11. Try a Bold Custom Backsplash

A modern country kitchen with mosaic backsplash, table, and chairs
Photo: vicnt / Adobe Stock

Go beyond classics like subway tile and try a custom backsplash. This custom mosaic backsplash brightens up a modern country kitchen. 

Style your furniture to match, or let the natural light do the work. Consider different tile shapes, like fishscale, for a truly customized feel. 

Architecture-Inspired Design Features 

Let your surroundings inspire you by using existing design features to shape your space. 

12. Exposed Ceiling Beams

White kitchen with light wooden beams and matching countertops
Photo: Neonshot / Adobe Stock

Exposed ceiling beams are an interior designer’s dream. If you’ve got them, don’t hold back—use them to inspire your style choices. You can complement your light or dark wood tones with matching countertops or a center island. 

To further the holistic effect created by your exposed beams, you can also incorporate tasteful shelving, utensils, and even window treatments.

13. Accent Walls

White kitchen with a green accent wall separating the dining room
Photo: John Keeble / Getty Images

Add a splash of color to your white kitchen! Break up an open floor plan or designate a dining area with an accent wall. Choose green paint for a forestry feel—or pick another color that matches your personal style. 

14. Open It Up—Use Natural Light

A small kitchen with white curtains and bar style seating
Photo: Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

Brighten up a small space with natural light. Use light window treatments to maximize light in any season. Keep it simple and stylish, like this modern Scandinavian design. In a white kitchen, simple furniture in light colors can help to elevate your existing design features. 

15. Kitchen Island

A spacious kitchen with a white island and matching chairs
Photo: JodiJacobson / Adobe Stock

For large kitchens or open floor plans, break up the room with a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a gorgeous centerpiece that stands out in a white room. 

To complete your kitchen, add contrasting seating and make your island multi-functional for cooking and entertaining. Try a marble countertop for an easy-to-clean workspace and a classy dining experience.  

16. Statement Range Hood

A statement range hood with a colorful backsplash in an white estate kitchen
Photo: Fotoluminate LLC / Adobe Stock

Range hoods can go beyond utility. Why not let yours make a statement? Add a mosaic backsplash with bright colors to elevate this popular design feature. Complement your backsplash choices with drop lighting or custom hardware.  

17. Open Shelving

A cozy white kitchen with open shelving holding colorful glass jars
Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Open shelving can help make the most of your vertical space. Not only is it functional, it can show off the natural beauty of your ingredients or tableware. Use open shelving to store spices or preserves in glass jars and showcase their vibrant colors.

A Blank Canvas for Creativity

White kitchens let you create any kitchen feeling you could imagine. Think of them as your blank canvas to express your creativity, personal style, and unique design ideas.

18. Personalized Pendant Lights

A black and white kitchen with an three metal cage pendant lights
Photo: xavierarnau / Getty Images

Pendant lights come in a variety of shapes and styles. Make your white kitchen your own by adding lighting fixtures that match your aesthetics. Try matching pendant lights for cohesion, or mix it up with quirky shapes that suit your mood. 

19. Hang a Kitchen Rack

A kitchen rack with silver pots and pans and a plant
Photo: Kseniya Ovchinnikova / Getty Images

Customize your white kitchen so it works for you with a hanging kitchen rack. Kitchen racks store your most used items in plain sight. They can make the most of a small space. 

Not to mention, they display the beauty of everyday items. Add plants or other accessories to give your kitchen rack a finished feel. 

20. Personalize a Coffee Station

A home coffee bar with an espresso machine and accessories
Photo: MirageC / Getty Images

Showcase your love of coffee and reserve space for a custom coffee station. White walls fit perfectly with dark brown coffee beans and stainless steel appliances. Showcase your tools and see exactly what you have to work with.  

Coffee not your go-to? Don’t give up yet. You can still make a station that highlights what gets you going in the morning. Some options include a tea station, a baking station, or even a smoothie bar. Make the space work for you any way you style it!  

21. Plants Go a Long Way

A white kitchen with lots of plants and wood countertops
Photo: Neonshot / Adobe Stock

Plants can make a white kitchen feel like your own personal garden. Decorate your kitchen with greenery or your favorite flowers. Wood accents will always complement plants and give your kitchen a natural feel. Pick any leaf or blossom that suits your style. 

22. Create a Focal Point

A off-white kitchen with a bright blue backsplash above the stove
Photo: Martin Deja / Getty Images

Use your space to draw attention to your favorite feature in the kitchen. This is especially easy with white walls—just add a splash of color. Try a beautiful blue glass background for your stove range. Not only will visitors be impressed—you can admire your own aesthetic choice with every meal you cook. 

23. Add a Pop of Color

Fall decorations on a table in a white and red kitchen
Photo: Nastya / Adobe Stock

A pop of color always draws the eye in a white kitchen. Try celebrating seasonally and rotate out accessories like these autumnal vegetables. Or, pick another focal point in the kitchen for a pop of color. A red fridge or another brightly colored appliance can make a white kitchen look lively.

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