A Home Remodel with Help

Written by Angie's List member Deborah Transier of Addison, Illinois
Updated June 23, 2016
A remodeled kitchen.
A kitchen gets a major upgrade during an interior remodeling. (Image courtesy of Angie's List member Deborah T.)

What started as a simple replacement of two cracked tiles turned into a total 1,200 square-foot remodel of one Angie's List member's home.

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Project details

Project: 1,200 square-foot remodel of kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms, two foyers, and all new flooring throughout.

Approximate cost: $30,000

Timeline: Four weeks

Although Deborah Transier knew doing so much work and lifting heavy items by herself would be difficult, she had the help of her nephew and friends to keep the project manageable. This was quite a feat, as her home remodel comprised new flooring throughout the house, plus updating the kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms, and two foyers.

A cluttered kitchen.
Before remodeling, Deborah's kitchen was darker and more compact.

Getting the right help

"I found a vendor in Alabama who explained a lot about flooring, and we had a great relationship."

Deborah also had the help she needed to get the project done. "I worked with family and friends that really cared," she said. "They brought in all of their resources to make the project as painless as possible. Even though the Stanley Cup playoffs put the team behind by a few days (never scheduled a remodel during the playoffs!), they were at the top of their craft."

The importance of researching

Deborah's home remodel taught her a lot. "I learned that you can save a lot of the expense by researching and sticking to a solid budget," she said.

"I also asked a lot of questions to the amazing partners I worked with, and I found a lot of great tips from the Angie's List Magazine to help me through the demo and rebuild project." 

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Deborah Transier is an Angie's List member who lives in Addison, Illinois. 

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