Gourmet Kitchen Design Tips for Apartments

Bubba May
Written by Bubba May
Updated August 6, 2016
A kitchen with gourmet decor
Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have a gourmet kitchen. (Photo by Katelin Kinney)

Stuck with a boring, run-of-the-mill kitchen in your apartment?

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It’s often the case that when you move into a new apartment, you find your living space is just one of the many cookie-cutter designs throughout the complex that have no individual qualities.

However, with a little research and some innovative thinking, you can really turn any apartment kitchen into a gourmet cooking space where you’ll enjoy spending time.

Take a look at these design tips to help transform a boring kitchen into a cooking space suitable for any modern-day food connoisseur.

Display your produce

Instead of stashing your fresh produce away in the cupboard, display it in a nice bowl on the countertop. The vibrant colors from fruits and vegetables like oranges, green apples, bananas and red peppers will give your kitchen some character. In addition, you'll free up some space in your storage cabinets and pantry.

Get new gadgets

Instead of remodeling the entire space into a luxury gourmet kitchen, purchase particular gadgets that will make cooking much easier and, when displayed, are easy on the eyes. Appliances like slotted spoons, bamboo cutting boards and a garlic press are extremely convenient tools to have in the kitchen.

If you’re on a budget, visiting restaurant supply and antique stores will give you serious bang for your buck. You can find some beautiful old copper pots or colanders to display. However, be careful not to overstock with all of the latest things, as you could easily clutter your space, making it completely disorganized and an eyesore.

Display your spices

Nothing says gourmet kitchen more than a beautiful display of worldly spices. But instead of having everything stored away in the cabinet, organize your spices in identical jars and hang them on the wall or set them on your kitchen counters against the backsplash.

You can even purchase mini storage jars and attach a magnet to the lid to hang them along a metal slip on the wall.

Open dinnerware storage

Everyone throws their dinnerware into the cabinets, but why not put them on display? By securing a shelf to the wall, you not only have a place to store plates and bowls, but also add some great decor to the room.

Additionally, you can purchase a magnetic knife bar and keep your cooking knives safely secure and on display..

Declutter and streamline

While purchasing new gadgets, showing off your spice collection and displaying your produce may help transform your apartment kitchen into a gourmet cooking space, you must also remember that you can go too far.

As with all things in life, keep your decorations within moderation and simple. Cluttering up the kitchen is an eyesore and a confusing jumble of stuff, and it can also be dangerous when you cook. 

Remember, a little bit of creativity will let you turn your cookie-cutter apartment into a beautiful, personalized home. 

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