Eco-friendly Keys to a Green Kitchen Remodel

Haley Johnston
Written by Haley Johnston
Updated March 23, 2016
Green kitchen remodel
Adding light countertops and natural light during a kitchen remodel can lower a home's energy usage. (Photo courtesy of Moss Building & Design)

Go green during your kitchen remodel through eco-friendly use of space and energy-efficient fixtures.

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It is easy being green when it comes to kitchen-remodeling projects. Make your next kitchen renovation environmentally friendly with these tips.

Environmentally friendly appliances

The easiest way to go green in your kitchen is with energy-efficient appliances. Everything you need to know about choosing the most efficient kitchen appliances is available through Energy Star. This joint program between the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy aims to help consumers “save money and protect the environment through the adoption of energy efficient products and practices," the DOE website says.

The most highly rated Energy Star kitchen appliances include:

• Refrigerators: In general, the smaller a refrigerator is, the more energy-efficient it will be. The largest Energy Star-certified refrigerators, which hold approximately 20 cubic feet, include the Liebherr CBS 2062, the Fisher & Paykel RF201A and the CS 2062. These energy-efficient refrigerators run from $2,200 to more than $7,000.

• Dishwashers: Energy Star's most energy-efficient dishwashers include the Bloomberg DWS 55100, the Beko DDS25840 and the Beko DIS25840.

Low-flow and touchless kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets and other fixtures can play a part in keeping your kitchen green. Try installing pedal faucets to limit the amount of running water you use. New technological solutions such as touchless faucets that operate on sensors can help prevent wasting water by shutting off when you step away from the sink. Saving water is one of the easiest ways to make sure your kitchen is green.

Using kitchen space in eco-friendly ways

You can keep your kitchen green by thinking about how you use the space. For instance, adding plenty of natural light into your kitchen, particularly near areas where you frequent the most, can help you lower your electricity usage. Try adding large, energy-efficient windows near the sink or island. This will not only provide a nice view while you whip up a meal, but also let light in until the sun sets.

Additionally, using white or softer backsplashes and countertops can reflect the light, rather than absorb it, to help keep the space bright.

Green kitchen remodeling with recycled materials

The last thing you can do is repurpose or recycle materials for your kitchen remodel. For instance, using reclaimed wood on your range hood will add some rustic character while reusing, rather than replacing, materials.

Start incorporating eco-friendly touches into your kitchen renovation by browsing consignment shops or other salvage and secondhand stores. You may even find this is not only an energy-efficient move, but also cost-efficient compared to buying all new fixtures and features.

Are you gathering eco-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas for an upcoming renovation? Share your discoveries in the comments section below!

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