Blocking Entry Points Bolsters Home Pest Control

Stan Goodson
Written by Stan Goodson
Updated January 27, 2016
mousetrap for pest control
Mousetraps should be placed along the baseboard, perpendicular to the wall. To avoid setting mousetraps, seal up common entry points for mice and other pests.
Brandon Smith

Effective pest control requires closing pests' entry points.

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When faced with a new and difficult problem, a good way to begin solving it is to go to the source. Pest control is no different. Figuring out the common ways pests enter your home gives your pest control company the opportunity to attack the problem at its source and begin whatever pest prevention operations may be necessary.

Here are a few of the most common entry points for pests.

Wall gaps welcome pests

Pesky insects, mice and rats or other pests most commonly enter your home through tiny openings in your walls or foundation, such as cracks or small holes in a wall. These may be inevitable the older your home gets. However, you can always start preventing pests from entering your home by sealing any noticeably open areas with the appropriate sealant.

It’s also important to remember the closer you have plants and shrubbery to your home, the more likely their pests will become your house’s pests, too.

Windows and doorframes

You may think, ‘I always close my doors quickly and keep my windows shut. There’s no way pests are getting in through there.’ But you’d be surprised how big the gaps between the doors or windows and their frames can get without drawing your attention.

Ensure all window and door openings around your home properly close and don’t let any air escape. If there’s enough room for the tiniest bit of air to escape, there’s a pest that size waiting to infiltrate your home.

Exhaust fans

If larger pests like rodents and mice are beginning to enter your home, covering exhaust fans with a screen properly seals the exterior vents and exhaust areas. Over time, these protective measures can become damaged. So every once in a while, it’s best to check to make sure they’re still intact.

Have you noticed pests coming into your home by other means? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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