6 Practical Plants for Easy Apartment Living

Bubba May
Written by Bubba May
Updated June 9, 2016
Cactus with blooms
As long as a cactus has sunlight and is watered at least once per week, it’ll thrive even for those that don’t have a green thumb. (Photo by Dwight Sipler)

Don't have a green thumb? These low-maintenance plants are perfect for any apartment space.

If you’re looking to give your apartment a spice of life this season, you may want to consider picking out an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plant. 

Indoor plants not only keep your apartment’s air fresh, but it gives it a personal twist and can provide a nice talking piece when you have visitors coming over. Take a look at these six wonderful plants for keeping your apartment lively, with an easy-to-care, good-looking alternative to artwork.


When it comes to a legit, hard-to-kill plant, the cactus is your best bet. After all, these plants have survived for thousands of years in the desert and, if given the chance, I’m pretty sure they would do well in your apartment.

Essentially, as long as this plant has sunlight and is watered at least once per week, it’ll thrive even for those that don’t have a green thumb.

Lucky bamboo

Bamboo is not only a fantastic fit for dimly lit rooms, its practical good looks are gorgeous, and bamboo is extremely affordable. To keep alive, simply place in a pot of water and keep it in the shade. That’s it. 

Otherwise, when placed in the correct planters pot, a nice balance of the feng shui five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) are introduced to your apartment giving it a nice and balanced atmosphere.

Ficus tree

A ficus tree is a fantastic easy-to-grow apartment plant – just ensure that you have plenty of room to grow as this plant will eventually take the size of a full tree.

However, if this isn’t an issue, this low maintenance indoor plant is perfect for your apartment. Simply place in a well-draining potting mixture, water once per week and keep in filtered sunlight.

Jade plant

Jade plants are not only simple to care for, they’re beautiful in just about any apartment setting. Jade plants are also rather rich looking with their waxy, plump green leaves.

Grow in a single pot with a mixture of all-purpose soil at room temperature and place in a window sill (the office or the kitchen both look great). Watering is easy, too: simply water every time the soil becomes dry.

Areca palm tree

Are you looking to give your apartment a bit of a tropical twist? Then an areca palm tree would be good for you. Particularly attractive sitting on a balcony or in the corner of a room, an areca palm is notoriously easy to take care of, like many other trees in the palm family.

Simply keep watered in a well-drained pot, place in filtered sunlight and allow lots of room to grow!

Dieffenbachia plant

Did you know the leaves of a dieffenbachia plant can grow up to a foot long? This popular, hard and shade loving plant can provide a beautiful tropical accent to any room. And, with those large leaves, sure give your home a loud pop of green when it needs it most.

To care, simply place in a room temperature environment (around the mid-60s), keep the soil moist and keep in medium-to-low light conditions.

What plants do you grow in your apartment? Tell us in the comments section below!

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