10 Unique Greenhouse Ideas for Your Yard

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated February 18, 2022
Mother and son working in green house
Photo: Johner Images / Johner Images Royalty-Free / Getty Images

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You’ve probably seen plenty of DIY greenhouses sheathed in semi-opaque plastic, but these handy gardening structures don’t have to be an eyesore. And if you’re not much of a green thumb, you’ll be relieved to learn that you can also convert greenhouses into work studios, personal cafes, or even home gyms. Whether you want to build a small greenhouse for starting seedlings or commission a massive double-decker complete with a living area and kitchen, find inspiration for your project with these 10 unique greenhouse ideas.

1. Embrace the Modern Farmhouse Trend

Modern farmhouse style greenhouse exterior
Photo: Courtesy of @SouthernHomeandFarm

For a look that’s more farmhouse than greenhouse, this chic structure by @SouthernHomeandFarm on Instagram is impressively functional and may just inspire your next DIY greenhouse. Despite how cute it is inside and out, there’s a full wall of plants. Along the other wall is a long table perfect for potting or starting seeds, and next to this station is a sink for quick watering and hand-washing. Best of all, owner Rhonda decks out the space for each holiday, making it feel like a fun, inviting place to garden.

2. Convert It Into a Gym

Fitness equipment inside of a green house
Photo: Courtesy of BC Greenhouses

Greenhouses are for growing plants, but there’s so much more you could do in these structures, too. In this stunning glasshouse project by BC Greenhouses, the owners instead use the space for growing muscles. The inside has plenty of room for fitness equipment and a full set of weights. Thanks to plentiful trees surrounding the greenhouse, the inside won’t get too hot during a sweat session, plus one can take in the leafy views while they workout.

3. Upcycle Old Structures

Raised planter beds inside of a green house
Photo: Courtesy of RL Concetti

What’s old is new again in this striking, contrasting design by RL Concetti. The design all started with an old shed, which is now a focal point inside a larger greenhouse. The space still serves the original purpose, with plenty of raised planter beds around the perimeter of the greenhouse, but it doubles as a backyard hangout with a central seating area.

4. Go Neutral

Interior of a neutral-colored greenhouse
Photo: Courtesy of Emily Seaver

By the look of those thriving leafy plants, it’s clear this minimalist greenhouse is perfect for plant lovers. Neutral tones of white and wood make the space feel open, and the dark green door complements the growing plants. There’s also a chicken coop tucked away in the corner, making it perfect for homesteader Emily Seaver of @EmilysHomestead on Instagram.

5. Complement the Surroundings

Greenhouse with brick pillars on four corners
Photo: Courtesy of Classical Orangeries ApS

Located in Switzerland, this greenhouse is a modern addition to historic grounds. Despite its newness, the intricate panels above the front door and brick pillars on all four corners of the structure help blend the greenhouse into its surroundings. The clever design by Classical Orangeries showcases how modern and historic designs can combine in attractive, not distracting, ways.

6. Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

Full size kitchen inside of a greenhouse
Photo: Courtesy of Classical Orangeries ApS

Building an outdoor kitchen is a dream for many homeowners, but it’s not always a practical addition unless you live somewhere warm year-round. Well, a luxury greenhouse might just be the ticket to achieving that dream without shivering while you flip burgers. This greenhouse by luxury greenhouse designer Classical Orangeries features a full kitchen inside, complete with a full-size fridge, an oven, a sink, plenty of cabinetry, and a kitchen island. Cookouts will never be the same.

7. Deck Out the Interiors

Dining space inside of a glasshouse
Photo: Courtesy of Classical Orangeries ApS

Whether you have an existing DIY greenhouse on your property or you’re thinking of adding one, these versatile structures can become a space for fine dining, chatting with neighbors, or even relaxing by the fire. In this luxe greenhouse, a long dining table invites family and friends to gather ‘round for dinner and drinks as they watch the sun go down past the glass walls. On one side of the table, there’s an outdoor kitchen. On the opposite side, the owners can cozy up in two chairs around a fireplace.

8. Opt for Contrast

Backyard greenhouse with white frame
Photo: Courtesy of Classical Orangeries ApS

Plants generally fill greenhouses, and like this greenhouse, planters and garden beds may also surround them. This greenhouse has a bright white frame rather than the typical metal or dark frame options to stand out. The white might blend into a snowy landscape in the winter, but thriving plants beyond the glass walls will make for an eye-catching statement.

9. Make a Statement Entrance

Large greenhouse with pointed roofline entrance
Photo: Courtesy of Classical Orangeries ApS

Gorgeous, dark doors with three elongated panels of glass and a pointed roofline help the entrance of this greenhouse stand out. Potted plants along the walls draw the eye toward the doorway, which opens to a vintage wood table and wicker chairs, perfect for afternoon tea or a morning reading session.

10. Build a Second Story

Two story greenhouse interior
Photo: Courtesy of Space Encounters

What if you want a multipurpose greenhouse, perhaps with a kitchen, a cozy reading nook, and, of course, space for gardening? This design by Space Encounters takes greenhouse design to another level, literally, with a mezzanine. Downstairs, there’s plenty of plants, plus a kitchen and dining space. Up a simple set of wooden stairs, you’ll find more plants and a quiet workspace.

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