How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

Dina Cheney
Written by Dina Cheney
Updated November 15, 2021
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The typical cost to build an outdoor kitchen is $5,520 to $22,150

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Expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 for a basic portable outdoor kitchen to $100,000 for a deluxe, customized, and permanent space. Don’t worry if your budget is on the lower end. You’ll still be able to cook and entertain under the stars—in comfort and style. Building an outdoor kitchen can extend your living space and add value to your home. 

To help you plan out your project, read on for insights into what you can get for your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen per Square Foot?

Budget $300 to $7500 per linear foot to build an outdoor kitchen structure from the ground up. The larger the kitchen, the higher the cost, since you’ll need more materials, appliances, and features. An outdoor kitchenette is about 10 linear feet, while a large outdoor kitchen will be 20 linear feet or more.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen Near You?

The national average for an outdoor kitchen is $13,600, with $1,000 on the low end and $39,000 on the high end. Here are some average prices for different U.S. cities.

Austin, TX$14,000
Colorado Springs, CO$17,450
Los Angeles$19,200
New York, NY$8,100
Tampa, FL$26,500

What Kind of Outdoor Kitchen Can I Get on My Budget?

The first step to planning your outdoor kitchen is to determine how much you can spend. Among other considerations, like how you’ll use the space, this amount will help you decide on everything from which elements to include to which materials to choose.

For $1,000

This price range will get you the most basic portable outdoor kitchen set-up on an existing patio. Your space will include a portable charcoal or gas grill, a portable all-weather kitchen cart, a table, chairs, and a steel tub for ice.

For $5,000

For this price, you’ll end up with a more high-end portable outdoor kitchen, including a portable deluxe gas grill on wheels, a portable all-weather kitchen cart, a table with an umbrella (or an awning), chairs, and a steel tub for ice.

For $15,000

At this price point, you’ll get a permanent semi-custom small to medium-sized kitchen (for which you’ll need a building permit). You can outfit it with a prefabricated outdoor kitchen kit, an outdoor ventilation hood (if your grill is next to your house and under your roof), an under-counter fridge, and light fixtures.

For $20,000

You’ll land a permanent medium or large-sized custom kitchen. At this price point, you’ll get the outdoor table and chairs, a large built-in grill, a fridge, a hood, and light fixtures. For the ultimate in entertaining, you’ll also be able to include a bar with stool seating, plus extra counter space.

For $40,000-plus

At this level, your outdoor kitchen design will be very high-end, with a pergola or gazebo and illuminated walkways. You might even be able to include outdoor entertainment like a TV and sound system, and appliance extras like a wood-fired brick oven, a built-in wine fridge, and a meat smoker.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen Yourself?

By DIYing your outdoor kitchen, you can save 20 to 40% on project costs, for an average total of between $1,500 and $6,000 (or the typical range homeowners pay a general contractor for this type of project). 

Contractors typically charge by the project. While you’ll need to hire a professional plumber, electrician, and appliance installer to run gas, water, and electrical lines and install appliances, you can put in shelving and tackle the kitchen framework if you have enough experience. You can also spiff up used wood furniture by painting it yourself.

Outdoor Kitchen Cost Breakdown

outdoor grill/ kitchen space
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Here’s an itemized list of outdoor kitchen expenses, broken down by materials and labor. Keep in mind that you won’t necessarily opt for all these items.


Kitchen structure, including framework, finish, countertops, and patio surface$300 – $750 per linear foot (A prefabricated kitchen kit will cost $3,000 and up)
Built-in gas grill$400 – $4,000 ($150-$1,000 for a coal grill)
Outdoor ventilation hood$600 or more, not including installation
Sink$225 – $600, including installation
Patio$5 – $30 per square foot
Building permit$400 – $2,250
Pergola or other enclosure with a ceiling$2,000 – $25,000
Ceiling fan$150 – $350
Light fixture$150 – $800
Mini fridge$100 – $500
Electric or gas oven$2,000
Stone oven$1,000 – $3,000


Appliance installer$3,000 – $12,000
Plumber for your sink and appliances$350 – $1,850
Gas plumber$15 – $25 per linear foot of gas line
Electrician to install outdoor kitchen electrical outlets$300 – $1,000
General contractor$1,500 – $6,000

What Factors Influence the Cost of an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen involves many elements, all of which can affect the price. Here are the cost variables to consider.


Outdoor kitchens located further from your home will be more expensive since professionals will need to run longer water, gas, and electric lines. For example, running new gas lines costs $15 to $25 per linear foot, so your costs will increase with distance. Plus, if your outdoor kitchen is right next to your house, you’ll have less need for costly extras, like a full-size refrigerator and sink.


You won’t need to pay for new flooring if you’re building your outdoor kitchen on an existing patio. If not, the typical price range for a patio is $1,880 to $5,380.

Type of Covering

If you want to provide shade over your outdoor kitchen, you’ll pay $2,200 to $5,900 for a pergola, $3,350 to $9,900 for a gazebo, and $8,500 to $25,000 for an enclosed patio.


You’ll save at least a thousand dollars on labor if you don’t need to hire an electrician, plumber, and appliance installer. In almost all cases, though, these costs are unavoidable, because you’ll want to hire pros to ensure the installation is done correctly.

Since, typically, sink and appliance plumbing work for an outdoor kitchen costs between $350 and $1,850 and electrical work for an outdoor kitchen runs between $300 and $1,000, that’s a total of $650 to $2,850. Then, add on the $15 to $25 per linear foot it costs for a gas plumber to run new gas lines.

Number of Appliances

Each appliance you add will increase your costs—both for the appliance and its installation. Just for the appliances alone (not including installation), plan on spending between $100 and $500 for a mini fridge, $400 to $2,000 for a dishwasher, and $200 to $500 for a sink.


Larger outdoor kitchens are more expensive than smaller kitchens since they require more materials and labor. Here’s a breakdown of typical outdoor kitchen sizes:

  • Kitchenette: 10 linear feet (36 inches of countertop or more)

  • Small: 13 linear feet (48 inches of countertop or more)

  • Medium: 16 linear feet (72 inches of countertop or more)

  • Large: 20 linear feet or more (156 inches of countertop or more)


The materials you use will significantly impact the price of your outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind that building a custom outdoor kitchen will be much more costly than using a prefabricated outdoor kitchen kit, which costs about $3,000. Here are some examples of common materials and their price tags:

  • When finishing your kitchen framework, stucco costs the least, at $3-$6 per square foot, while natural stone is the most expensive, at $25-$45 per square foot. Manufactured stone costs $15-$25, brick veneer $20-$30, and standard brick $25-$35

  • When choosing your countertop material, porcelain or ceramic tile costs the least, at $10-$25 per square foot, while teak and resin cost the most, at $100-$150 per square foot. Soapstone costs $35-$60, concrete $50-$70, granite $60-$80, and stainless steel $70-$100

  • When deciding on patio materials, concrete costs $6-$10 per square foot, flagstone $10-$30 per square foot, and brick pavers $5-$15 per square foot.

FAQs About Outdoor Kitchen Costs

How much of a return on my investment will I get if I add an outdoor kitchen?

One of the benefits of an outdoor kitchen is that it can add value to your home, increasing your home’s monetary value by between 60% and 100% of the money you put into it.

Do I need a permit for an outdoor kitchen?

It depends on your local building codes. Ask your contractor, local building department, or homeowners association to find out what’s required. The answer could vary from only needing permits for gas and water lines to needing to acquire permits for the entire space.

Do I need to winterize my outdoor kitchen?

Yes, if you live in an area that gets cold during the winter. In the fall, turn off the gas to the grill, unplug and cover the appliances, shut off and drain the water lines, clean the sink, remove the faucet, and seal the cabinets. Consider these steps essential to maintaining your outdoor kitchen.

What other projects should I complete at the same time?

Make the creation of your outdoor kitchen one part of a backyard overhaul. At the same time, you can install hardscaping, add plants and a sprinkler system, and install an outdoor lighting system or even an outdoor shower. You’ll likely save money on labor by having your mason, landscaper, and electrician tackle multiple projects at one time.

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