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RS Construction Co

Founded 1998 • With Angi since April 2010


(33) Verified Reviews

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458 Halsey St Ste 3

Brooklyn, NY 11233


DBA R & SS General Construction Corp. We specialize in all aspects of home renovation and repair work both interior and exterior. Additional phone: (347) 272-1222. Additional email:

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Elaine G.

They did a horrible job. They Broke everything in the house: air conditioning, pictures, posters, furniture,.... They were supposed to reimburse me for the cleaning of their mess that I finally did myself. But, they did not. They left damages that obliged me to hire an electrician who took back all wires and boxes they left outside. Overall experience will be a F grade. They completely failed. They cannot put their feet in my house. I will not recommend them anymore. They were very unprofessional.

Description of Work
Masonry Services.

Category masonry



paul S.

great job on the blends in also good job on the electrical repair, but the roof repair was not done correctly....he had to return to correct repairs and ended up charging me additional for that. This company should keep away from roofing

Description of Work
repaired brick in front of the house..secured electrical cable from the street..repaired roof all these were caused by hurricane damage

Category gutter repair, masonry, roofing




I'm very happy with this contractor's work. All my neighbors are complementing me on the way my house looks. Reaz is a good guy and he is very reliable and fair with his prices. If you need a reliable contractor who is easy to work with and does an excellent job, look no further! These guys come highly recommended! A+++++++++++

Description of Work
These guys are fantastic! I hired these guys to do masonry and roof work on my brownstone.

Category masonry, plastering, roofing



Sandra B.

They did a very good job. They were very neat and clean. They can do many different tasks well. The contractor has good workmen for all sorts of different types of jobs. They also did some caulking and waterproofing around windows and brick for us. He wanted to do our kitchen, but we had already hired a different contractor for that.

Description of Work
They did some foundation leak repair and reinforced the foundation outside the house. They also did some work out in the garden for drainage as well.

Category basement waterproofing, basement remodeling




REFUSED to give us the Senior Citizen Discount mentioned on Angie's List. Quoted $500 for labor & materials (a precut countertop from Lowes) but insisted on a $500 payment after we paid $113 for the countertop. So the job cost more than the agreed amount. The workmen did show up on time and worked efficiently. But they used an excessive amount of adhesive that spread out on the countertop. That excess adhesive is very messy and makes the work look sloppy.

Description of Work
install new kitchen countertop

Category masonry



Demetrice B.

Once the basement was guttered out discovery of foundation work was needed, they did a fabulous job .They then continued and gave me a complete finished basement.i have new electric, new heating system,new bathroom with updated plumbing,wooden /granite wet bar and my favorite a beautiful walk in closet.It took me 13 years to find a dependable,professional and reasonable contractor.Thank you Angie's List.

Description of Work
They completely remodeled my basement which included electric work,foundation inside and out new bathroom,new wooden stair case new heating system,wet bar builded and a fabulous walk in closet.

Category masonry



Elaine G.

They first quoted me $1500, then each time they came out there were additional charges. They were very responsive prior to me paying all of their money, once I gave them that last check, I have not been able to get in contact with them. They wanted a down payment before work was started, I gave it to him. It was done horribly. They were there to pointing on the bricks on the back of my home. The work was terrible, they used their fingers to part of the job. They were very polite, they just don?t do great work. They didn?t take the old caulking off to be able to point the brick from the old awning, they said they would come back to do it and they never did. They are supposed to make the color of the bricks the same. You can see discoloration in the color of the bricks. I asked if it was necessary to have it power washed prior. I told him I wanted the brick in red and they made it in terracotta. It was an amateur job. When it dried I told them that it wasn?t the same color as the sample. They informed me that it needed to be acid washed. You can see the old brick color through the terracotta. They left a mess at my house. There is a bag of cement that got poured out and never got cleaned up. They broke my light fixture on my back porch. The entire fixture was broken and had live wire sticking out. I had to hire an electrician to come out and fix this for $200. They left coffee cups and cigarette butts everywhere in my yard. I had landscapers come out to do work and they were nice enough to pick up their mess. I had them leave their trash in a trash bag for when the contractors came back out they could just take the trash bag with them and it never happened. They even got the paint on my security camera and never whipped it off. They changed the cover for my air conditioner as well. They tore the sheet rock. When I called them to come back he said they would be back that night and when I got home they left a voicemail for me saying that they could not make it and they would call back. They never called back or never showed up. When I finally spoke with them he said that I cost him a lot of business and did not want any referral from me. He told me that he would be back, but I do not feel comfortable. I would not like him back in my house. The concrete dust is really thick when it settles. I would appreciate them paying the bill that I will have to pay for the concrete dust to be cleaned up.

Description of Work
Did point work on the bricks of the back of my home.

Category masonry



Barbara R.

The work was excellent and the workers were outstanding. They left a few things in the yard the clean-up wasn't great.

Description of Work
They waterproofed our back wall.

Category basement waterproofing



Christopher D.

Terrible!!!They hardly ever came to my house to do the job. Mohammed the owner went to his country for 3 months. He left one of his workers in charge named Ali. He hardly came over to do the work on my house. If he did, which was rare ,he only came with one worker and with an attitude.So much time wasted. They left me hanging. They would only come to my house once or twice every 3 weeks. They mixed my tiles in he kitchen and bath. They mixed them together. That was in the beginning when Mohammed was still around. He said they look very similar. Why do it over.What! These were 2 different sets of beige tiles. 1 set for the kitchen and 1 set for the bathroom. You can clearly see they look different. How can they do that. I told him I wanted it done over. It was never done over . They just ignored me. I had to hire a new contracting company to do that. They eventually took over and did everything right. The painting was all smudged in certain spots. You can even see the old paint underneath the paint they did. I had a painting contractor look at it and he said they just primed it white. They did not use ny white paint on top of the primer. They also never used dropcloths for the floor. The wood floors took a beating like you have never seen before. I would definitely not recommend them to anyone who needs a home improvement job. Obviously they dont care about the customers home or feelings. Its only about themselves and getting paid as soon as possible even if the job is not done right.Mohammed is not a good boss. He never once called me to see how things were going when he was not around for 3 months. If he has the nerve to question all if this which is true and I have the proof then he can see me in court with my lawyer.

Description of Work
Painting the whole house. New tiles in kitchen and 2 baths. New sinks and toilets.Tiles in entryway.

Category drywall, handyman service, plastering, interior painters

Service Provider Response

If the ower say job was bad, why he pay $15000.00 dollar. The job was 203k loan, 203k loan from bank and bank set inspector for the job. inspector sign, owner sign, and then contractor then my company get draw. Bank send check to him and he hide the check more then a month. Before he hire me he hire 2 more contractor and they left from the job. What kind owner will do this hire 4 or 5 contractor for same job. and kitchen tile wasn't in the contract, now he dont wanna pay for it.


Antthony S.

Their estimate was one of the lowest and they were willing to do what was asked of them. Some of the other contratctors did not want to do what was asked of them (ex. waiting for the 2nd spraying 24 hours in case it rained, before comming back to do it). The only thing that they did not get 'right' was that the overspray did dirty the glass on the windows and door, some was the 'winds fault'. They cleaned it but they could not get out everything. When they tried to clean the Intercom the cleaner took out some of the paint. They gave us money in order to replace the outside parts of the intercom. Yes, we were very satisfied with the overall work and will use them again. Minus the overpraying, we were very happy with all of their work and good price.

Description of Work
Water proofing the brick by spraying LastiSeal™ Brick & Masonry Sealer twice on the entire building, 3 sides. Also cleaning a little efflorescence from the weeping holes. They had to spray the entie brick twice as per the manufacture's instructions. They were very accommodating to come only when it did not rain and the wind was low. They also did brick work, approx. 20' by 1 1/2', cement work 20' by 20" by 5", and painting a metal stairs railing.

Category masonry, basement waterproofing



Howard W.

RS Construction are professional - the whole job took about 3 months to complete - this is when we had the bad season of rain. They mostly showed up to work on time and always left the work area as clean as possible. They would put rolling paper on floors to protect the hardwood and also swept the area before they left. One thing that is great is that they are reachable by e-mail and phone and actually ANSWER emails and return phone calls. These are genuinely good guys. They even helped me move in a couch that i had delivered from ikea. I'm happy with the work and the service.

Description of Work
New concrete on outside of property and in backyard, new fence installation for outside stairs and front of property, backyard wooden fence installation, and browning stone replacement in front of property and for stairs.

Category concrete repair, drywall, plastering, basement waterproofing



Vari N.

Keeping the work area as clean as possible should be in their contract! They need more resilient drop cloths--no paper rolls, please! The parquet floor took a beating from the cinderblocks and bricks. Order quality materials way ahead of time (AKA-the windows, the baseboards, the wood for the sills). Be mindful of the neighbors as they can be RS Constructions next customers! But with only two skilled masons the work went SLOW! The owner's brother pitched in with carpentry, minor electrical work and some masonry but should be a more mindful apprentice to his brother' hired and skilled masons in order to help more with the masonry and give his company a better edge on finishing jobs on time. The shingling of the decorative overhang could have been done more neatly. Some of shingling doesn't hug the surface despite the tar flashing used and the nailing. Yes, it was a HOT day when that was done!

Description of Work
Took out a "monster" of a second floor front balcony with the promise and contract of building a new brick front with two new windows in it's place--done! The brick and materials used mostly matched the existing front house wall...the 2 masons RS hired knew what they were doing! They also built up the interior of that same area with cinderblock, insulation, drywall, plastering and repaired the ceiling. In the same room removed old in the wall AC and checked and repaired the water damaged areas with new bricking, pointing and soon placed in a new AC provided. They made a nice frame around the in the wall AC and made beautiful wooden window sills to my specifications. Noted: they used PINE instead of oak. Pine is softer and more prone to dings which happened almost immediately and they had to take time out to repair! They also found baseboards and ceiling trim that were as close as they could match to the existing ones in that room. I gave them paint of my choice to match the rest of the room, but only wished they had painted the rest of the ceiling and not only the part where the ceiling and wall were rebuilt. I also wished RS could have ordered the premium windows three weeks ahead of time instead of waiting to the last minute--so, we got stuck with cheap windows that probably will have to be replaced in five years--(American Craftsman,too, could have made better windows!) The 2 man crew of masons also worked on rebuilding the inside frame of the decorative overhang which in itself was 14 feet long and they did it on some of the hottest days on record! They also fixed the cornice beneath it keeping in mind that I wanted to maintain it's original architecture--BRAVO! They also brick sealed the entire front wall and pointed exterior areas of my brick stoop and brick fence. They built up a very nice area of sidewalk, too, for a very reasonable price of $1200. Neighbors, however, were concerned, about the mess from the construction falling onto their properties. RS Construction should have thought it out more with extra long drop cloths straddling the property borders. It delayed their work considerably when neighbors came to them with their concerns and demanded immediate clean-ups! Now on to the back of the property! They did a great job of repairing the heavily water damaged back wall. RS Construction's 2 masons KNOW THEIR STUFF! They chiseled out crumbling bricks from the chimney and back wall areas, replacing them with new bricks and mortar of sand and cement. Then after drying they weatherproofed the entire chimney and back wall with Thoro Coat white stucco type paint-2 coats! Beneath the back deck they also worked on the bottom wall with the same material. Towards the end they also broke up the concrete under the deck and used that material to create a new cement flooring. Looks good and the price was right, too! A new drainage area was created too, at the bottom of the back steps leading to the basement. Using PVC piping cut lengthwise so that it could reach the inside basement drain without damaging too much basement flooring, the head of the company himself and an apprentice created a fully functioning drain that has so far worked through 2 downpours! The company boss and his brother also framed and rebuilt the cement doorstop to the specifications of keeping floods out. Well done! All in all, happy with most of their work except for the mess and for the lack of more skilled labor workers. The job could have been finished within the time frame of the contract. The roof was also thoroughly repaired with flashing cement and then silver paint coated for it's reflective properties against the sun. The top part of the chimney was also silver paint coated. There was some shingling done on the decorative overhang, too!

Category concrete repair, drywall, gutter repair, masonry, plastering, roofing, chimney repair, woodworking, house painters, interior painters



Gail M.

Major leak in gutter and wall. Two men and the owner came. The owner specked out the job, and the two men stayed all day and worked on it. It took longer than he anticipated. Everything went smoothly. The owner discussed the rest of the building's roof, position of wall, waterproofing with us, which was helpful. However this additional work was not. We did not do any comparison pricing but we think the price was reasonable.

Description of Work
Removed gutter 2 stories high and redesigned it. He advised that the way it was was not the best way to go. Then he replaced it.

Category gutter repair



Edward S.

They gave me a reasonable estimate and then did the job as quickly as possible around the weather. They took care of little extras without complaint and left the job site clean.

Description of Work
Repaired back wall of house including replacing lintels, bricks and waterproofing. Replaced gutters and leaders. Fixed roof leaks.

Category gutter repair, masonry



Brenda L.

We had bid out the work to several construction companies that focused on waterproofing. Some responded and some didnt. We were looking for a more affordable solution than a full brownstone restoration project. RS had one of the most affordable bids and they were able to clearly explain the work and walk through everything step by step. They worked on site for a couple of weeks but on and off due to the rain in late November. All the workers were very respectful and they left the area clean after they finished at the end of the job.

Description of Work
We required waterproofing on the back wall of our brownstone. RS Construction's team removed all the old stucco/paint over the bricks and cleaned it all off then waterproofed it using a type of waterproofing paint/texture material called Thorocoat. They also did the same with our front brownstone steps. All the work was guaranteed.

Category masonry, roofing, house painters



Noah T.

Reaz and his team at RS construction provided a very reasonable cost estimate. This is the third project we have done with them. They showed up when they said they would. They had more people than expected and worked diligently all day. They were clean, quiet, non-intrusive and overall professional and courteous. They had to let some parts dry before they could finish so they returned a few days later and completed the work. The part that was most impressive is that roof flashing is dirty disgusting stuff that gets everywhere no matter how careful you are. Somehow these guys kept everything spotless! Most importantly our roof is not leaking and I feel confident we will get through the winter. Once we have other major work done, we will have RS bid on a complete roof replacement. We also have about 3 other projects I will look to them for. They have been reliable, trustworthy and professional. They have become a go-to source for many of our contracting needs.

Description of Work
We have had leaking on our roof. Do to some other work that needs to be performed we are unable to completely replace the roof, so we needed to have it flashed and then coated with silver paint. This temporary repair is to get us through the winter.

Category roofing



Grant C.

We received the estimate from RS Construction to repair the back wall and side wall on 8/23/2011. The work was completed on 8/28/2011. We had other work done on the roof, chimney, and the area under the gutter where a leak was discovered. The response from RS Construction was very prompt and the work was completed on 9/4/2011. We are very pleased with their work and would use them again for other projects. We highly recommend them.

Description of Work
Back wall and side wall-from top to bottom loose cement was removed and repaired using sand and cement making the wall smooth and filling all the gaps by sand and cement. 2 coats of waterproof Thro-coat was applied to the walls. Roof, and areas under the gutter, and the chimney were repaired. The work was done promptly and accurately. We were very pleased with the work done.

Category concrete repair, masonry, roofing, chimney repair



Dennis S.

He came out three or four times to try to fix it but at the end of the day, the roof still leaks. When we called them back to tell them that, they said that is all they can do. He did not know enough about the roof to figure it out. He was here when he said he would be. I will not use them again. He used white caulking on a dark green ceramic tile roof so now when you look at the roof of my house, my roof looks like a checkerboard. Maybe he should have used darker colored caulking.

Description of Work
I used RS Construction to attempt to repair a leak in my roof.

Category roofing



George T.

Estimate for the job was among the lowest (2nd best out of 5) Completion of job - scheduled for 1-2 days; took 4 (which incidentally, was no great concern since it did not inconvenience anything) Materials used on job - not as anticipated; outdoor grade 3/4" plywood was ripped on site with numerous small pieces being used instead of using 1-2" boards of the appropriate width and length What constituted damaged wood was disputed, but resolved in my favor The workers (ranging from 2 to 4 on work days) were pleasant, respectful and cleaned up after themselves - the contractor as well The repairs themselves were not necessarily the best looking on the block, but appear sturdy and are adequate I would most certainly consider using this contractor again but would be more involved in what materials were to be used and how they were to be applied It was, all in all, a satisfactory conclusion of this contract.

Description of Work
Replaced roofing on 2-car garage Replaced damaged/rotten structrural members (Joists, trim, flashing) Replaced skylight Poured small (approx.2'x2') pad (as base for patio steps

Category masonry, roofing



Dennis S.

the main guy in the co. arrived the time he promised. he told us with confidence how he could repair the roof and gutter areas. 1/2 the monies agreed were given the first day to cover cost of materials. then the job took the better part of a day. that same night it rained. water once again leaked into the same room. i called and a promise to come back was kept. a more thorough search around the attic and a hose running water over the roof was done. all was fixed with a promise to return and repair should a problem occur. at that time the balance was paid and a signed receipt was given,

Description of Work
inspection of roof to determine source of leak to small bedroom on second floor. determining the cause that bricks in f/o house that get wet when it rains . ceiling caulked, sanded and painted to have a clean smooth look.

Category gutter repair, masonry, roofing



Katherine S.

Service was professional. The guys should up on time on the day they were suppose to. Work was good quality. When we had questions or concerns, they were willing to listen. At the end of the job, we had several items on our punch list which R&S took care of quickly. Check periodically on the work that they are performing. Some of the workers were very skilled while others seemed to have less training. Overall, I recommend them

Description of Work
We had them stucco the top floor of our building and caulk the windows. Installed a limestone parapet wall around the top of our building. Also install a new rubber roof with metal flashing.

Category masonry, roofing, stucco



Frankie P.

When the job was completed I had assumed that the work was done to the best of their ability, and because of their great write ups on Angie's List I did not think that I would have to go behind them to check every little thing. The leaders and gutters on the building were find also the repair and re-caulking of the windows, so was the waterproofing of the back of the house. The replastering and repairing of the inside walls was totally unprofessional. The work was done by one the workers who had never done anything like that before, the owner had atested to that, he also agreed to come and repair everything that was damaged. I have yet to see him. I personally will never use them again, simply because I took the owner for his word and believed that he would make good on the bad work, but he never came bad. I needed to redo my previous write up so that everyone knows that R&S Construction does not have a good rep for following up.

Description of Work
Repair leak on roof Installed new leaders and gutters on the building Repaired and re-caulk all the windows in the back of the building Waterproof the whole back of the building Inside where leaks occurred repaired inside walls (re-plastering and repainting in the building)

Category plastering, roofing, water damage restoration, woodworking, interior painters

Service Provider Response

Between the member and my company as a contract we was complete our job, and he was very happy and report A. my company never had contract with him gutter pipe. we had contract leader pipe and which we install new leader pipe . he was unhappy he went me to do some free work inside of his house, which we did some and he went more . i told him we cant provide u free service , which he told me if you are not do this , that i will give u bad report at Angel list. Reaz Khan-President


John C.

All and all, the type of jobs we needed completed, went well. We highly recommend these guys for jobs that do not require detail or extreme cleanliness. Raez uses guys that do not speak English, so it is difficult to communicate needs if Raez is not present. Like most contractors, he has a couple of jobs going on at the same time and it is difficult for him to be present all the time for quality control. Raez is very open to communication and is accessible via phone. So, be sure to communicate your expectations. He is eager to please.

Description of Work
I am on the board of directors for fairly new building here in North Park Slope. I used Angie's List to help find recommended tradesmen. I also used them for some personal jobs. 1) Masonry: Filling a large exterior gap from our ground floor to the fifth floor of our building. He was timely and dealt with obtaining building permits as well as dealing with Park Slopes Preservation Agency. Their estimate was $4100. They did the job in one day. Raez was easy to work with and they did a good job with the scaffolding as well. 2) Sheetrock demo and rebuild of some of our buildings basement storage units. We had storage units damaged by basement leaks. They worked with our foundation leak experts nicely to demo and rebuild around their work. They painted the sheetrock and stuck to the schedule nicely. We paid $2400 for approximately eight, 8'X8' walls. Everything was time sensitive as we had to have 7 owners remove all their belongings from the storage units as the leak experts and RS Construction did their work. 3) Roof Leak Diagnosis, Repair: They completed a water test and found the cause of a leak in my apartment. They had to cut my ceiling sheetrock to be sure of the cause. They were knowledgeable, responsive and very helpful. $1400 4) Reframing/insetting my sliding glass doors in my living room and building sheet rock for a large painting in my living room. $1800. They did a good job, was on-time. I wish they were cleaner. But the job was a messy one.

Category concrete repair, drywall, masonry, roofing, water damage restoration, woodworking, interior painters, doors



Noah T.

Overall it was very smooth. Once we signed the contract and provided a deposit they acquired the appropriate permits and began work with in 1-2 days. we stated a 30 day time frame to complete the project and they were right on schedule. They had access to our common area hallway and basement. They kept it tidy and were respectful, quiet and almost unnoticed to the building residents. They were very responsive answering any questions we had and arriving on time for any meetings we scheduled to review progress of the work. Not much else to say. We'll probably use them again for other projects.

Description of Work
We have a 4 story brick building built in the early 1900's. An adjacent building was demolished leaving our brick wall exposed with deteriorating mortar and open to the elements. RS Construction re-pointed the required areas, applied some wire-mesh in some areas and then applied stucco cement to the entire wall. After the stucco they applied Thorocoat weather sealant by 3M.

Category masonry, stucco



naoko Y.

I didn?t use their services to get the work done and I might go with a different company. They quoted about $3000. I called them because they were licensed. They were able to answer my questions. Their responsiveness was okay. I don?t remember about their punctuality. The job itself wasn?t my first priority since I have a lot of other things to be done for my building. However, I might use their services in the future for something else.

Description of Work
I received an estimate from R.S. Construction Company for masonry work during summer time.

Category masonry

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    Yes, RS Construction Co offers emergency services.

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    Yes, RS Construction Co offers warranties.

    What services does RS Construction Co offer?

    RS Construction Co offers the following services: Residential & Commercial Renovations, Roofing, Painting, Siding, Stone Pointing, Waterproofing, Stucco, Basement Renovations, Power Washing & Cement

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    Metal, Awnings, Handyman Services