Looking to Remove Your Bamboo? Here’s How Much It Will Cost

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated January 10, 2022
Bamboo surrounding chair and deck
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Typical cost to remove bamboo $450–$1,300

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The average cost for bamboo removal is around $875, with most homeowners paying between $450 and $1,300 to rid their yards of bamboo. Most landscapers and removal experts charge per bamboo plant. The going rate is between $100 and $200 for each plant that needs removal. "Baby" bamboo plants may cost as little as $50 each. Factors like the number of bamboo plants, digging conditions, bamboo density, bamboo height, the state you live in, and the size of your property can all influence total project costs.

Average Costs for Bamboo Removal:Cost:

Bamboo Removal Costs Overview

Most landscapers charge between $50 and $200 per bush.

A bamboo removal project in a typical residential property can take anywhere from a few hours to four days based on the number of plants removed from your yard.

Some contractors prefer to charge by the hour instead of by plant. Costs per hour for bamboo removal range from $25 to $80. An hourly rate should factor in driving time, travel expenses, materials, and contractor insurance.

While some contractors bundle hauling fees into your hourly rate, others may charge extra. Hauling and dumping fees typically total between $25 and $100.

Bamboo Removal Costs Near You

Costs for bamboo removal services around the country typically follow the same price patterns for general landscaping. Here's a look at some average costs for bamboo removal around the country:

  • Arizona: $500

  • Kansas: $625

  • Montana: $660

  • California: $760

  • Michigan: $800

  • Pennsylvania: $950

  • Louisiana: $1,100

  • Connecticut: $1,300

Cost Factors for Bamboo Removal

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Rates for bamboo removal can swing up or down based on factors like:

  • Digging conditions

  • Property size/scope

  • Bamboo height

  • Bamboo density

  • Time involved

Cost to Remove Bamboo Yourself

Bamboo removal is notoriously difficult to do on your own because the way bamboo spreads in the soil makes it necessary to kill shoots below the surface.

The cost to remove bamboo yourself is very inexpensive because it only requires a handsaw, garden hose or sprinkler, pruners, an ax, a spade shovel, and tarps. However, trying to eradicate bamboo from your yard is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that can result in frustration if you don't know what you're doing.

DIY vs. Hire a Bamboo Removal Pro

While removing bamboo doesn't necessarily involve any special equipment, it's very hard to successfully remove bamboo unless you have landscaping experience. In addition to cutting down the bamboo with pruners or a saw, it will be necessary to break up unique bamboo stems called rhizomes that aggressively create new roots.

Some experts also use a smothering technique that involves placing tarps over the plant after cutting it down to ground level with pruners or a handsaw.


What are some methods for getting rid of bamboo?

The basic method of getting rid of bamboo is continuously watering and cutting it using an axe, pruners, or mower until the roots have been exhausted of their energy stores. However, most professionals find that digging up bamboo to remove underground shoots called rhizomes is the most effective method.

Why is bamboo removal expensive?

Bamboo removal tends to be more expensive than the cost of tree removal because bamboo roots are extremely aggressive and resilient. Digging up roots thoroughly is a difficult, time-consuming process. Landscaping pros and removal experts also utilize specialized techniques to try to stop root regrowth.

Why did my bamboo grow back after I cut it down?

Simply cutting down bamboo isn't enough to remove it from your yard. The hardy underground root stalks called rhizomes will continue to proliferate unless you dig up, kill, or smother them during removal. This can be a very time-consuming process. Consider hiring a professional to properly remove bamboo from your yard if you've been unsuccessful.

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